BC Rugby Weekend of February 29th 2020

February 29 2020

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BC Premier Weekend Results: Pride Edge Burnaby; UVic Upset Caps; Nanaimo Stung by Ravens, CW Defeat Westshore; Rowers Paddled by Bays


Burnaby were ahead 20-7 in the first half, ahead 25-17 in the second half before the Pride made a late charge to take the game at the end 27-25. Burnaby remain in 2nd place with 3 games remaining against UVic, Westshore and Seattle. Ravens have four games left and are only 2 points behind, it will be a tight race for 2nd place and a home field semi-final. The Pride go to 8-1 in their season. Burnaby have two weeks off now with the Canada 7s next week and a bye on the 14th of March. They travel to UVic on the 21st. The Pride have two weeks off then visit the Bays on the 21st.

Mark: #2 hosting #5. The match of the weekend, this one could go either way and with Burnaby's excellent record of publishing the match videos afterwards it should be available for viewing on Sunday for those who can't make it to the game. A lot of good matchups here, the loose forward trio of McCann, O'Toole, Albornoz vs Flesch, Nott, Vikilani should be epic. Alex Russell the Pride wing/fullback is at the LA 7s with the Quebec side, taking his spot a capable Thomas Isherwood. The Pride have an electric backline. especially if given any time and space, the Burnaby defence will have to be swarming if they hope to claim the W on the day. The Pride only listing 21 players so that may be an issue in the last 20. Should be a good match. Prediction: Pride by +8.

Brett: Another big test for the somewhat depleted spring Pride program. I'd wager Burnaby may be the deeper side through the match day 23. Should be a great game. Burnaby +4

Aaron: A game that I’m sure will draw a big crowd at Burnaby this weekend, especially with a number of former Burnaby players on the opposition side. This one will no doubt be physical. The Pride have a slightly more accurate kicking efficiency from hand in general play with 85% compared to Burnaby’s 80%. The Pride have hit the magic gainline efficiency stat with 65% of their attacking ball carries getting over the gainline and pushing their attack forward. The league leading Pride defence (90% tackle completion) is slightly better than Burnaby’s with 84% tackle completion. Both teams aren’t as accurate as I’m sure they would like to be with their lineout with Burnaby just ahead with 79% accuracy on their own throw with Pride on 75%. Ultimately the Pride have been a try scoring machine so far this season, scoring 366 points in 8 games. Burnaby have scored almost 400 of their own over 12 games, if the conditions are dry I don’t expect this to be a low scoring game. Even though the last mainland road trip didn’t go well for the Pride, the numbers suggest they will get back to winning ways this weekend. Pride to win by +9

Brian: Pride to beat Burnaby by 12. Pride +12

Robin: Pride 29-21. Pride +8.

1 Adrian Longbone
2 Jamie Kelly
3 Chris Atkinson
4 Callum Toi (i)
5 Tom Dear
6 Connor McCann
7 Mike O'Toole (Capt)
8 Lucas Albornoz
9 Reid Watkins
10 Haydn Munck (i)
11 Darren Mcrory
12 Neil Maclaine
13 David Dhinbandhu
14 Gino Paolella
15 Brian Fitzpatrick (i)
16. Juan Videla
17. Preston Petrovitch
18. Scott Mackay
19. Geoffrey Ryan
20. Domenic Baptista
21. Cole McQueen
22. Jeke Gotegote
23. Giuseppe Laudisio

Pacific Pride
1. Liam Murray
2. Edward Ilnicki
3. Nik Hildebrand
4. Austin James
5. Nolan Howell
6. Mason Flesch
7. Oliver Nott
8. Taitusi Vikilani
9. Crosby Stewart
10. Brennig Prevost
11. Anton Ngongo
12. Quinn Ngawati
13. Siôn Griffiths
14. D'Shawn Bowen
15. Thomas Isherwood
16. Bryce McKinnon
17. Kaden Duguid
18. Morgan MacIntyre
19. Cody Nhanala
20. Brock Webster
21. Isaac Olson

REF: Visiting Referee

A +9 upset win for the Vikes gives them playoff hope, the BP win puts them in a tie with Seattle for 8th place with the Bays 4 points ahead in 7th, the final playoff spot (Pride are dropped from the playoffs). UVic tries were from Jonas Robinson, Mostyn Findlay, Gavin Kratz and James O'Neil (although he wasn't listed on the BCRU lineup). Jenner Tuefel racked up 18 points on four penalty kicks and three converts. The loss drops the Caps to 4th place with Ravens jumping ahead of them in 3rd. The Canada 7s takes over next weekend and the BC Premier is put on hold until March 14th.

