BC Boys High School Rugby - November 2021

November 09 2021

Adam Roberts - Canada U20 coach

Adam Roberts Hosts High School Rugby Think Tank for Saturday December 4th: Online Registration

Adam Roberts who has been heavily involved in rugby development in BC has taken the initiative to organize a meeting December 4th, specifically looking at growing the boys game at the high school level in BC. His note is below along with a link to register.

He provides some compelling stats on the need to reverse the trend at the high school level. A 22% decrease in high school rugby teams and a 28% decrease in rugby athletes from 2012 to 2017 in BC.

The Think Tank will bring together some of the best rugby minds in BC who have been involved in rugby from high school and university up to national team level including John Tait, Doug Tate, Jeff Williams, Tim Murdy, Curry Hitchborn, Ian Hyde-Lay.

You can Register Here
Hey Folks,

I am hosting a BC Boys Rugby Think Tank to generate changes for the next cycle to promote the game, attract / retain boys and coaches back to the game… Stats don’t lie… Please find attached documents to support…

I have spoke with many of you about this… I would like to get ahead of the BC Boys High School Season… I have spoke with Jordan Abney at BC School Sports and have invited him to join however it’s a busy time with other championships… We can come up with a strategy / plan and deliver…. This is NOT an AGM… This is NOT through BC High School Sports… This is NOT through BC Rugby… This is for helping promote and address the concerns felt by many to get people back involved to grow the game…

This is a positive place… We will not be dwelling on the past or current issues… We are meeting to strike excitement and a change in a new direction…

Saturday December 4th at Earl Marriott Secondary 1130 am Start time… People from the island I will arrange transport to and from the ferry… I have a sponsor to cover lunch and additional costs…

Please register with the link so I can plan for meals…


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