BC Rugby Weekend of January 25th 2020

January 25 2020

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BC Premier Weekend Results: Lomas Fall to Caps; T-Birds Sink Rowers; Vikes Sting Hornets; Bays Stopped by Valhallians

CAPILANO 40 V MERALOMA 26 - 14:30 @ Klahanie Park
Ref Bradley Schwalger

A 6 try to 4 win for the Caps according to the BCRU. The +14 win puts the Caps in second place now ahead of Burnaby and behind UBC. Lomas with the bonus point loss hold onto 11th place with 13 points. Next weekend Caps visit CW while the Lomas host Nanaimo.

Mark: Capilano are perhaps the surprise team of the 2019-2020 season, no big changes from last season but they've managed to compile a 6-1-1 record for a solid 3rd place in the standings. The return of Glenn McKinnon to a regular playing role is perhaps the key piece of the puzzle. The Lomas have been playing some decent rugby, they sit in 10th/11th tied with Westshore. They have a good maul and solid forward pack, their #10 has an educated boot but they don't have a lot of team speed and that's where UBC took advantage of them in their last match. If Caps can manage the Lomas maul attack and unleash the likes of Johnny Franklin in the backs they should have the advantage, add home field advantage to that as well. Prediction Caps by 12.

Aaron: This should be a display of the two best goal kicking teams in the league, even though Capliano are 11% more accurate than their nearest competitor with 88%. Lomas have shown a strong scrum and lineout so far, ranked 3rd in the league for both so they should have a slight upper hand in this area of the game. There is little separating the two teams in relation to their defence with 80% and 79% respectively (ranked 7th and 8th in the league). Although Lomas tend to get over the gainline in attack more, they haven’t created as many linebreak opportunities as Caps. On average Caps have scored 1 more try that Lomas so my prediction is Caps by 9

Brett: An old matchup, Lomas have been struggling this year overall, but can definitely put the points on when given the opportunity. Expect caps to keep it tight and moving forward. Caps by 15.

Brian: Caps to beat Lomas by 8

Robin: Caps 21 - 11 : Caps +10

1. Mackenzie Mills
2. Jason de Freitas
3. Neil Courtney
4. Reid Tucker
5. Richard Merinsky
6. Christoph Stangl
7. jordan harvey
8. Glen McKinnon
9. Chris Robinson
10. Jeremy Simon
11. Jared Andrews-Almack
12. Cam Waddell
13. Johnny Franklin
14. Sam Franklin
15. Phillip Le Lievre
16. Carter Wanless
17. Jesse Ryan
18. Johnny Adams
19. Jordan Orr
20. Jordan Henderson
21. James Ritzema
22. Michael McDonald
23. Oliver Smith

1. Rhys Hemmens
3. Daniel Fumano
4. Matthew Kerr
5. Patryk Zuk
6. James Ryan
7. Michael Robinson
8. Matt Berry
9. Thomas Viljoen
10. James Morgan
11. Antun Peko
12. isaac winter
13. Jalan Farris
14. Hayes Bishop William
15. Dewi Williams
16. Scott McGinley
17. Nathan Amey
18. Jackson Bushell
19. Anton Belozerov
20. Billy Noonan
21. Justin Fanselow
22. Ciaran Acford
23. Caylem Chambers

VANCOUVER ROWING CLUB 3 V UBC RFC 22 - 14:30 @ Brockton Oval
Ref Harry Mason

UBC managed a bonus point in the win but weren't able to fire up the scoring machine against the winless Rowers. The UBC defence got the job done however limiting the Rowers to a penalty. UBC remain top of the standings while Rowers continue as cellar dwellers. Next week UBC visit James Bay while Rowers visit Westshore. Brett nailed the +19 prediction for a BP.

