Canada Summer Games 2022

August 10 2022

Niagara 2022 - Canada Summer Games

BC Win Canada Summer Games Gold in Rugby 7s: Outscoring Opponents 232-17 Over 3-Day Tournament

BC dominated at the Canada Summer Games Rugby 7s winning the Gold medal final 38-0 over Quebec. In the Bronze match Ontario defeated Nova Scotia 20-15.

BC outscored opponents 232-17 over 6 games, only allowing 3 tries in the tournament. Well done to coaches and players.

Day 3 Results

New Brunswick 36 - Newfoundland and Labrador 7
Saskatchewan 32 - Manitoba 5

Quebec 26 - Alberta 15
Ontario 24 - Prince Edward Island 12

Quebec 17 - Nova Scotia 12
British Columbia 22 - Ontario 7

9th/10th Newfoundland 27 - Manitoba 10
7th/8th Saskatchewan 27 - New Brunswick 0
5th/6th Alberta 17 - Prince Edward Island 0
Bronze Medal Ontario 20 - Nova Scotia 15
Gold Medal British Columbia 38 - Quebec 0

BC Finish Pool Round at 4-0 - Advance to Semi-Finals

BC topped Pool A with two more wins and advance directly to the semi-finals. They'll face the winner of the Ontario v PEI quarter-final.

In Pool B, Nova Scotia finished first and also go to the semi-finals, they will face the winner of the Alberta v Quebec quarter-final.

Day 2 Results

Pool A
Newfoundland and Labrador 0 - Prince Edward Island 24
Manitoba 0 - Quebec 43
British Columbia 59 - Newfoundland and Labrador 0
Prince Edward Island 0 - Quebec 10
British Columbia 51 - Manitoba 0

Pool B
Nova Scotia 15 - Saskatchewan 10
Alberta 22 - New Brunswick 10
Ontario 26 - Saskatchewan 5
New Brunswick 5 - Nova Scotia 31
Alberta 0 - Ontario 38

BC 2-0 at Canada Summer Games: Face Newfoundland and Manitoba Tomorrow

BC are the only undefeated side after Day 1 of the Canada Summer Games. BC defeated PEI and Quebec on Day 1 in Pool A.

In Pool B Nova Scotia upset Ontario and tied with Alberta to leave Nova Scotia and Alberta tied at the top in Pool B.

BC face Newfoundland and Manitoba tomorrow. The top team in each pool gets a bye to the semi-finals while the 2nd and 3rd place teams battle it out in the quarter-finals.

The live stream link is here:

Pool A

Manitoba 5 - Newfoundland and Labrador 24
British Columbia 36 - Prince Edward Island 5
Newfoundland and Labrador 0 - Quebec 33
Manitoba 0 - Prince Edward Island 50
British Columbia 26 - Quebec 5

Pool B

Alberta 19 - Saskatchewan 10
Nova Scotia 19 - Ontario 0
New Brunswick 19 - Saskatchewan 22
Alberta 17 - Nova Scotia 17
New Brunswick 0 - Ontario 15

BC Announces Team for Canada Summer Games Rugby 7s - A Look at the History of Rugby in the Canada Summer Games from Men's XVs to Women's 7s

BC announced its team for the Canada Summer Games rugby competition. The evolution of rugby in the games may give some deeper insights into changes in society, the decline of men's XVs and the lack of lobbying effort by the national governing body of rugby, Rugby Canada.

The history of rugby at the Canada Summer Games can be summed up by this paragraph on the Canada Games website, "Men’s rugby was first on the Canada Summer Games program in 1981 and 1985, sitting out the 1989 Games, and returning from 1993-2009. Rugby is making its return with women’s rugby sevens at the 2022 Games."

Rugby at the Canada Games used to be men's XVs now it is women's 7s. BCRN may have the only extant accounts of rugby in the last two Canada Games that included rugby, 2005 and 2009. We found it by accident on a Google search on the topic. The account is here: and includes reports from 2009 at the top and 2005 as you scroll down.

