BC Rugby Weekend of February 4th 2022

February 04 2023

BC Premier 2022-23

BC Premier Week 5 Results & Rosters: UBC Topple Pride in Friday Evening Match; Seattle Fall to Burnaby; Ravens Top Caps; CW Edge Vikes; Lomas Paddle Rowers; Bays Defeat Westshore

The men's Premier restarts this weekend at Week 5. We have the predictions and rosters below. The women's Premier starts Week 1, we have the matches listed below and will post rosters if and when they're made available.

Men's Premier

Friday 3rd February

Pacific Pride 10 v UBC 44 @ 5pm
Venue: Starlight Stadium
Referee: Julianne Zussman AR1: Malcolm Klaver AR2: Andrew Owen

It turned out to be a rout for UBC but it was close at the half, 17-7. Pride started with a red card early in the second half and it was downhill from there for the home team. For UBC outstanding performances were put in by Jack Carson, the McMullin brothers, Jacob Bossi and Tenniel Cowen. UBC (20 pts) temporarily go top of the table with Lomas (16 pts) and UVic (16 pts) within striking distance. Next week the Pride visit Windsor Park to take on CW and UBC visit James Bay at MacDonald Park.

A meeting between two of the top teams in the league, on a Friday night at the Stadium. UBC played a couple of games during the winter break, winning one but losing the last one at home. Coach Curry Hitchborn won't be happy with that performance so we'll see their mindset in tonight's game.

The Pride have a shuffle in their roster from the fall season losing players like Ciaran Breen and Cody Nhanala. Oliver Mackenzie moves from fullback to start at #10. UBC missing big Izzak Kelly in the second row but able to field both Mcmullins in the centres for this match. A key matchup may be at scrum half, you have Jack Carson for UBC who has been outstanding at times, the Pride are bringing in a young U20 player from James Bay who played behind Crosby Stewart, Brady White. There will be a number of U20 players looking to impress national selectors in this match including Owain Cormack the UBC #10.

It's a tough one to pick with both teams missing keys players from the fall season. Coin toss on this match but thinking UBC with extra games during the winter break may be more match ready. Prediction: UBC by 1.

1. Koen Buckingham
2. Jacob Bossi
3. Conor O’Flaherty
4. Hillyard Carson
5. Joe Mcnulty
6. Sol Jaques
7. Joshua Downes
8. Relmu Wilson - Valdes
9. Jack Carson
10. Owain Cormack
11. Tenniel Cowen
12. Talon Mcmullin
13. Takoda Mcmullin
14. Jacob Bourne
15. Matt Percillier
16. Payton Tenneycke
17. Raymond Chou
18. Callum Arneson
19. Alisdair Bulman
20. Flynn Heyes
21. Ethan Berry
22. Max Abercrombie
23. Alastair Marshall

1. Dan Cooper
2. Scott Bowers
3. Tyler Matchem
4. Reid Davis
5. Alastair Bruce
6. Seif Sanad
7. Zephyr Melnyk
8 Matt Kilimchuk
9. Brady White
10. Oliver Mackenzie
11. AJ Kosempel
12 Noah Flesch
13 Jack East
14 Alan Berros
15 James Thiel
16 Sion Fine
17 Liam Bolton
18 Sam Miller
19 Karl Hunger
20 Ben James
21 Sam Reimer
22 Sion Griffiths
23 Lucas Scheck

Saturday 4th February

Burnaby Lake 36 v Seattle 17 @ 2:30pm
Venue: Burnaby Lake Rugby Club
Referee: David Smortchevsky AR1: Kristine Lovatt AR2: Thomas Cooper

A +19 bonus point win for Burnaby puts them at 11 points in the standings and 7th place. Seattle remain tied with the Rowers at 6 points. Next weekend Burnaby visit the Rowers and Seattle host the Ravens.

Burnaby and Seattle both have 1-3 records with 6 points.

Burnaby don't have Lucas Albornoz listed in this match but at #8 have a Callum Cruickshank who is new to our database. A google search turns up player from Scotland and Stirling County who was part of the Scotland U18 team. He should be a good addition.