Mark: UBC sitting in 1st place have only lost once this season, Rowers in the bottom of the standings with no wins. It doesn't look close on paper but Rowers at home are always a threat for the upset. The UBC backs couldn't get it going last week against the Lomas and the forward leadership brought the win home, led by the front row and loose forwards Mike Smith and Nick Allen. They've made a few adjustments in the backline with Jack Scher coming back in as #10 and Adam McQueen moving to inside centre. We'll see if they can be more precise this week and generate some points out wide. Prediction: UBC by 18.

Aaron: UBC having already played a game last week may have the upper hand in regards to momentum going into this game. UBC are ranked 2 places higher than Rowers in Scrum accuracy and 3 places higher in lineout accuracy. Rowers have the most efficient restart reception in the league with 90% accuracy. Goal kicking has been an issue for Rowers so far this season which may have to change to keep the pressure on UBC early in the game and keep the scoreboard ticking over. Rowers average 2 tries per game, ranked 11th in the league, and they rank 12th for average points against. On the other hand UBC score an average of 5 tries per game and rank in the top 4 in the league for both average points scored and conceded. UBC to win by 22

Brett: Rowers near the bottom this season, up against the students. They may benefit from some school time off for the winter, but depth wise I'm not sure the Rowers have enough. UBC by 19.

Brian: UBC to beat the Rowers by 12

Robin: UBC 47-12 : UBC +35

1. Joshua Tweed
2. Connor Sampson
3. Conor O'Flaherty
4. Liam Doll
5. Donald Carson
6. Harrison Smith
7. Michael Smith
8. Nicholas Allen
9. Fraser Hurst
10. Jack Scher
11. Evan Norris
12. Adam McQueen
13. Connor Byron
14. John Lan
15. Sam Hughes
16. David Carson
17. Nicholas Frost
18. Bryce Worden
19. Callum Botchar
20. Frank Carson
21. Maxwell Radcliffe
22. Tighe Maxwell-Whiteley
23. Matthew Percillier

NANAIMO 20 V U OF VICTORIA 36 - 14:30 @ May Bennett
Ref Saro Turner

A +16 win for the Vikes puts them in a 7th/8th place tie with JBAA and a playoff spot is within reach. Vikes scored 5 tries to 3 for Nanaimo. Nanaimo remain in 12th place just ahead of the Rowers. Next week Nanaimo visit the Lomas while UVic host Seattle. The Editor gets a BP with the +16 prediction.

Mark: The first look at the Vikes since they won the Canadian University title in November, beating their rivals UBC in the final. They've had a mediocre Premier season with a 3-5 record and 9th place. They'll have to start stringing together the wins to make the final 6 and the playoffs. Nanaimo only have one win this season and sit in 12th place, one up from the bottom. If the Vikes continue their form from the Uni championships it could be a long day for the home team. Nick Carson at #8 always a threat and the backline have some danger players with Kratz, Casey and Bain. Prediction: UVic by 16.

Aaron: UVic have had a strong start to the season in regards to their scrum averaging 97% accuracy, 7% higher than Nanaimo. Both teams are fairly evenly matched at the lineout. UVic have missed 20 of their own lineouts so far this year and Nanaimo 27. Both teams don’t give away many penalties so they will both have to work hard for field position and points. Nanaimo have struggled to score points, currently they are ranked 11th in the league averaging 16 points per game. UVic on average have 1 more linebreak and score 1 more try, so my prediction is for UVic to win by 10

Brett: Nanaimo in for a tough season so far. Uvic as always with a strong backline. If they can get it wide, they should run the score, however the weather may play a big factor. UVic by 12.

Brian: UVic to beat Nanaimo by 6

Robin: Vikes 37-13 : Vikes +24

1. Gavin Kratz
2. Carter White
3. Spencer Cooper
4. Nick Pearce
5. Benjamin Newhook
6. Thomas Di Fiore
7. Thomas Heuser
8. Nicholas Carson
9. Jenner Teufel
10. Logan Martin-Feek
12. Lachlan Kratz
13. Jonas Robinson
14. Noah Bain
15. Gabriel Casey
16. Andrew Easson
17. Austin Pinnell
18. Denver Fatt
19. George Piper
20. Jarvis Dashkewytch
21. Liam Morrison
22. Mostyn Findlay
23. Tyler Wong