Mark: #3 hosting #9. A key game for both teams. UVic in 9th place in risk of falling out of the playoff picture with a loss, a win puts them back in the hunt for the final playoff spot with JBAA and Seattle. Caps will want to hold onto 3rd and a guaranteed home quarter-final, and there's even a chance of overtaking #2 Burnaby and getting a quarter-final bye and a home semi-final. Glenn McKinnon back in the roster after missing last week, the Caps have had a consistent lineup and consistent results this season. UVic always dangerous if they're on their game, James O'Neill not showing in the roster which will be a blow. A couple of UVic players are at the LA 7s with Upright Rogues. Have to go with Cap consistency, especially at home. Prediction: Caps by +12.

Brett: UVic tough to judge this season. Klahanie is a hard park to win at. Caps need to right the ship to hold onto a home playoff berth. Caps +9

Aaron: The UVic lineout has missed 26 lineouts on their own throw this season which might be put under pressure this week with the visit of Capilano. UVic are ahead on a lot of the metrics by comparison this week. They have a 2% advantage in gainline efficiency with 59%, they pass the ball more, try to speed the game up more, make fewer handling errors and make more linebreaks. The Caps defence will certainly be tested, and with an 80% tackle completion rate for Caps they might struggle at times. However, it is Caps that have consistently scored more points averaging 31.8 points per game in comparison to UVic’s 25.2. With Caps average of 4.2 tries per game and a league leading 86% goal kicking accuracy, it might be the difference in what could be a very close game. Caps to win by +6

Brian: Caps to beat U Vic by 18. Caps +18

Robin: Vikes 21-19. Vikes +2

1 - Jesse Ryan
2 - Jason de Freitas
3 - Neil Courtney
4 - Reid Tucker
5 - Rich Merinsky
6 - Jordan Reid-Harvey
7 - Cori Hamill
8 - Glen McKinnon
9 - Chris Robinson
10 - Phil le Leivre
11 - Jared Andrews-Almack
12 - Cam Waddell
13 - Johnny Franklin
14 - Sam Franklin
15 - Johnny Adams
16. Carter Wanless
17. Giles Klaver
18. James Ritzema
19. Mac Mills
20. Jordan Henderson
21. Ryan Scott
22. Michael McDonald
23. Jordan Orr

1. Gavin Kratz
2. Carter White
3. Spencer Cooper
4. Benjamin Newhook
5. Mitchell Wainman
6. Thomas Di Fiore
7. Thomas Heuser
8. Nicholas Carson
9. Jenner Teufel
10. Logan Martin-Feek
12. Mostyn Findlay
13. Jonas Robinson
14. Jarvis Dashkewytch
15. Liam Morrison
16. Denver Fatt
17. George Piper
18. Nathan Bice
19. Nathan Yue
20. Nathaniel Dring
21. Nick Pearce
22. Tyler Wong
23. Austin Pinnell


The second +50 result for the Ravens on consecutive weekends and they look the in form team right now. They jump to 3rd place with four matches remaining against Bays, Capilano, Meraloma and CW. Nanaimo remain in 12th place with one win.

Mark: #4 hosting #12. Ravens looking to hit their playoff form with a +50 win over Westshore last week, this will be a good indication of their momentum moving into the last weeks of the regular season, Ravens with 4 games remaining after this week. Nanaimo have been competitive in most of their matches and haven't had any huge blowout losses this season, so this will be a good test. Most pundits will be thinking a healthy Ravens margin though. Good to see Sam Fowler back in the roster after missing a number of matches due to injury, he was one of Nanaimo's top players. He'll start at #10 in Reserves and sub in to the Premier match at 9 or 10. McLelland at #10 for Ravens an impact player and with Canada not having any 10s playing regularly in MLR, he would be a good option if given the chance to prove himself this summer. Prediction: Ravens +32.

