MLR 2020 Preseason

January 20 2020

MLR Rugby

MLR Weekend Wrapup: Season Kicks Off on February 8th

At BCRN we'll be covering the Seattle Seawolves and Toronto Arrows, the teams of most interest to BC readers. We'll also cover the Canadian players operating on the other MLR squads.

The first week of preseason hasn't changed our view from last season where the top four teams were Seattle, San Diego, Toronto and New York. Three of the four teams came out with strong results in preseason and look ready for a playoff run in 2020. Seattle slightly improved over last year's result against the Island Tide, 55-0 compared to 48-7 last year. San Diego similarly posted strong scorelines against local amateur sides OMBAC and Life West. Toronto put up a healthy 33-5 score against Utah. New York starts its preseason next weekend against Toronto and that should give some more insight on where the teams stand.

The best preseason presentation was by the Houston SaberCats as they put on a quality live stream of the match against the visiting Tasman Mako development side from NZ. Tasman play Seattle this coming weekend and we hope Seattle change their mind about putting on a live stream.

Preseason Scores

Seattle 55 - Island Tide 0
Toronto 33 - 5 Utah
Free Jacks 39 - 7 Independents
Legion 21 - 7 OMBAC (40 mins)
Legion 47 - 0 Life West (40 mins)
Old Glory 90 - 21 Navy
Colorado 32 - 26 ATL
Tasman 29 - 19 Houston

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