1 Sawyer Barth
2 Antonio Corbin
3 Tom Scanlan
4 Cameron McKerrow
5 Makz Foot
6 Max Brook
7 Andreas Krawczyk
8 Zephyr Melnyk
9 Sam Reimer
10 Jordan Hooke (c)
11 Gareth Pritchard
12 Mua Tiumafifi
13 Tyler Hume
14 Brennan Bourchier
15 Taylor de Souza
16 Rick Keen
17 Patrick Milford
18 Christian Harpe
19 Andrew Davidson
20 Zack Mayo
21 Aidan Finnegan
22 Thomas Kobayashi
23 Tyler Cameron

WESTSHORE 8 V JAMES BAY AA 3 - 14:30 @ Juan De Fuca
Ref Christopher Assmus

The only upset of the weekend as Westshore played inspired defence to limit the Bays to only a penalty. The Bays were averaging 25+ in their previous matches. The two "veteran" props for Westshore/Velox played well and Phil Erb put in a full 80 plus was part of the front row that pushed the Bays backwards in the scrum in the dying minutes to win a crucial penalty. Props like wine only get better with age apparently. Westshore #12 Khaleb Whitehurst and #15 Taylor McGuire were outstanding while #6 JC Fidinde stood out for the Bays. The Bays tied for 7th/8th with the Vikes host UBC next weekend while Westshore currently in 10th place host the Rowers.

Mark: At the time of writing we're still waiting for the Bays roster. Westshore have lost prop Bryce McKinnon to the Pride program so they've had to scramble. The two starting props are well known names, Phil Erb and Tobias Berg were Velox starting props in 2011, so although experienced srummagers they may have lost a step around the field. There's rumours that the Bays may have lost Kainoa Lloyd to the Pride program as well but we'll know more when they release their roster. The Bays in 8th place and chasing a playoff spot have won their last three matches after the shock loss to the Lomas in October. Westshore are on a 5 game losing streak and currently sit in a 10th/11th tie with Lomas. The pundits aren't seeing any upsets this weekend. Prediction: Bays by 11.

Aaron: Based on the statistics from the first half of the season James Bay should have the upper hand in the set piece. James Bay are ranked 5th in the league in scrum accuracy on their own put in, 5th in lineout accuracy and tied for 3rd in restart receptions. Westshore are 9th for scrums, 7th for lineouts and tied 7th for restarts. Both teams have the same tackle completion % tied for 5th best in the league. Both teams are averaging just over 3 tries per game, I expect this to be a close game but I predict James Bay to win by 4 points.

Brett: Westshore has had flashes of brilliance this year, plagued by the last quarters of games. James bay was a hard team to predict early this season, taking down big contenders and then slipping at home. They finished the season fairly consistent. Staying on the island should help both teams put out strong sides this weekend. James Bay by 9.

Brian: James Bay to beat Westshore by 8

Robin: JBAA 29-9 : JBAA +20

1 Tobias Berg
2 Foster Dewitt c
3 Phil Erb
4 Tyler Symon Burke
5 Carter Filion
6 Andrew Foster
7 Jade Billington
8 Peyton Eagar
9 Adam Roer
10 Isaac Gonevou
11 Conrad Newell
12 Khaleb Whitehurst
13 Paul-henri Van Thiel
14 Rylen Waugh
15 Taylor McGuire
16. Neil Hagerty
17. James Jimmo
18. Aidan McCleary
19. Nathan Groenewold
20. Gabriel Evans
21. Ryan Waldriff
22. Spencer Dunstan-Adams
23. John Cox

James Bay
1. Nico Krawczyk
2. Noah Barker
3. Blake Van Heynigen
4. Jimmy de Goede
5. Alex Jordan
6. JC Fidinde
7. Jake Slobodian
8. Carson O'Sullivan
9. Rhys Gregory
10. Mitch Sora
11. Jordan Austin
12. Peter Masimo
13. Tom Burton
14. Riley Cunningham
15. Aaron Evison
16. Andrew McPherson
17. Mac Greedy
18. Fischer Kooman
19. Benny Johnson
20. Andrew MacDonald
21. Jordan Ford
22. Toddy Wilson
23. Nathan Waldmann

