BC Rugby Weekend of February 8th 2020

February 08 2020

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BC Premier Weekend Results: Pride Fall to Thunderbirds; Hornets Stung by CW; Valhallians Edged by Saracens; Bays Defeated by Lakers; Ravens Overcome Vikes

Note some venue changes with field closures due to heavy rain, the Burnaby v JBAA match has been moved to Burnaby and the Nanaimo v CW game has been moved to Cowichan.

UBC RFC 20 V PACIFIC PRIDE 17 @ UBC- Gerald McGavin Centre
Ref Bradley Schwalger

UBC scored first after the ball was turned over, a nice offload in the tackle led to the first try about 28 minutes in. We couldn't make out the number on the video as UBC seem to be wearing a clever white number on white jersey configuration that made all their players anonymous. That's the way the half ended, 7-0 to UBC. The Pride answered back to start the second half with tighthead Nik Hildebrand crashing over the line, 7-5 with the conversion missed in front of the posts. UBC won a penalty next inside the Pride 22, 10-5. The Pride were pinged again for not rolling away at the ruck and a more ambitious kick of about 40 metres went through, 13-5. UBC took a commanding 20-5 lead with about 15 minutes left with the reserves starting to make their presence felt. The Pride hit back with 8 minutes left, a nice running line through some arm tackles to score under the post, 20-12. Pride scored again as the reserves were making their impact felt, #22 who looked like Luke McCloskey scored out wide outpacing the defence, 20-17. The Pride were on attack again but knocked the ball on and the whistle blew. Next week UBC travel to Seattle while the Pride have a bye. UBC remain top of the table and the Pride are in 5th with a 6-1 record.


Mark: The match many have been waiting to see, Pride with no losses yet and UBC with just one loss, arguably the best two teams in the league right now. UBC's strength this year is their forward pack, good tight five and exceptional loose forwards led by Michael Smith and Nick Allen. Their backline has sputtered a bit in recent matches but they have Tighe Maxwell-Whiteley coming back from injury, he was the starting #10 at the University of Birmingham in the UK and came over to UBC this season but was injured in the Japan preseason tour. We'll see if he can ignite the UBC attack. For the Pride, they only list 21 players so injuries and MLR callups have depleted their numbers a bit. Brock Webster returning from injury gets the start at #10. He's also listed for the Canada U20 Portugal tour so perhaps a warmup match for him before the team leaves. Siaki Vikilani missing for the Pride, a big impact player. Quinn Ngawati had rumours of returning to League and the Wolfpack and MLR with San Diego but apparently is still lacing up the boots with the Pride for now. Should be a great match, if UBC can get their backline connecting, they may have the advantage over a rebuilding Pride team. Prediction: UBC by 5.

Brett: A new test for the Pride now since many players have moved on or up. We will see quickly how much depth they've retained. This should be a fast paced game and both teams have the pack to back it up. One to watch, for sure... Hard to go against the Pride as of yet undefeated, but I think UBC may have the best chance to take them down yet. UBC by +1

Aaron: UBC vs Pacific Pride: Pride win by +6

Brian: Pride to beat UBC by 8: Pride +8

Robin: Pride 29 - 14: Pride +15

1. Nicholas Frost
2. Connor Sampson
3. Bryce Worden
4. Liam Doll
5. Frank Carson
6. Donald Carson
7. Michael Smith
8. Nicholas Allen
9. Maxwell Radcliffe
10. Tighe Maxwell-Whiteley
11. Evan Norris
12. Adam McQueen
13. Daniel Archer
14. John Lan
15. Fraser Hurst
16. David Carson
17. Conor O'Flaherty
18. Joe Sourisseau
19. Callum Botchar
20. Owain Ruttan
21. Connor Byron
22. Jack Scher
23. Sam Hughes