Seattle don't have their roster published. We've published a November roster [ed. updated current roster].

Burnaby started out playing two top teams, UBC and Pride, and lost both matches. They lost a close one to the Bays but won their last match on the road against CW. Seattle have defeated Westshore at home and lost their last match to the Bays. Burnaby will want to start the spring season on a positive note so expect them to win this match. Prediction: Burnaby by 4.

1. Lalit Bharadwaj
2. Evan Mackey
3. Bryce Worden (C)
4. Cooper Johnston
5. Ethan Soden
6. David Dinbandhu
7. Dom Baptista
8. Callum Cruickshank
9. Ezequiel Rossetti
10. Neil Maclaine
11. Brian Fitzpatrick
12. Connor Byron
13. Scott Barr
14. Jack Gelbart
15. Ethan Turner
16. Chase McCrum
17. Liem Jung
18. Juan Videla
19. Ish Mulema
20. Kimi Vunituraga
21. Darius Towers
22. Dean McMahon
23. Darren McCrory

Seattle (Nov 12th / Feb 4th)
1 Freddy Tafuna / Kellen Gordon
2 Ethan Smith
3 Liam Noone / Lu Alainuuse
4 Isaia Lotawa / Chase Bates
5 Jamie Demers
6 Brandon Tupufia / Aidan Carlisle
7 Matthew Potter / Tomasi Puletu
8 Aidan Carlisle / Eric Soto
9 Jack Canon
10 Jonny Reid
11 Matthew Pacheco / Hiro Nakajima
12 Joey Lincoln / Wisoni Vasukilaskeba
13 Ian Wright / Matt Brennan
14 Matthew Hannon / Matt Pacheco
15 Oida Ryuhei / Ian Wright
16 Jasper Bowen-Shepherd / Alex Cannon
17 Carter McKaughan / Jasper Bowen-Shepherd
18 James Kuahiwinui
19 Alex McCullough / Brandon Tupufia
20 Ben Gustafson / Ian Crilly
21 Oida Ryuhei / Mike Faust
22 James McDermitt / Ronald Dwyer
23 Neori Drew

Capilano 18 v UBCOB Ravens 27 @ 2:30pm
Venue: Klahanie Park
Referee: Benjamin Lambrick AR1: Riley Robinson AR2: Mark Abercrombie

A competitive +9 win for the Ravens, that puts them at 16 points in the standings and 5th place. The Caps remain at 8 points. Next weekend the Ravens visit Seattle and the Caps visit Meraloma.

The Ravens are 3-1 but sit in 6th place with 11 points, having points deducted during the fall season. Capilano are 1-3 and sit in 7th with 8 points.

The Ravens have a strong team, including four of the Carson clan. Their halfback combination of Ball and McClelland might be the best in the league. Noah Bain in the centres is another to watch both in the XVs and 7s national pathway.

The Caps have an experienced roster with veterans like Chris Robinson and Glenn McKinnon providing leadership. Their interchangeable #10/#15 duo of Mike Moloney and Jeremy Simon are game changers and Johnny Franklin is always a scoring threat.

The Caps at home will be a tough match but the Ravens might have too much firepower. Prediction: Ravens by 5.

1 Connor Sampson
2 Matias Suez
3 Tom Kaijaks
4 Frank Carson
5 Don Carson
6 Matt Chan
7 Matt Bluck
8 David Carson
9 Alex Ball
10 Aaron McLelland
11 Mark Wandeto
12 Sean Pyle
13 Noah Bain
14 Cole Keffer
15 Aga Ligamy
16 Jesse Mackail
17 Joe Sourisseau
18 Keenan Kayser
19 James Carson
20 Jacob Ikeda
21 Joe Locke
22 Marceau Bertin
23 Sawyer Herron

1. Neil Courtney (C)
2. James Ritzema
3. Jesse Ryan
4. Nick Pearce
5. Tim Manns
6. Reid Brookes
7. Cori Hamill
8. Jordan Harvey
9. Chris Robinson
10. Mike Moloney
11. Cam Waddell
12. Johnny Franklin
13. Eligh Papin
14. Matt Nicol
15. Jeremy Simon
16. Rich Merinsky
18. Jack Rainer
19. Glen McKinnon
20. Mahyar Hosseini
22. Dan Parkins
23. Sam Franklin

