BC NextGen Sevens - 2020

February 12 2020

Sean White - Canada 7s

BC NextGen Sevens ID Sessions Announced: Feb 16th, 23rd and March 15th, 22nd

Good morning BC Rugby Community,

I would like to inform you all of the ID Session dates for the upcoming BC NextGen Sevens program. Please feel free to forward this email along to teammates, coaches and club members.

Mainland ID Sunday Sessions

Feb 16th Meraloma Rugby Club 1-3pm
Mar 22nd Meralomas Rugby Club 1-3 pm

Island ID Sessions
Feb 23rd Langford Stadium 5-7pm
Mar 15th UVic Turf Field 12-2pm

We will be using 2 mainland ID sessions as well as 2 Island ID sessions coming up soon as a selection tool. These sessions will be on Sundays. They will have no contact in them, as I am cognizant of it being the day after a game for most players. It will consist of skill assessment and will evaluate the players understanding of the game of Sevens. These sessions will be rather light with short bursts of intensity testing players ability to perform under pressure.

I've been going through CoachLogic game tape and watching a few players there but the best way as I'm sure all coaches would agree, is to have the player face to face, thus showing a commitment to the program. UVic and UBC players will not be selected for the Vancouver 7s due to University 7s Championships be held the same weekend, however, they are expected to be at these ID sessions if they plan on playing in the summer tournaments.

This is an over 19 team open to any players who wish to move on to the Pride Program, BC Men's rugby (7s or 15s), National NSM7s or have any desire to play a higher brand of rugby than where they currently are.

We are in year 2 of the new direction of the program, and my hope is to continue to see this program grow in depth and numbers with the support of clubs, players, BCRU and the National Programs and that in the end there is a mutual benefit to all involved.

Any questions, concerns, or feedback please reach out to me by email or phone, (250) 418-5697.

Thank you to everyone for sharing the info provided to anyone who may want to know more about the program,

Sean White
BC NextGen Sevens

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