There's some confusion as to how rugby 7s returned as a female only sport in 2022. If you look through the other team sports included in Niagara 2022, they're male/female: Basketball, Box Lacrosse, Soccer, Softball, Volleyball. Why was rugby singled out to be female only? That's where it gets a bit murky depending on who you ask. Rugby Canada's view is it was up to the Canada Summer Games committee, nothing to do with us. Others have mentioned Rugby Canada missed deadlines, whether that was application deadlines or appeal deadlines, its not clear. At the minimum they need to own that they are the main lobbying group to influence the Canada Games committee to include both male and female rugby at the Canada Summer Games.

There is some light at the end of the tunnel and it's not due to the effort of the national governing body but Newfoundland, and when you mention Newfoundland and rugby you think of Dr. Pat Parfrey. The 2025 Canada Summer Games are to be held in Newfoundland and as is the prerogative of the host province, they chose a host sport, and that was rugby 7s, male and female. Thank you Newfoundland, when rugby needs a boost you can always count on them, whether it's getting full representation of rugby into the Canada Games or hosting a national team game that's a must win. The question remains though, what about after 2025, will Rugby Canada up its lobbying efforts to include male/female rugby 7s as a core sport and not just a host choice?

from BC Rugby

BC Rugby is delighted to confirm the exciting 10-strong team of athletes heading to compete at the Canada Summer Games in Niagara, Ontario, this summer.

The 2022 Canada Summer Games, taking place August 6-21, sees the inaugural Rugby 7s Competition at the prestigious event. Hosted on the playing fields of Brock University, the Rugby 7s competition will be held on August 8-10.

The Canada Summer Games is a great opportunity for athletes to attend a multi-sport Games and compete against all the Provinces in the country. Congratulations to all athletes and Coaches involved in this process so far.

BC Rugby can confirm the Team BC athletes heading to Ontario this summer:

Adia Pye – Age 16 – Castaway Wanderers & Claremont Secondary
Anya Prokopich – Age 17 – Bayside RFC & UBC Academy
Grace Turner – Age 17 – Williams Lake Rustlers RFC
Jesse Knaggs – Age 18 – Castaway Wanderers
Katie Foss – Age 18 – Langley RFC & DW Poppy
Lana Dueck – Age 17 – Abbotsford RFC & Yale Secondary
Lucienne Romeo – Age 17 – Abbotsford RFC & Yale Secondary
Sienna Stigant – Age 17 – Rapids Rugby & Isfeld Secondary
Skye Farish – Age 17 – Castaway Wanderers, UVIC Academy & SMUS
Tia Jordo – Age 18 – Kelowna RFC & UBC Academy
Team BC will be coached by Darcy Patterson and Madison Gold, who are incredibly excited by the opportunity to oversee this group of athletes.

The selection process was very competitive, and the 10 athletes that were selected represent a well-rounded team that has the potential to excite at the tournament. Each athlete has a skillset of their own and will be training hard over two training camps to prepare for the event.

Lucienne Romeo aka “Romeo” has been a standout over the years in this Program and has been building towards this competition since the World School 7s in 2019. She is the only player in this group that has played at the U18 7s Provincial level and will be looked upon to lead the Program with her on-field work ethic and skillset. Romeo has been training with the Maple Leaf Academy but “is excited to play in a real tournament against new faces in a multisport game.”


The Girls BC Elite 7s will relaunch with the Elite 7s Series in the Fall starting on September 10th. This series is meant to compliment Club Rugby and will provide competitive opportunities as well as selection and development for players aspiring to represent the program at the World School 7s in Auckland December 10th-19th.

The Program travelled in December 2019 and finished fifth behind four national team Programs. In previous years, the Program has won two National Championships, numerous Vegas 7s Championships and provided an opportunity for hundreds of BC players to compete on both the national and world stages.

The selections for the Elite 7s Series will be done through the 2022 PRCs, BC Summer Games, 2022 Western Championships, and the Canada Summer Games Team with notifications planned to go out out mid-August.

If anyone is interested in learning more, please reach out to Darcy Patterson at

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