Canada U20 - January 2020 Camp

January 08 2020

Hayden Moher - Canada U20 intrasquad match January 2020

Canada U20 Intrasquad Match Photos and Observations

[editor's comments below]

I took in the U20 intrasquad match yesterday, it was definitely a day for the forwards as the rain was lashing down and the ball was like a bar of soap so there wasn't a lot of outstanding backline play. Those who could hold onto the ball in contact and make the hard yards were the standouts. For me the most noticeable were Siaki Vikilani, Izzak Kelly, Nick Carson and Hayden Moher.

I think Vikilani and Carson are certainties for starting loose forwards, the question is who plays #8. Izzak who is about 6'6" and almost 280 lbs (according to sources) should be a certainty for a starting second row position. The Blue scrum dominated on the day and a big part of that was the engine room with Izzak providing the go forward power. The Blue front row was Willem Denouden loosehead, Caleb Gerth hooker and Hayden Moher tighthead.

The Blue team did win the match and carried most of the play.

There was an impressive group of coaches and support staff there and on the day we saw Pat Parfrey, Gareth Rees, Kingsley Jones, Aaron Takel, Dustin Hopkins, Jamie Cudmore, Jack Hanratty, Adam Roberts and Clay Panga. There's no doubt Rugby Canada are putting a lot of resources and attention into the U20 program this year. The financial backing is coming from the Canadian Rugby Foundation.

Here are some photos, the complete collection of 46 photos can be viewed here.

Blue team walks back after scoring a try, big Izzak Kelly in the middle with Siaki Vikilani of his right shoulder

The tight five of the successful Blue team

This is tighthead prop Hayden Moher on the open field rampage, originally from Ontario now playing in Ireland.

Siaki Vikilani usually wins the contact area, one of the support coaches, Clay Panga, looking on in background

Nick Carson always stands out and finds some open field in the first half.

BCRU's Aaron Takel also providing some coaching support at the camp and evaluating players

The Rugby Canada summary of the camp can be read here.

Blue team
1. Willem Denouden
2. Caleb Gerth
3. Hayden Moher
4. Casey
5. Izzak Kelly
6. Bulman
7. Melnyk
8. Siaki Vikilani
9. Cole Brown
10. Ethan Turner
11. Shaw
12. Eric Godden
13. Lachlan Kratz
14. Sion Griffiths
15. Ben Russell
16. Andrew Easson
17. Ethan Fryer
18. Austin James
19. Cunningham

Black team
1. Iain McTavish
2. Austin Creighton
3. Alex Chitan
4. Van D
5. Adam Ford
6. Michael Reid
7. Matt Terry
8. Nick Carson
9. Kevin Oh
10. Thomas Isherwood
11. Olsen
12. Ciaran Breen
13. David Richard
14. Luca Di Battista
15. Matthew Percillier
16. Lucas Okano
17. Will Matthews
18. Mallard
19. Jordan Austin

Canada U20 Start January Camp: Intrasquad Match on Tuesday

The Canada U20 team are in camp at Shawnigan, you can follow the latest on their Twitter feed at @u20canada_rugby - they've already got a number of video interviews up and are starting the camp with a lot of positive energy.

They have an intrasquad match planned between noon and 2:30pm on Tuesday the 7th.

Their daily schedule starts at 7am, breakfast at 8am, field sessions during the day and team meetings in the evening and lights out at 10:30pm.

They've put together a strong coaching staff for the camp including Jeff Williams, Adam Roberts, Clay Panga, Jamie Cudmore, Kingsley Jones, Aaron Takel, Gary Dukelow, and Jack Hanratty. We hope to get out there Tuesday for some photos of the intrasquad match.

Looking at the team that went to the JWRT last year there are 11 players returning this year. Michael McCarthy at hooker, Tyler Duguid at second row (not at the camp this week), Nick Carson at #8, Will Matthews at openside, Brock Webster at #10, Jarvis Dashkewytch at wing, Thomas Isherwood at fullback, Joshua Tweed at prop, Siaki Vikilani at loose forward, Lacklan Kratz at centre, and Jack Carson at #9 (not at camp). That's a good core of players, one area we'll be keen to see is the new props at camp. It will be hard to replace tighthead prop Tyler Rowland who went straight to the Pride for half a season then to the Arrows for this upcoming season. Will Percillier at scrum half another top player who will be difficult to replace. Some of these players will likely end up at the Pride next season so it's good to get an early look and see who stands out.

Men's U20 Camp Attendees:

Jordan Austin- James Bay AA (BC)
Cole Brown- McMaster University (ON)
Alex Brundage- University of California (ENG)
Alasdair Bulman- UBC (ENG)
Nick Carson- UVIC (BC)
Liam Casey- Queens University (ON)
Alex Chitan- UBC (BC)
Austin Creighton- Strathcona Druids RFC (AB)
Jarvis Dashkewytch- UVIC (BC)
Willem Denouden- Calgary Hornets RFC (AB)
Luca Di Battista- Concordia University (QC)
Andrew Easson- UVIC (ON)
Adam Ford- University of Guelph (ON)
Ethan Fryer- Eastside Lions (USA)
Caleb Gerth- Trinity Western U (BC)
Eric Godden- Queens University (ON)
Sion Griffiths- Castaway Wanderers (BC)
Thomas Isherwood- Pacific Pride (AB)
Austin James- Pacific Pride (BC)
Izzak Kelly- UBC (BC)
Lachlan Kratz- UVIC (BC)
Will Matthews- Queens University (QC)
Michael McCarthy- Pacific Pride (NF)
Brock McCartney- Abbotsford RFC (BC)
Connor McKinney- The Rock (NF)
Ian Mclean- Sydney University (ON)
Iain McTavish- UBC (BC)
Zephyr Melnyk- Nanaimo Hornets (BC)
Cody Nhanala- Pacific Pride (ON)
Kevin Oh- University of Waterloo (ON)
Lucas Okano- UVIC (BC)
Matthew Percillier- UBC (BC)
Michael Reid- Nor'Westers Athletic Assoc. (AB)
Ejiroghene Rerri- McMaster University (ON)
David Richard- Pacific Pride (ON)
Ben Russell- McGill University (ON)
Orion Schmok- Mount Albert Grammar, NZ (BC)
Matt Terry- St Andrews UNIV (NF)
Matthew Turi- Abbotsford RFC (BC)
Ethan Turner- Abbotsford RFC (BC)
Joshua Tweed- UBC (BC)
Siaki Vikilani- Pacific Pride (BC)
Brock Webster- Pacific Pride (ON)


Jack Carson- UVIC (BC)
Cameron Hurst- University of Guelph (ON)
Kyle Steeves- U of Manitoba (MB)
Reece Tudor Jones- UVIC (BC)
Reink Van der Ploeg- Queens University (ON)

Internationals unavailable:

James Biss- Saracens Academy (ENG)
Ciaran Breen- Biarritz (BC)
Scott Butterworth- Exeter University (ENG)
Tyler Duguid- Narbonne (AB)
Piers Von Dadzelem- Oxford University (NL)

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