BCRN Canadian Player of the Week

April 20 2021

BCRN Let's Rugby

The BCRN Canadian Player of the Week Highlights - Week One to Week Five: DTH, Hurst, Williams, Ngawati, de Goede

We've been selecting a Canadian Player of the Week since March 20th. The following are the highlights.

Sophie de Goede - Week 5 (April 17th) - Sophie scores a breakaway try in Saracens win in the Allianz English Premier

Quinn Ngawati - Week 4 (April 10th) - Quinn scores his first MLR try in New York's win.

Charity Williams - Week 3 (April 3rd)- Canada wins the first tournament at the Emirates 7s in Dubai and Charity Williams has a stellar match in the final vs USA.

Fraser Hurst - Week 2 (March 27th) - Fraser Hurst subs in and scores a crucial solo try in Utah's win.

DTH - Week 1 (March 20th) - Opening of MLR season, DTH scores 2 tries in the first 8 minutes in LA's win.

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