BC Rugby Weekend of November 23rd 2019

November 23 2019

BCRN 2019

BC Premier Weekend Results: Pride Shutout Seattle; Burnaby Edge Lomas; CW Blank Nanaimo; Caps Top Westshore - Ravens @ JBAA Postponed

#6 hosting #5

The Pride played high intensity rugby for most of the 80 minutes, they had a lull in the second 20 and Seattle were knocking on the door for part of the last 20 but Jamie Cudmore's crew were aggressive on defence and held the Saracens out of the try zone for the shutout. The ball was greasy with light rains throughout the afternoon and both teams made inopportune handling errors. Tyler Rowland was a force in the scrums when he was in for the first half. Guiseppe du Toit has really benefited from his time with the Pride, he looks more confident, stronger and a few times bullied his way through tackles to put the Pride on the front foot on attack. The Pride's next match in the BC Premier will be against UBC on Feb 8th. Seattle's next BC Premier match is Feb 1st at UVic.

Mark: This is still listed as a Seattle home game so how it came to be played at Shawnigan Lake school is an unknown but a pleasant surprise for Island fans. Perhaps field availability was an issue as the JBAA v Ravens game has been postponed with MacDonald Park field closures. Seattle with a 4-4 record, three of those wins against the bottom four teams. The Pride were held in check by Westshore for the first half of the match last week, some big plays by the forwards helped turn the match around. Mason Flesch and Reid Davis back in the lineup and Josh Thiel gets his first start at #10 with Will Kelly being rested. Seattle with some pace out wide with Dion Crowder and big Moses Lalasava is an impact player when he's involved in play. Pride should have too much over the 80 minutes and should pull away in the last quarter. Prediction: Pride by 21.

Brett: Seattle home, but still having to cross the border to play at Shawnigan. Should be a nice offensive highlight game. Pride late in the fall season with a ton of firepower. This could be a track meet. Pride +24

Robin: Pride 29-12 (Pride +17)

Aaron: Pride to win by 14

Brian: Pride to beat Seattle by 31

1. Henry Hall
2. E Tiauli Halleluiah
3. Louis Henson
4. Taylor Krumrei
5. Chase Bates
6. Matthew Potter
7. Nick McKenna
8. Ryan Snider
9. Jack Cannon
10. Jonny Reid
11. Dion Crowder
12. William Stowers
13. Levi Penter
14. Tristan Ingold
15. Mosese Munez Lalasava
16. Jasper Bowen Shepherd
17. Alfred Taufuna
18. Matthew Duncan
19. Danny Sonon
20. Ben Gustafson
21. Sequoyah Burke Combs
22. Jonathan Valz
23. Pierre Wood

Pacific Pride
1. Nik Hildebrand
2. Dewald Kotze
3. Tyler Rowland
4. Thomas Davidson
5. Reid Davis
6. Mason Flesch
7. Henriques Nhanala
8. Taitusi Vikilani
9. Crosby Stewart
10. Joshua Thiel
11. Alexander Russell
12. Guiseppe du Toit
13. Quinn Ngawati
14. Anton Ngongo
15. Brennig Prevost
16. Morgan MacIntyre
17. Michael McCarthy
18. Liam Murray
19. Austin James
20. Edward Ilnicki
21. Marc-Antoine Ouellet
22. Siaki Vikilani
23. D'Shawn Bowen

#10 hosting #1

Burnaby had to battle for their +10 win, they came out strong for a 14-0 lead but the Lomas closed it to 14-7 at the half. The match was tied up at 17-17 in the second half before Burnaby put it away with a try by Reid Watkins. Burnaby get a rematch at home against Ravens on Feb 1st while the Meraloma's next action is January 18th at UBC.