Castaway Wanderers 26 v University Of Victoria 22 @ 2:30pm
Venue: Windsor Park
Referee: Cole Pedrick (Pending) AR1: Malcolm Klaver AR2: Carter Haddow

The result isn't verified yet by BCRU so we don't know if CW got the bonus point but Vikes obviously get at least one bonus point. A CW 4 point win would put them at 10 points and in 8th place behind Lomas, UBC, Bays, Pride, Vikes, Ravens and Burnaby. The Vikes drop from 3rd to 5th. Next week CW host the Pride and the Vikes host Westshore.

CW had a slow start in the fall with a 1-3 record, they currently sit in 9th place, UVic sit in 3rd place with a 3-1 record.

UVic have lost a number of players from the fall season, gone are Gabe Casey, Logan Martin-Feek, Denver Fatt and others. Speaking of Denver Fatt, even though drafted by the Toronto Arrows, he's suiting up for CW this weekend. Some players are being moved up from reserve to starting positions so UVic's form in the spring season is yet to be seen.

CW have a consistent roster and have added some players like Denver Fatt, other notable UVic alumni in the roster are Nick Carson and Brennig Prevost. Brandon Schellenberger is back at his usual scrum half position and Jake Ilnicki is waiting to come on at tight head. I expect CW to make the playoffs with a strong second half performance.

UVic have lost a bit, CW have gained a bit. Prediction: CW by 8.

1 John Braddock
2 Jace Peters
3 Denver Fatt
4 John Humphries
5 Riley Ilnicki
6 Mike Finnemore
7 Steve Pyke
8 Nick Carson
9 Brandon Schellenberger
10 Gareth Sandner
11 Pavlos Silvestros
12 Matt Sutherland
13 James Duguid
14 Jordan Ng
15 Brennig Prevost
16 Alex Clark
17 Gavin Kratz
18 Jake Ilnicki
19 Nat Dring
20 Cam Sandison
21 Zech Pilgrim
22 James Mitchell
23 Harry Elliot

1 Phoenix Moller
2 Jordy Auger
3 Owen Kokan
4 Muiredach Casey
5 Ayo Ogunlade
6 Tucker Nadeau
7 Merlin M'Cloud
8 Brendan Kim
9 Chris Gamage
10 Alex Gamage
11 Lockhart MacGregor
12 Andrew Easson
13 Graeme Norris
14 Marcus Lott
15 Ethan Smith
16 Jack Marshall
17 George Piper Arroliga
18 Dane Siebens
19 Jaxson Jones
20 Sebastian Deggan
21 Jenner Teufel
22 Shane Rikley-Krindle
23 Austin Pinnell

Vancouver Rowing Club 12 v Meraloma 43 @ 2:30pm
Venue: Brockton Oval
Referee: Nathaniel Hight AR1: Doug Thorpe AR2: Kevin Heieis

The Lomas go top of the table with an emphatic bonus point win. That puts the Lomas at 21 points, UBC 20 and JBAA at 18. The Rowers remain a point ahead of Westshore in the cellar. Next week the Lomas host Capilano while the Rowers host Burnaby.

The Lomas are the suprise team of the fall season, going 3-1 and sitting in 2nd place with 16 points. The Rowers are sitting near the bottom of the standings at 1-3.

The Lomas have a new #10, Monty Weatherall, who by our records was playing for McGill in the recent University championships. He was 1st team selection at #10 for the tournament so it will be interesting to see how he does in the BC Premier. Tommy Viljoen moves from #10 to scrum half.

The Rowers don't have their roster published, we've include a roster from November. [ed. updated with current roster]

Will the Lomas continue their strong form into the spring season? The Rowers are a tough side to play, especially at home and feature a number of import players. Prediction: Lomas by 6.

