Burnaby Lake - February 2020

February 11 2020

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Burnaby Claim Two Wins at Home Against James Bay - Winning Trip to Chilliwack for 3rds - Women Dominate Scribes in Div 1

by Mike Devlin

BLRC 3rd Div Men 38 – Chilliwack RFC 18

The one game I watched live on Saturday saw the 3rd Div Army march out to Chilliwack to take on the Crusaders. A few notes on the match…

1. Chilliwack has one of the most picturesque venues of any rugby pitch anywhere in the world. Their pitch sits at the base of a mountain and is surrounded on all sides by other mountains. Absolutely beautiful! Also, a great clubhouse located on site with a great beer selection and an old-fashioned Coca Cola machine that sells $2 mystery beers but only recognizes loonies produced pre-2011. (Swear to god!) Between the beers and the chili, they put on a fantastic day there!!

2. The man in the middle was a bit of a step up in quality from the norm as the ref assigned to the match was none other than Dave Smortchevsky. The usual 3rd div chirps and comments to the ref from those on the sidelines and on the pitch were at a bare minimum as all in attendance understood that the ref was probably right, and they were probably wrong.

3. Had you asked me pre-game what would our top priority be for the day, I would have said “Don’t let Chilliwack’s Lozzie Davies score a hat trick!” Failure.

The BLRC 3rds are deep, with training numbers hovering between 35-40 on most nights. The CC law allowing for unlimited and rolling subs in a club’s lowest division team is a godsend and the BLRC coaches ensured every player got at least 20 minutes on Saturday with a rather impressive full line change (save 3) at the half.

The BLRC came storming out of the gates with 2nd row Juan Ferrer taking a hard line through the Crusader Defence early for a try. Theo Newton converted but Chilliwack kicked a penalty to make it 7-3. Hooker Chase McCrum battled through a few defenders and touched down minutes later and Newton added the extras to pull ahead 14-3 before winger Jack Brady sliced and diced through the Chilliwack defence for a try. Newtons 3rd conversion made it 21-3. At the games quarter mark, Travis Couture raced down the far sideline for the first of his 2 try’s on the day…but then the unthinkable happened with Chilliwack’s Lozzie Davies scoring a try to make the score 26-8. With the BLRC 3rds reeling from the look of happiness on Lozzie’s face, Loosehead prop Alex Jull gave them some breathing room, fighting through a few tacklers to touch down and make the score 31-8 at the break.

Just after the restart, Couture would add his 2nd try which Newton converted to put the Blue & White up 38-8 and end the BLRC’s scoring. After that…disaster. Lozzie Davies scored 2 more 2nd half try’s for Chilliwack to make the final score 38-18.

BLRC Captain Trevor Flynn was outstanding on both sides of the ball and #9 Vita Holani was a sparkplug on attack for the BLRC. For Chilliwack, unfortunately, Lozzie Davies was MOM. The #13 also stood out. A week off for the 3rds and then they re-join the rest of the Men’s program at Brockton Oval next week.

BLRC Women 89 – Scribes RFC 8

The BLRC Women got their first hit out of 2020 against the Scribes. Earlier games vs Kamloops and CW were rescheduled due to weather and apparently the few extra weeks of pre season training paid off. The Scribes put up a good fight and a few forwards had games to be proud of, but the BLRC were able to bunch up the opposition defence and the channels along the touch lines were wide open for the Burnaby Lake backs. Wing Sally Hillier and Inside Center Bynna Walker each scored 3 try’s. Fullback Alex Fern, Flyhalf Leyhana Van Vugt and Outside Center Alya Govorchin each scored twice. Winger Jaclynn Quan, Flanker Shayna Slobin and 8 Emily Van Gulik all had singles to go along with Hillier’s 7 conversions! Next up, the BLRC are on an early morning boat this weekend to take on CW.