Mark: Burnaby coming off a tough defeat to Ravens where they lost their scrum advantage and had to play uncontested scrums. They should be fired up for this match and it's part of a club day with four matches, the club winning the most matches on the day winning the Palmer Cup. Burnaby will be looking to set an early advantage in the scrums and have a solid attacking platform. Meralomas have two wins this season, an upset over the Bays at home and a win on the road against last place Rowers. Burnaby go in as favourites but Lomas will be keen to claim their second scalp at home. Prediction: Burnaby by 14.

Brett: Burnaby looking very strong this fall against one of the bottom ranked teams coming out of the fall. Lomas will take advantage of mistakes, but Burnaby has too much across the board. Burnaby +19

Robin: Burnaby 37-19 (Burnaby +18)

Aaron: Burnaby to win by 13

Brian: Burnaby to beat Lomas by 9

Burnaby Lake
1. Kyle Perkins
2. James Kelly
3. Chris Atkinson
4. Lucas Albornoz
5. Michael O'Toole
6. Jeke Gotegote
7. Joey Tomlinson
8. Fuku Vikilani
9. Reid Watkins
10. Hayden Munck
11. Gino Paolella
12. David Dinbandhu
13. Andrew Porter
14. Randell Steele Blake
15. Brian Fitzpatrick
16. Dylan Vermette
17. Adrian Longbone
18. Scott Mackay
19. Thomas Dear
22. Neil Maclaine
23. Dan Josok

1 Dan Fumano
2 Scott McGinley
3 Reece Hemmens
4 Matt Kerr
5 Pat Zuk
6 James O’Riain
7 Mike Robbinson
8 Matt Berry
9 Thomas Viljoen (C)
10 James Morgan
11 Cody Schaefer
12 Isaac Winter
13 Jalan Farris
14 Hayes Bishop
15 Dewi Williams
16 Ty Tuckett
17 Jackson Bushell
18 Darren Du
19 Anton Bolozerov
20 Ciaran Ackford
21 Antun Peko
22 Evan Lloyd
23 Olly Owen

@ JUAN DE FUCA @ 14:30
#11 hosting #3

An entertaining match by all accounts and another +10 result this weekend. We look forward to both the Westshore and Capilano reports. Westshore host UVic next weekend while Caps next action is January 25th when they host the Lomas.

Mark: The good news for Westshore is they have Kyle Baillie back in the roster at #8, Baillie hasn't played much rugby since an injury prior to the World Cup, he briefly got in one World Cup match before the injury flared up again. He'll want to test out the body before the start of the MLR season with New Orleans and the next two weeks will give him that chance. The bad news for Westshore is that the Toronto Arrows have figured Spencer Jones has played enough rugby this fall season and have put him on the shelf for this match. Jones was a solid performer for Westshore in the backline and they'll find it difficult to find a replacement of his calibre. So Westshore have gone +1 in the forwards and -1 in the backs. Westshore also have Jason Gagnier back from Alberta which will be a boost. The Caps have a stable lineup with the same 15 starters from last week, a rarity in the league. They put +33 on Nanaimo last week. An interesting side-note is the brother v brother matchup with Malcolm Klaver starting #10 for Westshore and older brother Giles coming in as a utility back from the Capilano bench. The #8 battle of Kyle Baillie v Glenn McKinnon might be worth the price of admission alone. Caps should have the advantage in the backline and Caps speedster Johnny Franklin might be the beneficiary of some extra space out wide. Prediction: Caps by 13.

Brett: Westshore continues to grow and has had some good games and some they'd like to forget. Capilanos also proving some upsets this season, and have been very strong at Klahanie. However, across the strait, this could be a close game. Westshore reports they held the Pride close for much of their last game. I'll take the 'underdog' here to finish the fall on a high. Westshore +2

Robin: Westshore 21-19 (Westshore +2)

Aaron: Capilano to win by 4

Brian: Westshore and Capilanos to draw

1 Tobias Berg
2 Foster Dewitt c
3 Bryce McKinnon
4 Jason Gagnier
5 Aidan McCleary
6 Peyton Eagar
7 Jade Billington
8 Kyle Baillie
9 Matt Jones
10 Malcolm Klaver
11 Conrad Newell
12 Paul-Henri Van Theil
13 Cody Gervais
14 Rylen Waugh
15 Taylor McGuire
16 Matt Evans
17 Neil Hagerty
18 Carter Fillion
19 Nathan Groenewold
20 Andrew Foster
21 Isaac Gonevou
22 Lucas Grosse

