Canadian University Men's XVs Championship - 2019

November 14 2019


Schedule Set for University Championship in Montreal Starting Wednesday, November 20th - UBC and UVic representing West

As heard from one BC camp heading east to the expected frigid weather next week, "we’re packing skates and trying to get a deal on old wooden sticks". It's likely to be more hockey weather than rugby weather with a projected daytime temperature of 1C with a 40% chance of flurries or rain. There's an adjacent inflated dome and that may be where some of the games are played depending on which way the weather turns over the 5 day tournament.

UBC are two time defending champions with UVic finishing 3rd last year. Queen's the Ontario champion and hosts Concordia, the Quebec champion, are expected to be the top teams along with UBC and UVic.

If the tournament plays out like last season it will be UBC v Concordia in one semi after the quarter-finals and Queen's v UVic in the other semi.

The quarter-finals are on Wednesday, the losing teams play in the consolation bracket on Thursday, the winning teams in the semis on Friday. The consolation matches wrap up on Saturday and the Gold and Bronze matches on Sunday.

Last year the matches were live streamed on the Canadian University Championship facebook page.

WEST 2: UVic
ONT 1: Queen's
ONT 2: Guelph
ONT 3: Brock
QUE 1: Concordia
QUE 2: McGill

Seedings are as follow:

1. WEST 1 (UBC)
2. ONT 1 (Queen’s)
3. WEST 2 (Uvic)
4. QUE 1 (Concordia)
5. ONT 2 (Guelph)
6. MAR (UNB)
7. QUE 2 (McGill)
8. ON 3 (Brock)


12:00pm UVic vs. UNB
2:00pm Queen's vs. McGill
4:00pm UBC vs. Brock
6:00pm Concordia vs. Guelph

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