BC Rugby Weekend of February 15th 2020

February 15 2020

BCRN Let's Rugby

BC Premier Results: Caps Fall to CW; UBC Dominate Seattle; Bays Upset Ravens; Rowers Edged by Westshore

@ Windsor Park
Ref: Shanda Mosher-Gallant

It was two tries apiece in the first half with CW leading 14-12. CW start the second half with a penalty, 17-12 and Caps answer with a try 17-19. CW score an unconverted try and then add a penalty for a final of 25-19. The win puts CW in 5th place and solid playoff contention, Caps remain in 3rd place. Next week CW host JBAA in what is always a feisty contest, Caps visit Nanaimo. Brian gets a BP in the predictions hitting the CW +6 right on.

Mark: #7 hosting #3, CW have won their last four matches but they've been against teams in the lower half of the standings. This will be a good test at home as they try to lock in a playoff spot. Caps are the surprise team of the year, winning 7 of 9 matches, with one loss and one draw for a 3rd place ranking. Every week the pundits expect the team to falter but they keep on winning. CW have a lively backline with Luke Bradley, Balucci Kegode and Bradon Schellenberger key players. Capilano have a solid forward back led by Glen McKinnon at #8 and in the backs the speedy Johnny Franklin is always a threat. Prediction: Caps by +5.

Brett: While CW has remained on the winning side lately, this will be their first test against a team in the top 5 of the league in quite some time. Caps have been rolling this season, a real banner year so far for them with a few early upsets. I'd expect both teams to be quality in the sets, and it may be the out wide play that decides the day. I'm going to take the underdog at home to keep the momentum going. CW +1

Aaron: Caps to win by 8. Caps +8

Robin: CW 22-17. CW +5

Brian: CW to beat Caps by 6. CW +6

1 Mackenzie Mills
2 Jason de Freitas
3 Neil Courtney
4 Rich Merinsky
5 Reid Tucker
6 Kevin Leask
7 Jordan Reid-Harvey
8 Glen McKinnon
9 Chris Robinson
10 Jeremy Simon
11 Jared Andrews-Almack
12 Cam Waddell
13 Johnny Franklin
14 Phil Le Leivre
15 Sam Franklin


@ Starfire Field
Ref: Ryan Alguire

A +29 win for UBC and none of the pundits went that high in their predictions. The UBC attack finally hitting its stride and putting up their highest attacking numbers since November 2nd. The win puts UBC clear at the top of the standings 12 points clear of 2nd place Burnaby. The loss for Seattle without a BP drops them to 7th with the Bays in hot pursuit and 2 games in hand. Both Seattle and UBC have byes next week.

Mark: #6 hosting #1. Seattle at home are always a danger but does anyone want to bet against the league leaders who have only lost once and defeated the Rugby Canada Pacific Pride academy last week? Mike Smith moves to the centres this week to open a spot for Owain Ruttan at openside. For Seattle Dion Crowder returns to the roster providing a constant threat on the outside. Have to back the league leaders. Prediction: UBC by +12.

Brett: UBC being now the only team to clip the Pride, however depleted, is telling. Not sure how well they travel, if any sort of school break comes into play, but UBC has shown massive depth in the program. I'll take them away, but not at a blowout. UBC +9

Aaron: UBC to win by +9

Robin: UBC 28-19. UBC +9

Brian: UBC to beat Seattle by 16. UBC +16

1. Nicholas Frost
2. Connor Sampson
3. Bryce Worden
4. Frank Carson
5. Liam Doll
6. Callum Botchar
7. Owain Ruttan
8. Nicholas Allen
9. Fraser Hurst
10. Jack Scher
11. John Lan
12. Michael Smith
13. Daniel Archer
14. evan norris
15. Sam Hughes
16. David Carson
17. Conor O'Flaherty
18. Joe Sourisseau
19. Donald Carson
20. Harrison Smith
21. Connor Byron
22. Tighe Maxwell-Whiteley
23. Ryan Leskiw

1. Danny Sonon
2. E Tiauli Halleluiah
3. Louis Henson
4. Chase Bates
5. Taylor Krumrei
6. Eric Soto
7. Jacob Flores
8. Maile Taufa
9. Shoop Sidney
10. Jonny Reid
11. Dion Crowder
12. William Stowers
13. Levi Penter
14. Sequoyah Burke Combs
15. Ian Wright
16. Daniel Trierweiler
17. Matthew Duncan
18. Sam Taungakava
19. Jonathan Valz
20. Tristan Mohn
21. Jack Cannon
22. Martin Vakamoce
23. Lauina Futi

@ Jericho Beach Park
Ref: Christopher Assmus

The only upset of the weekend and the pundits were blanked on this 0-5, a fact the Bays were happy to point out. They remain one of the more difficult sides to predict this season. For the Ravens, the absence of Aaron McLelland possibly impacting their game. It was 8-3 for JBAA at the half. The Ravens start the 2nd half with a penalty and the teams exchange unconverted tries, 13-11 for the Bays. Bays score two more tries to go up 25-11, Ravens get one back, Bays maul one in and Ravens have the last say but it's not enough with a 4 try to 3 win for the visitors. The Bays go to 8th place but are only 2 points behind Seattle for the final playoff spot with two games in hand. The Ravens remain in 4th place. Next week Ravens host Westshore while the Bays travel cross town to take on CW.