1 Liam Murray
2 Ed Ilniki
3 Nik Hildebrand
4 Nolan Howell
5 Thomas Davidson
6 Mason Flesch
7 Cody Nhanala
8 Taitusi Vikilani
9 Crosby Stewart
10 Brock Webster
11 Alex Russell
12 Isaac Olsen
13 Quinn Ngawati
14 Thomas Isherwood
15 Brennig Prevost
16 Morgan MacIntyre
17 Bryce McKinnon
18 Kaden Duguid
19 Austin James
20 Luke McCloskey
21. D'Shawn Bowen

Ref Julianne Zussman

Nanaimo came out flat on defence in the first half and applied no pressure on CW who reveled in the space to take control of the game and put it out of reach early. Nanaimo came out in the second half with more resolve but it was too little and too late and CW ran out comfortable +24 winners. CW host Capilano next week while Nanaimo have a bye. CW are in 7th looking playoff bound. If the season ended today it would be UBC and Burnaby with quarter byes, CW visiting Capilano and Seattle visiting Ravens in the quarters, but there's still 7 weeks left with a lot of rugby to play.

Mark: This game has been moved to a neutral venue, Cowichan RFC, as Windsor Park has been closed for the second week in a row. Clubs are running out of make-up weekends and have to make compromises now on home games. Cowichan own their own pitch so they decide and were generous enough to open their doors to the two teams. Well done Cowichan. CW clear favourites in the match, James Pitblado returns at #9, Fergus Hall at #10 and Luke Bradley at inside centre, it's a solid combination. Liam Chisolm at second row, they're missing Nathan Stewart in the loose forwards but overall a good starting XV. Nanaimo pushed Lomas to within 2 points last week and even though they've only notched one win they'll be good for a couple of upsets this season. CW are currently in 8th spot, one point behind Vikes with the top 7 (since Pride aren't eligible for playoffs) going to postseason play. If Nanaimo can keep it close for 60 minutes they may come through with the upset but CW have some quality players throughout and big finishers on the outside. Prediction: CW by +12.

Brett: CW at the end of the fall started clicking, albeit against teams lower in the standings. Nanaimo was one of the teams they had beaten, in Nanaimo. CW however yet to play a game in the spring due to weather. Nanaimo had a very close game with Meralomas last weekend, must wonder how much rust may play a factor. That said, have to go with the home side. CW by +19

Aaron: Castaway Wanderers vs Nanaimo: CW win by +8

Brian: CW to beat Nanaimo by 22: CW +22

Robin: CW 29 - 11: CW +18

1 Sawyer Barth
2 Antonio Corbin
3 Patrick Milford
4 Cameron McKerrow
5 Max Brook
6 Zack Mayo
7 Andreas Krawczyk
8 Zephyr Melnyk
9 Sam Reimer
10 Jordan Hooke (c)
11 Ryan Bradley
12 Mua Tiumafifi
13 Tyler Hume
14 Gareth Pritchard
15 Taylor de Souza
16 Makz Foot
17 Connor Robertson
18 Christian Harpe
19 Andrew Neilsen
20 Andrew Davidson
21 Aidan Finnegan
22 Taniela Tulia
23 Brennan Bourchier

1. John Braddock
2. Cameron Smith
3. Quinn Horton
4. John Humphries
5. Liam Chisholm
6. Matt Sutherland
7. Sawyer Herron
8. Mike Finnemore
9. James Pitblado
10. Fergus Hall
11. Balucci Kegode
12. Lucas Bradley
13. James Hammond
14. David Devillers
15. Brandon Schellenberger
16. David Mallard
17. Doug Wooldridge
18. Riley Ilnicki
19. Kelton Dawe
20. Brandon Gerhardt
21. Oliver Winser

Ref Ryan Alguire

A close match but no upset, Dhinbandhu scored first for Burnaby, JBAA replied with a penalty for a 5-3 scoreline. Wing McRory extended the lead to 10-3, again the conversion missed. The Bays closed it to 10-6 with another penalty before Albornoz at #8 scored a try, again unconverted for a 15-6 HT score. Albornoz again crossed the line, 22-6, to start the second half. The Bays score two tries and Burnaby gets a red card, 22-20, and it's anyone's game. Burnaby kick a penalty 25-20 with 10 minutes left and hold on for the win. The result puts Burnaby in second place and JBAA in 9th place. Next week Burnaby have a bye while the Bays visit the Ravens.