1 Mark Rickard
2 Scott McGinley
3 Tom Dunne
4 Jacob Bourke
5 Jim Mulvany
6 Evan Galvin
7 Darragh Foley
8 Jalan Farris
9 Tommy Viljoen
10 Monty Weatherall
11 Keith Graham
12 Jay Younger
13 J Hamade
14 Dewi Williams
15 Louis Whelan
16 Corne Ludick
17 Theo Espangol
18 Pat Zuk
19 O'Sullivan
20 Thomas Williams
21 Ginga Ishii
22 Andy Cooper
23 Sean Ryan

Rowers (from Nov 12th / Feb 4th)
1. Josh Waller / Eddie Quinn
2 Gregory Crowe
3 Ian Prendiville
4 Jack Warren
5 Felix Grignon / Michael Cooke
6 Tom Brennon / Ray Bissonette
7 Eoin Keenan / Scott McTavish
8 Scott McTavish / Scyler Dumas
9 Jakeb Roiri
10 Nick Wackwitz
11 Andrew de Torres / Morgan Brinson
12 Tim O'Hare
13 Ollie Joyce / Spencer Morgan
14 Mitch Stainer / Filipe Tagitulmua
15 Jordan Wilson-Ross
16 Rory Sanderson / Josh Waller
17 Dominic Howard / Liam Litchfield
18 Duncan James / Jake Schwartz
19 Filipe Tagituimua / Tom Brennan
20 Eddie Quinn / Paul Ciulini
21 Spencer Morgan / Eoin Keenan
22 Scyler Dumas / Duncan James
23 Dominic Howard

Westshore 28 v James Bay 40 @ 2:30pm
Venue: Juan De Fuca
Referee: Derek Horton AR1: Michael Moss AR2: Visiting Referee 2

The Bays win +12 and go to 18 points in the standings behind 2nd place UBC at 20 points. Westshore remain winless with 5 points. Next week James Bay host UBC and Westshore visit UVic.

Westshore were winless in the fall season at 0-4 but with 5 bonus points, the Bays are 3-1 with 13 points and sit in 5th place in the standings.

The Bays have a stable pack, they've added Asfi Saeed from UVic to the second row. Shea Wakefield is replaced by Andrew Montgrand in the loose forwards. Crosby Stewart is back at scrum half. They only listed 15 players but have players like Jimmy de Goede and Mike Niewenheusen in the Div 1 match who will likely be on the bench for the Premier team.

Westshore have lost a couple of marquee players from the fall, Emerson Prior and Quinn Ngawati to the MLR and Jarvis Dashkewytch to the 7s program. Jade Billington is back at blindside flanker and Admir Cejvanovic is at #8. Tutusi Vikilani starts at inside centre.

The Bays have looked good under their new coaching team led by Tony Healy. They'll go in as favourites. Prediction: Bays by 7.

1 Nathan Groenewald
2 Matt Evans
3 Neil Hagerty
4 Matt Weir
5 Adam Beaupre
6 Jade Billington
7 Tom Heuser
8 Admir Cejvanovic
9 Nicky Mouret
10 Josh Nordstrom
11 Seth Recalma
12 Tutusi Vikilani
13 Liam Clark
14 Jacob Brown
15 Braedan Bespalko
16 Tobias Berg
17 Parker Smith
18 Keating Teft
19 Makz Foot
20 Charles Taimani
21 Ryan Waldriff
22 Yuya Kimura
23 Tyler Wilkes

1. Andrew McPherson
2. Jake Slobodian
3. Blake van Heyningen
4. Asfi Saeed
5. Teigen White
6. Andrew Montgrand
7. Tom Richardson
8. Mitch Young
9. Crosby Stewart
10. Mitch Sora
11. Sean Stewart
12. Isaac Gonevou
13. Mostyn Findlay
14. Craig Mitchell-Hermann
15. Tom Burton

Women's Premier

Burnaby Lake 33 v Seattle 5 @ 12:45pm
Referee: Kristine Lovatt

Vancouver Thunderbirds 24 v Westshore 27 @ 12:45pm
Referee: Shanda Assmus AR1: Miriam Sobrino

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