Cape Town 7s Men - 2019

December 15 2019

Theo Sauder - Canada
© Chris Wilson

Canada Finish in 11th Place, Fall to 12th in Standings

Canada finished on a strong note, defeating Australia 22-5. The win came with veteran players Hirayama and Jones on the bench, it's not clear whether this was a strategic decision or forced due to injury. Starting the match were Sauder, Richard, Kay, Braid, Kaay, Berna and Fuailefau, subbing on in the second half were Thiel and Morra. Scoring for Canada were:

Pat Kay 3'
Phil Berna 7'
David Richard 9'
Josiah Morra 12'

Another surprise was seeing Ben Gollings behind the Canada bench assisting Henry Paul.

The win however didn't prevent Canada from falling in the standings from 10th to 12th as a number of teams below Canada made the Cup round and jumped up the standings, that included Kenya, Scotland and Ireland. Ireland are now 10th, Kenya 11th and Scotland tied with Canada in 12th/13th. The teams behind Canada are Spain, Wales and Japan. Wales and Japan are early contenders for relegation tied at 3 points although there are still 8 tournaments left.

Theo Sauder had a breakout tournament and scored 2 of the 3 tries in the important win over Wales.

Argentina 33 - Canada 21
NZ 33 - Canada 5
Canada 17 - Wales 14
Canada 22 - Australia 5

The next tournament is in Hamilton, NZ on January 25-26.

The matches can be viewed on CBC Sports at the links below.

Canada v Australia
Canada v Wales
Canada v Argentina

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