Mark: This is another match that was moved, now it's being held in Burnaby as MacDonald Park has been shut down and the Bays are out of make up weekend options. they just moved their postponed match from last weekend to the Easter weekend. Burnaby came out slow last week against the Ravens and were down by several tries by the half, they fought back to get close but it wasn't enough. They are favourites going in, especially now they're at home, a bonus. The Bays were upset by Westshore in their last match and they were only able to put 3 points up on the board. Bays are in 9th place, chasing CW who are a point above, still in the playoff race but need to start winning matches. Burnaby with 3 losses so far this season, sit in 3rd place and with Ravens and Capilano having games in hand, a top two finish and a quarter-final bye is looking not so certain. The Bays have some reinforcements this week, Cooper Coats from the 7s program at #10, they do well when he's in the lineup. Kainoa Lloyd, who was rumoured to be heading to the Pride, is suiting up for the Bays on the wing. Mike Nieuwenhuysen returns to the roster in the centres. They are missing one of their star players, JC Fidende in the loose forwards however. It should be a close match and if I go with one upset this weekend, this is the one. Prediction: Bays by +3.

Brett: This should be a heavyweight match in the mud. While jbaa are strong at home and love that type of game, Burnaby must be seen as a deeper pack. The scrums may also set the platform for the day. Burnaby +11

Aaron: James Bay vs Burnaby: Burnaby win by +8

Brian: Burnaby to beat JBAA by 4: Burnaby +4

Robin: Burnaby 25 - 14: Burnaby +11

1. Nico Krawczyk
2. Noah Barker
3. Blake van Heyningen Capt.
4. Peter Masimo
5. Benny Johnson
6. Kieran McAuley
7. Jake Slobodian
8. Carson O'Sullivan
9. Rhys Gregory
10. Cooper Coats
11. Kainoa Lloyd
12. Mike Nieuwenhuysen
13. John Buck
14. Jordan Austin
15. Aaron Evison

1 Kyle Perkins (i)
2 Jamie Kelly
3 Chris Atkinson
4 Callum Toi (i)
5 Mike O'Toole (Capt)
6 Joey Tomlinson (i)
7 Connor McCann
8 Lucas Albornoz
9 Reid Watkins
10 Geoff Ryan
11 Darren Mcrory
12 David Dhinbandhu
13 Neil Maclaine
14 Gino Paolella
15 Haydn Munck (i)

SEATTLE 11 V WESTSHORE 7 @ Western Washington
Ref Brett Hay

Another stellar defensive effort by Westshore, last match they limited JBAA to 3 points and this week held Seattle to 11. Unsure if this is the work of coach Aaron Frisby or the influence of the new Director of Rugby Ray Barkwill but it's a good sign for the club. Unfortunately they weren't able to notch the attack up with only one try on the day. The result puts Seattle in 6th place while Westshore remains in 11th. Next week Seattle host UBC while Westshore host the Rowers.

Mark: Seattle knocked off the Vikes on the road last week so no one wants to bet against them this week at home. Seattle sitting in 6th place, looking comfortable for a playoff spot and a win in this match will keep them rolling. They're missing some outside speed with Dion Crowder not in the roster. Taylor Krumrei is back in the engine room, he's one of the Seawolves reserves and obviously not making the trip to San Diego for the MLR season opener. Westshore with a roster similar to the one that held the Bays to 3 points in their last match, if they can duplicate that defensive effort it could get interesting. This is the second best bet for an upset but only going with one this week. Prediction: Seattle by +5.

