Year End Awards for 2009

December 30 2009

Telling it like it is...

The 2009 Year-End Awards

by BCRN National Teams Correspondent
posted Dec 30 2009

Another year has gone by and it’s time to discharge some thoughts, observations and of course the annual awards.

We have tried to stress the accomplishments in assigning these awards - but often some of the winners should really have stayed ‘in the tunnel’ and not come onto the playing field – such is the state of our union at times…

Also - researchers tell us in various studies that one should always reinforce good behavior and ignore poor behavior in order to illicit some change in those unacceptable conditions.

Well… someone needs to do some further research fast ‘cause our boys in administration-red have gone against all literature-trends or findings again this year!

Survivor of the Year Award: it’s been another banner year for last year’s winner – our “Chief Executive Outrider” - who filled our Financial Statement with more gloss and fluff than Tiger had putts at the Open and the Master’s combined - and all the while taking home an excessive salary.

So once again - Houdini has returned and wins again!

If the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts - Albert Einstein

Board Member of the Year Award: a group award for this year’s term since our elected delegates have set a new low in the decision-making process.

No one can agree on any one subject and the state of the union looks like a frantic game of “Snakes ‘n Ladders.”

Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go – Oscar Wilde

Quote of the Year Award: given to our main guy based in Ontario when he stated: "Providing elite competition and training environments for our best players has always been a goal for Rugby Canada. Providing opportunities for players to become professionals, while continuing to provide high level domestic training environments for those not playing professionally overseas, through our partnership with PISE (Pacific Institute of Sport Excellence) achieves our goal. The North Wales project is one part of our development program and a significant partnership for Rugby Canada."

When ideas fail, words come in very handy - Goethe

Writer(s) of the Year Award: goes to our editor (again) - and to all those who take the time and the care to send in their news for our boss to post up – well done everyone!

Letter to the Editor Award: easy, hands down Steve Bennett who asked most of the right questions and got the usual response…”you have reached @#&% voicemail – please leave your message after the beep…”

"You can't build a reputation on what you're going to do." - Henry Ford

Sponsor of the Year Award: Molly Maids International

Blunder of the Year Award: This has to be the decision to send off our carded players to Wales – and North Wales at that.

Despite criticism from every quarter at ground level, the “immune-syndrome-group” will send them any way.

Pretty soon we’ll have to charge admission for our Mini Rugby Tournaments since they will be the only players still in the country!

Some of us will do our jobs well and some will not, but we will be judged by only one thing - the result - Vince Lombardi

Scrooge of the Year Award: this goes to the twins at the Richmond Hill facility who wanted to charge the kids attending the pre-game development clinic (Russia v BC) a full fare admission at the gate…but kids are smart out in the western communities and when they heard about the pending levy they stayed at home and watched the game on TV.

Way-to-go-Nick, you are the marketing king… along with Don King of course!

Worst Decision of the Year Award: to charge some of our national teams for a full set of playing gear when we get it free from the supplier/sponsor – wait till the iRB finds out their sevens money is being used on salaries and not development!

Runner-up for the Worst Decision of the Year: The decision to under fund the carded players left behind who get less AAP money than those heading off to the foothills in North Wales.

Best Top-Secret of the Year Award: again, the published version of the RC financial year-end statement. This document shows nothing, admits to nothing and will self destruct in 10 seconds when questions are asked.

Best Non-Interview of the Year Award: The RC boss who refuses, still, to discuss the union budget with our editor.

Best Club Team of the Year Award (Men’s): Last year’s runners-up - the Aurora Barbarians - who won the Ontario Championship.

JBAA takes second spot with a win in the Barnard Cup this fall and for reaching the final in the CDI B.C. Premiership last spring.

Best Club Team of the Year Award (Women’s): The University of Lethbridge Pronghorns who took home CIS Gold again – which proves there is more than just sugar-beet in the southern Alberta city.

Best Comeback of the Year Award: This has to go to the BC Bear’s #8, Colin Mackenzie, who passed off as a development player during the recent ARC series – the man is ageless and took the carnivores to the final.

Way to go Colin!

Female Rookie of the Year Award: University of Lethbridge first year player Kelsey Willoughby – she is quite simply sensational.

Predictions are that she will move into the NSWT with ease after next years Rugby World Cup in London is concluded.

Male Rookie of the Year Award: University of Victoria’s Bret Beukeboom - who seems to have ditched the family tradition of hockey sticks and taken up a rugby ball instead.

The Shawnigan Lake School grad apparently is only one of three players to ever make the varsity team in his first year at Canada’s Rugby University.

The Lindsay, Ontario native is fast becoming a real star.

Best Trade of the Year Award: Phil Mack’s move from the MacDonald Park venue to the University of Victoria.

Promising to return to “Huddy-Huddy-Land” after graduation, the Sevens star is now a permanent fixture at scrum-half for the University Team.

Word from the university is that young Phil maybe on the “extended-graduation-program” which was legitimized some years back by former students and national team stars like Edward Fairhurst, Jesse Frender and Michael Danskin.

Best Referee of the Year Award: this year BC’s John DeGeode gets the nod for his continued efforts. Despite a dwindling staff at the local and provincial levels – John just keeps-on-trucking never refusing a game or a fair result.

Best Tune-up of the Year Award: this has to go to the administration-red group for their dismal treatment of both national sevens coaches.

Player of the Year Award (Sevens): Phil Mack wins again with Neil Meechan, DTH and Morgan Williams getting an honorable mention.

It was a season to forget sadly with only a few tournaments and little, if any, preparation time levied upon the players and staff alike.

It’s an Olympic sport now chaps so maybe it’s time for a development plan that includes some running!

Coach of the Year Award (Sevens): same winners as last year despite the poor showing in Dubai.

Natascha Wesch fought off frustration and administrative interference as did her counterpart Shane Thompson out on the west coast.

Upon returning from Dubai both coaches were dumped with the usual graciousness we have all become accustomed to now.

Player of the Year Award (Women): still not enough space for this one – the Team that took to the field in Dijon certainly deserves the nod - as does Maria Gallo, Kelly Russell and Mandy Marchak etc., etc., etc…

Sevens Player of the Year Award (Women): Captain Canada Maria Gallo who, despite claiming she is too old, took her team to Dubai for the first ever Sevens Rugby World Cup – this has Hall of Fame written all over it!

Coach of the Year Award (Women): Neil Langevin at the University of Lethbridge. Another CIS Championship win this year in a competition which continues to improve in leaps and bounds.

Manager of the Year Award (Women): we will continue to nominate Roxanne Butler until a replacement is found – she is a Hall of Fame shoe-in!

Manager of the Year Award (Men): Brian Hunter gets the nod this year after another stellar year heading up the Under 20 age-grade program.

Coach of the Year Award: This must go to the NSWT coaches for taking Canada past France in the November test window – they split the two game series and now must beat France, Sweden and Scotland in the upcoming 2010 Rugby World Cup in London.

Player of the Year Award (Men): this is a really hard one and after a dismal November test series only James Pritchard and Ander Munro acquitted themselves with distinction and some points for Canada – so winners are Munro & Pritchard.

Happy New Year everyone!

"The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain" - Dolly Parton

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