Mark: #4 hosting #9. The Ravens missing Aaron McLelland this week as he's coaching the Vancouver U18 7s team in Edmonton. That will give the visitors some hope but the Bays are missing Cooper Coats as well, the key to the JBAA attack. The Bays do have JC Fidende back, he's a big asset on attack and one of the their top ball carriers. The Ravens have Grant Crowell at #8, where he shone for the Wolf Pack during the summer provincial series. Bays can always surprise but they've been inconsistent as the roster changes have been significant each week. Prediction: Ravens by +8.

Brett: JBAA had a great effort, "away" at Burnaby last weekend only losing by 5 in a tight affair. Ravens aren't as bulletproof this year as in the past couple seasons. The addition of some returning players really helped the backline for the bays, so that could determine how close this stays, but I have to go Ravens at home. Ravens +11

Aaron: Ravens to win by +16

Robin: Ravens 31-22. Ravens +9

Brian: Ravens to beat James Bay by 6. Ravens +6

1. Jake Mclachlan (i)
2. Matias Suez
3. Marc Belvedere
4. Niall Hannon (i)
5. James Carson
6. David ODonoghue (c)(i)
7. Simon Etheve (i)
8. Grant Crowell
9. Jorden Sandover-Best
10. Bryan Tyrer
11. Tarzan Mac Kay Cantin
12. Mathew Chan
13. Michael Hogan (i)
14. Nolan McAllister
15. Robert Jones

1. Nico Krawczyk
2. Noah Barker
3. Blake van Heyningen Capt.
4. Fischer Kooman
5. Carson O' Sullivan
6. JC Fidinde
7. Jake Slobodian
8. Kieran McAuley
9. Rhys Gregory
10. Mitch Sora
11. Jordan Austin
12. Mike Nieuwenhuysen
13. Thomas Burton
14. Kainoa Lloyd
15. Aaron Evison
16. Andrew McPherson
17. Brandon Sidhu-Scherer
18. Marc Perron
19. Andrew MacDonald
20. Jordan Brown
21. Jordan Ford
22. John Buck
23. Nathan Tough

@ Juan De Fuca
Ref: Julianne Zussman

An exciting back and forth match with Rowers leading 17-12 going into the last quarter and up a man with Westshore getting a man sent off. It didn't look good for the home side and another upset was in the balance. Captain Foster Dewitt put the team even with a try in the corner and fullback Taylor MacGuire made a difficult conversion to give Westshore their first lead. The game was in the balance, a penalty in front of the posts gave the home side some breathing room and they held on for the win. Westshore move up to 10th place ahead of Meraloma who had a bye week, Rowers remain winless and in 13th place. Next week Westshore travel to the Ravens while Rowers host Burnaby.

Mark: #11 hosting #13. Westshore have put up impressive defensive numbers the last two matches, holding the Bays to 3 points and then holding the home team Seattle to 11 points the next match. It will be interesting to see how the squad does defensively this week. Neither team likely to make the playoffs and word is the Rowers forfeited the Reserves match so travelling numbers are an issue. Westshore at home against a team yet to notch a win should have the advantage, especially if they continue their strong defensive effort. Prediction: Westshore by +8.

Brett: Rowers looking to find some momentum are travelling to the team with the hardest defence of the spring. Both teams have the players to get the job done, but it comes to a question of who's going to get loose on the day. I have to back the defence lately. Westshore +7

Aaron: Westshore to win by +6

Robin: Westshore 19-12. Westshore +7

Brian: Westshore to beat Rowers by 12. Westshore +12

1 Neil Hagerty
2 Foster Dewitt c
3 Phil Erb
4 Nathan Groenewold
5 Carter Filion
6 Tyler Symon Burke
7 Jade Billington
8 Peyton Eagar
9 Malcolm Klaver
10 Isaac Gonevou
11 Rylen Waugh
12 Khaleb Whitehurst
13 Paul-henri Van Theil
14 John Cox
15 Taylor MacGuire
16 Matt Evans
17 Jay Jimmo
18 Simione John
19 Andrew Foster
20 Adam Roer
21 Sawyer Schmyro
22 D'Andre Phillips



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