BC Rugby Restarts This Weekend with 28 Matches Scheduled

The BC Rugby competitions restart this weekend following the winter break. The men's Premier have four matches scheduled and the women's Premier kicks off after regional play in the first half of the season. In total there are 28 matches scheduled but with heavy rains falling this week it remains to be seen if any matches will be postponed. We'll be back Friday with the BC Premier predictions and updates.

Mens Premier League

14:30 @ Klahanie Park CAPILANO V MERALOMA - Ref Bradley Schwalger
14:30 @ May Bennett Pioneer NANAIMO V U OF VICTORIA - Ref Saro Turner
14:30 @ Brockton Oval VANCOUVER ROWING CLUB V UBC RFC - Ref Harry Mason
14:30 @ Juan De Fuca WESTSHORE V JAMES BAY AA - Ref Christopher Assmus

Mens Premier Reserve

12:45 @ Klahanie Park CAPILANO V MERALOMA - Ref Shanda Mosher-Gallant
12:45 @ May Bennett Pioneer NANAIMO V U OF VICTORIA NORSEMEN - Ref Kevin Smith
12:45 @ Brockton Oval VANCOUVER ROWING CLUB V UBC RFC (MEN'S) 2 - Ref Clint Lemkus
12:45 @ Juan De Fuca WESTSHORE V JAMES BAY AA - Ref Julianne ZussmanTimes Cup
13:00 @ Windsor Park CASTAWAY WANDERERS V COWICHAN Rescheduled from Jan. 18

Mens Division 1

13:00 @ Windsor Park CASTAWAY WANDERERS V COWICHAN - Ref Connor Klatt (Pending)Times Cup- Rescheduled from Jan. 18
14:30 @ South Surrey Ath Pk BAYSIDE V SURREY BEAVERS AA - Ref Ryan Alguire

Mens Division 2

12:45 @ Exhibition Park ABBOTSFORD V AXEMEN RUGBY CLUB - Ref Jivan Dhaliwal
12:45 @ South Surrey Ath Pk BAYSIDE V SURREY BEAVERS AA - Ref David Holmes
14:30 @ Crush Crescent LANGLEY V UNITED - Ref Toby Mustill

Mens Division 3 Mainland

11:15 @ Exhibition Park ABBOTSFORD V AXEMEN RUGBY CLUB - Ref James Kelly
11:15 @ Klahanie Park CAPILANO V MERALOMA - Ref Andrew Cannon
11:15 @ Brockton Oval VANCOUVER ROWING CLUB V UBC RFC - Ref Peter Hilgendorf
12:45 @ King George Park RICHMOND V KATS - Ref Scott Johnson

Womens Premier League

12:30 @ UBC- Gerald McGavin Centre VANCOUVER THUNDERBIRDS V CASTAWAY WANDERERS - Ref Riley Robinson
12:45 @ Klahanie Park CAPILANO V WESTSHORE - Ref Tyler DAWSON

Womens Division 1

11:15 @ Exhibition Park ABBOTSFORD V COWICHAN - Ref Matthew Myers
11:15 @ Rupert Park SCRIBES V BAYSIDE - Ref Neil Grant
11:15 @ Simon Fraser Field 4 SIMON FRASER RC V MERALOMA - Ref Trevor Honey
11:15 @ United - Hume UNITED V BRIT LIONS - Ref Thomas Blackburn
12:45 @ May Bennett Pioneer NANAIMO V COMOX - Ref Al Humphries

Womens Division 2

10:00 @ Brockton Oval VANCOUVER ROWING CLUB V CAPILANO - Ref Rachel Morrison
11:15 @ South Surrey Ath Pk BAYSIDE V LANGLEY - Ref Darryl Lucas

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