Return to Rugby Updates - May 2021

May 25 2021

BCRN Let's Rugby

BCRU Announces Phase 3 Rugby Restarted - Non-Contact Rugby to Resume for Sanctioned Clubs

The PHO (Provincial Health Officer) announced today a 4 step plan to restart the province. Step 1 commences May 25th and in terms of sport and exercise states: "Outdoor games and practices for both adults and youth group/team sports allowed".

Step 2 which is estimated for June 15th will allow spectators, up to 50, for outdoor events. It also allows indoor games and practices.

Step 3 which is estimated for July 1st further opens indoor sports to allow limited spectators.

Step 4 which is estimated for September 7th states, "Return to normal sport competitions with an updated COVID-19 Safety Plan in place". There's also mention of increased spectators for both indoor and outdoor sports.

viaSport will further expand on the sport specific details of the PHO plan and the BCRU will then add their layer of interpretation, which is usually the most restrictive. BCRU member clubs have to abide by the BCRU interpretation. At the present time that means touch rugby (non-contact rugby) is the only option.

There's no word yet on when the BCRU will allow contact rugby but it looks likely, based on this latest PHO document, that September 7th will see the "return of normal sport competitions".

The first to bring contact rugby back in BC will be the high performance (national academy) and university programs which don't operate under the BCRU (unless they enter a BCRU league). There should be some action in that regard this summer but without (or with limited) spectators.

from viaSport

With the May 25 announcement of B.C.’s Restart plan, outdoor sport for all ages can now resume, including practices and games. We are working on more detailed information for sport with revised guidelines coming soon.

from BCRU

BC Rugby is pleased to see the return of outdoor team sports as part of the BC Government’s Restart Plan.

For Rugby, this means sanctioned Clubs may now deliver Rugby programs outdoors without maintaining physical distancing. All ages – youth and adult – are permitted to participate.

Phase 3 of the Return to Rugby plan, known as ‘Rugby Restarted’, coincides with the Return to Play Guidelines from viaSport and Rugby Canada.

What can be delivered in Phase 3 Rugby Restarted?

For anyone who chooses to participate in Rugby as of May 25, 2021, this means:

- Outdoor Rugby activities only

- Non-contact Rugby activities only

- Travel to Home Club only

- No use of changerooms, washrooms only

- No physical distancing requirements during intra-Club training and games

- No spectators permitted

Non-essential interprovincial travel remains restricted until June 15, 2021 at the earliest

Sanctioned Clubs must follow their Sanctioned Phase 3 COVID Safety Plans. If you need any further support or require sanctioning, please email Marga Sison at or phone 604.737.3065 ext. 1005.

As we learn more about the particular sport details under the Government’s Restart Plan, we will formally update our Return to Rugby Plan with a timeline for progressing to contact Rugby and inter-club competitions.

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