Shayna Slobin makes a break vs Scribes RFC. Photo by Pj Carr

The full game can be seen here: https://youtu.be/mvOSva4vYXs

BLRC Premier Reserve Men 81 – JBAA 8

The first of 2 matches vs James Bay on the day saw a young and a little too inexperienced James Bay team come up against a very experienced and in-form BLRC team. The BLRC were just too much in pretty well all areas and scored almost at will. The JBAA 10 had a pretty good game in tough conditions as did their #4. On the BLRC side, Giuseppe Laudisio led the backs with 5 try’s and captain Mike Gough had a fantastic game in the forwards.

Scott MacKay takes on the JBAA defence. Photo by Pj Carr

BLRC Scorers
Try: Giuseppe Laudisio (5), Domenic Baptista, Duncan Bird, Nolan Shelley, Lynden Duggan, Cooper Johnston, Cian Keegan, Hugo Marks
Pen: Nolan Shelley
Con: Nolan Shelley (3), Cian Keegan (6)

The full game can be seen here: https://youtu.be/bYpByQP9lKg

BLRC Premier Men 25 – James Bay 20

The Burnaby Lake Premier Men came out strong this week, moving the scoreboard only four and a half minutes in. At midfield, Geoff Ryan saw some space behind the JBAA winger and popped a high cross kick which was taken cleanly by Gino Paolella. Gino popped the ball to Hayden Munck. Munck kicked the ball back across the field to Joey Tomlinson who took the ball at pace but was eventually brought down short of the goal line. From the breakdown, the ball went to David Dinbandhu who lowered his shoulder and bulled through the defence for the games opening try. The normally sure-footed Geoff Ryan was a little off on the conversion so the BLRC led 5-0 early. Over the next 10 minutes, the BLRC would threaten often, but JBAA would find a way to keep them out of the end zone.

At the 20-minute mark, Cooper Coats got James Bay on the board when he slotted a penalty from the 22m. At 24-minutes the BLRC found themselves inside the James Bay 22m and the ball was sent wide to winger Darren McCrory who crashed into 2 defenders on the goal line but stretched out for the try in the corner. 10-3 for Burnaby Lake with 15 minutes to go in the half. After the restart, the BLRC were penalised at their own 10m and Coats made good once again, chipping away at the BLRC lead, 10-6 now. Near the end of the half, the BLRC were down a man but threatening at the James Bay goal but the Bays defence was holding. Eventually after a few forward crashes the defensive wall showed a crack and Lucas Albornoz burst through for a try. Again, the normally sure thing boot of Geoff Ryan misfired, so the score stood 15-6 at the half.

Lucas Albornoz stretched out for a try. Photo by Pj Carr

With 10 minutes gone in the new half, Lucas Albornoz would again move the scoreboard for the BLRC. Taking a short pass from inside the 5m for his 2nd try of the day! Ryan added the extras to go up 20-6. James Bay responded immediately, Cooper Coats taking advantage of a lapse in coverage behind the BLRC front line. He put a perfectly weighted cross kick inside the BLRC 10m where Jordan Austin took it on the bounce and popped it to a speeding Aaron Evison who took it in under the posts. Coats split the uprights to make it 22-13 for Burnaby Lake. With the BLRC once again down a man the visitors would strike again. From a 5m lineout they swung the ball to Mike Nieuwenhuysen who crashed through under the goal posts. The convert was easy and now only a 2-point game, 22-20. With 12 minutes remaining, the BLRC were awarded a penalty just outside the James Bay 22m and Neil Maclaine made good on it, capping the scoring for the day at 25-20 in the BLRC’s favor. The last 10 minutes were frantic but produced no points.

On the visitor’s side I thought that their Man of the Match was Cooper Coats in the backs and 8-man Carson O’Sullivan in the forwards. For the BLRC, I would give the nod to Albornoz in the forwards and Hayden Munck in the backs.

The game puts the BLRC back in the win column but should also provide the coaches with plenty to work on during the 2-week break before they travel to Brockton Oval to take on the Rowers.

The full game can be seen here: https://youtu.be/ilNGtcqOAt4

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