Brett: Another big mismatch. Ravens not the ultimate contenders they have been the past couple seasons, but still plenty in the tank to handle this match. Ravens +29

Aaron: Ravens have had a solid season so far with the set piece with 99% of scrums won on their own ball and 85% of lineouts. Both teams have shown a willingness to be expansive and speed the game up, but in comparison the Ravens make less mistakes when they have the ball in attack. Defensively there is only 2% separating them in tackle completion, Ravens slightly edging it with 84% completion. The telling stats are that Ravens are averaging 2 more linebreaks per game and 3 more tries per game. Ravens to win by +20

Brian: Ravens to beat Nanimo by 37. Ravens +37

Robin: Ravens 39-17. Ravens +22

1. Jake Mclachlan (i)
2. Angus MacPhail
3. Guido Suez
4. Niall Hannon (i)
5. James Carson
6. David ODonoghue (c) (i)
7. Mathew Chan
8. Connor Hitlman
9. Jorden Sandover-Best
10. Aaron Mclellend
11. Nolan McAllister
12. Mick Nevin (i)
13. Colby Mitch Mason (i)
14. Jef Vreys
15. Michael Hogan (i)
16. Dan Cervino
17. Marc Belvedere
18. Kris Taylor
19. Cam Mcwilliams
20. Simon Etheve (i)
21. Robert Jones
22. Bryan Tyrer
23. Sean Ferguson

1 Sawyer Barth
2 Antonio Corbin
3 Tom Scanlan
4 Makz Foot
5 Cameron McKerrow
6 Zack Mayo
7 Zephyr Melnyk
8 Andrew Neilsen
9 Sam Reimer
10 Jordan Hooke (c)
11 Ryan Bradley
12 Mua Tiumafifi
13 Tyler Hume
14 Thomas Kobayashi
15 Gareth Pritchard
16 Andreas Krawczyk
17 Max Brook
18 Matt Weir
19 Brennan Bourchier
20 Sam Fowler
21 Taylor de Souza
22 Seth Recalma
23 Drew Belbin


CW continue to roll with a +21 win, they sit in 5th place but only have 3 matches left to overtake Caps in 4th. CW have Lomas, Seattle and Ravens left on the dance card. Caps have 4 games left against Seattle, Ravens, Pride and Rowers. With only two points separating the teams it's likely going to come down to the CW v Ravens match to determine CW's run for 4th place and a home quarter-final. That match is hosted by CW and could be an important one.

Mark: #10 hosting #6. Westshore pummelled last week by Ravens, CW pulled out a tight win over James Bay. Westshore are out of the Premier playoff race while CW are in the thick of it. Two teams in different mindsets going into the match and showing different form in recent matches. CW with their A lineup with Josiah Morra outstanding on the outside in recent matches. Westshore missing a key loose forward, Peyton Eagar, who is at the LA 7s with the Upright Rogues in the men's elite division. Khaleb Whitehurst moves from centre to flanker to cover, should be an interesting experiment as he's a tenacious defender in the centres. Everything points to a CW win and perhaps a sizeable one. Prediction: CW by +18.

Brett: We'll see if the new defensive style for Westshore pays dividends against the momentum CW is carrying. The local derbys always spawn a bit of extra competition from both sides. CW +11

Aaron: CW still struggling in the goal kicking department with only 48% success rate. I don’t think this will end up being a contributing factor to the game. CW are averaging 4 tries per game to Westshore’s 3. CW might want to pressure the Westshore lineout, which is showing an area of weakness with 67% success rate on their own throw. CW to win by +6

Brian: Castaway to beat Westshore by 4. CW +4

Robin: CW 19-11. CW +8

1 Foster Dewitt c
2 Matt Evans
3 Tobias Berg
4 Nathan Groenewold
5 Sam Hodgetts
6 Khaleb Whitehurst
7 Jade Billingham
8 Shayne Marriner
9 Adam Roer
10 Malcolm Klaver
11 Aaron Hersant
12 Isaac Gonevou
13 Paul-henri Van Thiel
14 Shane Dagg
15 Taylor MacGuire
16 Neil Hagerty
17 Willem Denolden
18 Aidan McCleary
19 Andrew Foster
20 Rylen Waugh
21 John Cox
22 Sipili Molia
23 D’andre Phillips

