Rugby Updates - July 2020

July 15 2020


A Look at BCRU and Rugby Canada Fees for this Fall; Will There Be Any Contact Rugby in Canada; Where in the World is Rugby Being Played Now; Plus Historical Look at Rugby During a Pandemic

A couple of questions we'll look at in this article. How much will it cost to play touch rugby in BC, will there be contact in any provinces and where is rugby currently being played in the world.

The BCRU has already stated that it will be non-contact rugby in BC until 2021. Rugby League have said basically the same thing but left the door slightly open to the possibility of 9s sometime in the fall.

So how much will it cost in BC to play touch. First the Rugby Canada fees have to be paid, then the BC Rugby fees and finally the Club fees. The charts below spell out the BCRU and RC fees.

BCRU have created 3 new non-contact registrations that last 12 weeks in duration, Senior players $17, Junior players $13.50 and Minor players $13.50. These will cover the fall non-contact rugby.

Rugby Canada have a number of options for non-contact, intro to contact and contact covering various age groups. For example, Senior players non-contact is $40 and lasts until Dec 31st 2020, Senior players contact is $62.50 and again lasts until Dec 31st 2020.

So according to our calculations for BC, a Senior player in touch rugby this fall will pay $57 plus whatever club dues are added to book fields, maintain facilities, etc.

It's interesting that Rugby Canada have included contact registration options and we hear that some Atlantic regions and maybe Manitoba may be in a position to offer contact this fall depending on provincial regulations. We took a look at Newfoundland's sport guidelines and non-contact rugby with modifications is already permitted in their current Alert Level 2. So they seem to be a step ahead of BC which will only allow non-contact rugby in the next phase, projected to be in September. An interesting side note is that Newfoundland categorize certain sports as full/frequent contact but didn't include rugby in their examples, "Full/frequent contact sports (e.g. martial arts, boxing, wrestling) may only be permitted with extensive modifications".

It's a fluid situation right now as provincial health authorities monitor the trends and statistics in their regions and try to create workable guidelines for sport. We'll see what happens when September rolls around.

Rugby Canada Fees (click on image to expand)

BC Rugby Fees (click on image to expand)

Rugby Around the World

Where in the world is full contact rugby ongoing in structured competitions? New Zealand are already halfway through their Super Rugby Aotearoa competition which is 10 weeks long. They are the world leaders in return to rugby with no restrictions on attendance. Australia are into their 2nd week of Super Rugby AU with restrictions on crowd size. Russia, surprisingly, have their 10 team league running and are already into Round 4.

World Rugby just highlighted Uruguay in a story on their website. Their U19 and Senior teams are back at training and they expect to have "friendly games" at the end of the month.

Rugby in BC During Previous Pandemic - 1918

Those who follow the site on a regular basis may have read our ongoing series on rugby in Victoria, BC during the fall of 1918 when World War I and the Spanish flu pandemic overlapped. It was a hard time having to deal with a deadly pandemic and a world war. Rugby (and soccer) actually continued during that time in Victoria even though many activities, especially indoor activities, were shutdown, including schools, theatres and churches.

You can read the four part series at the links below (5th installment coming soon).

Part 1 - Pre October 2018 - Before Influenza Contact

Part 2 - First Half of October 1918 - First Influenza Contact

Part 3 - Second Half of October 1918 - Rugby Starts, Influenza Continues

Part 4 - Rugby in Victoria During the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918-19: Outdoor Sports Continued Even Though Churches, Theatres, Schools Closed

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