1. Jesse Ryan
2. Callum Blair
3. Mac Mills
4. Christoph Stangl
5. Jordan Orr
6. Jason de Freitas
7. Jordan Reid-Harvey
8. Glen McKinnon
9. Chris Robinson
10. Jeremy Simon
11. Sam Franklin
12. Cam Waddell
13. John Franklin
14. Jared Andrews-Almack
15. Phillip Le Lievre
16. Giles Klaver
17. James Ritzema
18. Joe Britt
19. John Allen
20. Johnny Adams
21. Johnny-Ray Houston
22. Richard Merinsky
23. Reece Roberts

#12 hosting #8

CW won, we're just waiting for confirmation on the scoreline of 34-0. CW are in action again on January 18th at UVic while Nanaimo are scheduled to play the Bays next weekend at MacDonald Park.

Mark: CW finding their form as their roster starts to stabilize, having national team tighthead Jake Ilnicki starting isn't too shabby either. Fergus Hall beginning to get comfortable at #10 and James Pitblado a top #9. There's a lot of scoring power in the backs with Jack McCarthy and Balucci Kegode on the outside and former Canada 7s player Luke Bradley in the centres. On the other side of the field Nanaimo are going the opposite way with injuries, at least 6 starters off the books including their talisman #9 Sam Fowler. This one has the potential to be a blowout unless Nanaimo can maintain tough defence for 80 minutes. It was -33 vs Capilano last week, could be more of the same this week. Prediction: CW by 28.

Brett: CW getting their wheels underneath them lately, should be full value at Nanaimo. Nanaimo playing some stiffer defense this year, keeping top teams to lower scorelines. CW +14

Robin: CW 21-19 (CW +2)

Aaron: CW to win by 4

Brian: Castaway to beat Nanaimo by 3

1. John Braddock
2. Clay Thornber
3. Jake Ilnicki
4. Johnny Humphries
5. Liam Chisholm
6. Nathan Stewart
7. Sawyer Herron
8. Mike Finnemore
9. James Pitblado
10. Fergus Hall
11. Jack McCarthy
12. Lucas Bradley
13. Sion Ferguson
14. Balucci Kegode
15. David Devillers
16. Cam Smith
17. Doug Wooldridge
18. Quinn Horton
19. Kyle Hohert
20. Riley Ilnicki
21. Matt Sutherland
22. Oliver Winser
23. Isaac Olson

1 Sawyer Barth
2 Tom Larder
3 Cameron McKerrow
4 Zack Mayo
5 Matt Weir (c)
6 Alex Brown
7 Antonio Corbin
8 Mallory Roe
9 Sam Reimer
10 Jordan Hooke
11 Brennan Bourchier
12 Lachlan Donnelly
13 Taylor de Souza
14 Max Brook
15 Ryan Bradley
16 Andreas Krawczyk
17 Makz Foot
18 Rick Keen
19 Christian Harpe
20 Andrew Davidson
21 Aidan Finnegan
22 Gareth Pritchard
23 David Nuamah

@ JAMES BAY AA @ 14:30

This game has been postponed and there's been interest in this from various quarters including mainland teams. The reason given is field closure by the City of Victoria. The rain has been moderate this month in Victoria, last November there was 138mm of rain, so far this November it has been a meager 34mm of rain. December and January are also high rain months. It doesn't bode well for James Bay home games if the city is pulling the plug already. They're supposed to host Nanaimo next weekend. The Ravens likely won't be too gutted as they're in the midst of a front row crisis, finishing their last match with uncontested scrums. It would have been in the Bays' interest to get this game off at some venue and take the front row advantage while it lasted.

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