1. John Braddock
2. David Mallard
3. Quinn Horton
4. Riley Ilnicki
5. Liam Chisholm
6. Matt Sutherland
7. Sawyer Herron
8. Mike Finnemore
9. James Pitblado
10. Fergus Hall
11. Josiah Morra
12. Lucas Bradley
13. James Hammond
14. David Devillers
15. Brandon Schellenberger
16. Cam Smith
17. Doug Wooldridge
18. Kyle Hohert
19. Kelton Dawe
20. John Humphries
21. Oliver Winser
22. Justin Logan
23. Balucci Kegode


The pundits knew the win was coming but didn't predict the +30 result. That win put JBAA in the driver's seat for the final playoff spot. They're 4 points clear of both Seattle and UVic with four games remaining, so they decide their fate. Their remaining matches are against Ravens, Pride, Nanaimo and UBC. Three of those matches are going up against the best teams in the league. The Rowers remain winless and continue in the cellar. The big showdown for them is March 21st when they visit Nanaimo, the winner of that match avoiding the wooden spoon.

Mark: #8 hosting #13. The Bays missing a few players to the LA 7s where they're playing with the Upright Rogues but they've retained some of their key players, Cooper Coats at #10 and Kainoa Lloyd in the centres. An interesting move to put standout flanker JC Fidende in at hooker, normally Noah Barker starts there but he's out with a red card. The Bays need a win to overtake Seattle for the final playoff spot. The Saracens have a bye this weekend but both teams will have four games left after this weekend, Seattle are currently at 30 points and JBAA at 29 points. The Rowers have yet to win a match this season and have the worst point differential in the league at -240. Bays should win but by how much? Prediction: Bays by +15.

Brett: Rowers still in search of that first win, and jbaa stinging from a loss to rivals. They should put the pressure on, at home. Jbaa +19

Aaron: James Bay edge this one in attack with 59% gainline efficiency ahead of Rowers with 53%, both still chasing the target of 65% gainline efficiency. Set piece and discipline stats for both these teams are very similar. James Bay are averaging 1 more linebreak per game than Rowers and 1 more try per game. Kicking accuracy shows James Bay ahead by 4% with 68% accuracy. Advantage to the home team, James Bay to win by +10

Brian: James Bay to beat Rowers by 12. JBAA +12

Robin: Bays 28-12. Bays +16

1. Nico Krawczyk
2. JC Fidinde
3. Blake van Heyningen Capt.
4. Fischer Kooman
5. Andrew MacDonald
6. Jake Slobodian
7. Tom Eton
8. Kieran McAuley
9. Rhys Gregory
10. Cooper Coats
11. Nathan Tough
12. Thomas Burton
13. Kainoa Lloyd
14. Hunta Marsh
15. Aaron Evison
16. Andrew de Goede
17. Andrew Macpherson
18. Brandon Sidhu-Scherer
19. Jacobus de Goede
20. Jordan Brown
21. Mac Greedy
22. Todd Wilson
23. Logan Auringer

from JBAA Media

Two of BC’s oldest sporting organizations renew their rivalry once again this Saturday, February 29th.

We were incorrect back in our September article, when we noted that both JBAA and VRC were established as athletic organizations in 1886. JBAA historian and long time Bay, Lewis Madley, pointed out our error and let us know that, in fact, “VRC was formed April 1st 1899 at a joint meeting of the Vancouver Boating Club founded 1886 and the Burrard Inlet Rowing Club founded 1890.”

So let it be known: both JBAA and the Vancouver Boating Club, which would later become the Vancouver Rowing Club, were established in 1886. Thank you, Lewis!

The two clubs have met yearly in a rugby match since 1908 with the exception of the War Years. In 1938, VRC member A.H. Cox donated a challenge cup for the winning team to hold for the year. In subsequent years a trophy in memory of VRC member R. Ferguson was added for the 2nd team competition. The Cox Cup and Ferguson Cups have made many journeys back and forth across the waters since then. In true rugby spirit, no record has been kept re. wins and losses. Holding the cup the year you win is all that’s important.

JBAA currently holds both cups.

2020’s first matches will be played at MacDonald Park on February 29th. The reserves game kicks off at 12:30 with the Premier kickoff at 2:30 Cup presentation following the game at the House of Bays.

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