Brett: Always tough to travel the border. Both teams coming off wins, that we didn't see coming. Westshore will want to keep it tight, Seattle will want to keep it moving. Must go home side again. Seattle +9

Aaron: Seattle v Westshore: Seattle win by +8

Brian: Seattle to beat Westshore by 7: Seattle +7

Robin: Seattle 21 - 18: Seattle +3

1 Tobias Berg
2 Foster Dewitt c
3 Phil Erb
4 Tyler Symon-Burke
5 Carter Filion
6 Nathan Groenewold
7 Jade Billington
8 Peyton Eagar
9 Adam Roer
10 Isaac Gonevou
11 John Cox
12 Khaleb Whitehurst
13 Paul-henri Van Thiel
14 Spencer Dunstan-Adams
15 Taylor MacGuire
16 Matt Evans
17 Neil Hagerty
18 Aidan McCleary
19 Andrew Foster
20 Gabe Evans
21 Ryan Waldriff
22 Sawyer Schmyro
23 Malcolm Klaver

1. Henry Hall
2. E Tiauli Halleluiah
3. Matthew Duncan
4. Chase Bates
5. Taylor Krumrei (Seawolves)
6. Jonathan Valz
7. Matthew Potter
8. Eric Soto
9. Shoop Sidney
10. Jonny Reid
11. Lauina Futi
12. Matt Brennan
13. Levi Penter
14. Sequoyah Burke Combs
15. Ian Wright
16. Jasper Bowen Shepherd
17. Sam Taungakava
18. Danny Sonon
19. Ben Gustafson
20. John Stone
21. Jack Cannon
22. William Stowers
23. Will Brennan

U OF VICTORIA 23 V UBCOB RAVENS 29 @ Wallace Field
Ref Cole Pedrick

Vikes led at the half 15-12 with tries from centre Gabe Casey and replacement Jonas Robinson, with a penalty from Jenner Teufel. Ravens started the second half with three consecutive tries to take command of the match, 29-15. Vikes hit back with a try and a penalty to make it a one score match but couldn't get the go ahead score. The result puts Ravens in 4th place and Vikes in 8th place. Next week the Ravens host the Bays while the Vikes have a bye.

Mark: After last weeks UVic performance, the pundits are not keen on backing them against one of the hottest teams in the league, the Ravens. UVic currently in 7th but with CW and JBAA in hot pursuit. The results this weekend will change the order of the teams trying to capture those last playoff spots. The Ravens put on an impressive first half display in Burnaby last week and are well positioned for a run at a top two finish. They've lost two matches this year. Jorden Sandover-Best, Aaron McLelland and Colby Mason the big names in an attacking backline. UVic have one of their leaders back, James O'Neill, so expect to see more consistency through the 80 minutes from them this week. Prediction: Ravens by 8.

Brett: Hopefully an exciting game here. Uvic smarting after a loss to Seattle. Ravens off a big win over Burnaby. I see them rolling. Ravens +16

Aaron: UVic vs UBCOB Ravens: Ravens win by +16

Brian: Ravens to beat U Vic by 17: Ravens +17

Robin: Vikes 14 -12: Vikes +2

1. Gavin Kratz
2. Carter White
3. Thomas Di Fiore
4. Benjamin Newhook
5. Nick Pearce
6. Tyler Wong
7. Thomas Heuser
8. James O'Neill
9. Jenner Teufel
10. Logan Martin-Feek
12. Lachlan Kratz
13. Gabriel Casey
14. Noah Bain
15. Liam Morrison
16. Ethan Hager
17. Jarvis Dashkewytch
18. Jonas Robinson
19. Nathan Bice
20. Mostyn Findlay
21. Nathaniel Dring
22. Spencer Cooper
23. George Piper

1. James Carson
2. Matias Suez
3. Marc Belvedere
4. Grant Crowell
5. Connor Hamilton
6. Mathew Chan
7. Simon Etheve (i)
8. David ODonoghue (c) (i)
9. Jorden Sandover-Best
10. Bryan Tyrer
11. Michael Hogan (i)
12. Sohaib Chaudhry
13. Colby Mason (i)
14. Tarzan Mac Kay Cantin
15. Aaron Mclellend

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