MLR 2021 - Week 17

July 12 2021

MLR Rugby

Week 17 Results: Wins for New York, DC, LA, Atlanta, New England and Seattle - Playoff Picture Set

There's one week left in the MLR regular season but the playoff picture is already set. LA will go through as West winners and Utah as #2, Austin can't catch either team and will finish 3rd.

In the East, it's closer but Atlanta will finish 1st and NY 2nd. New York could catch Atlanta on points but they won't erase the +102 to +32 point differential. After number of wins, point differential is used to determine the final standings. In a similar vein, NOLA could catch NY on points but would have to erase a +32 to -6 point differential.

The final week schedule sees Houston @ Seattle, NOLA @ NY, Austin @ DC, LA @ Utah, Atlanta @ NE,




MLR Week 17: Houston @ NY, San Diego @ DC, Austin @ LA, Atlanta @ Utah, New England @ Toronto, NOLA @ Seattle

There are four Saturday matches and two Sunday matches. LA can lock up 1st place in the West with a BP win against Austin, and also take Austin out of the playoff race. A win by Austin will make it interesting and all to be decided in the final week of play.

New York need a win against Houston to stay in the playoff race and the Utah v Atlanta match will have an impact on both the East and West playoff picture.

There aren't many Canadians in the MLR rosters this week outside of Toronto who haven't announced their Sunday roster yet.

Nik Hildebrand starts at loosehead for Houston against NY and Ciaran Hearn is at inside centre for Old Glory DC against San Diego. DTH starts on the wing for LA against Austin.

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