2010 Fall VIRU Schedule

August 25 2010

VIRU Fall Schedule Announced: UPDATED with 3rds Schedule

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posted Aug 25 2010

Elite, Div 1, Women schedules (pdf)
Men's 3rds schedule (pdf)

Well it's that time of year again, just writing about it I can taste the west coast rain of September and October. Standing on the sideline through rain or shine or looking for excuses not to lace the boots up with the Over 40, it's all good. The Over 40 starts at 37 now and at 57 it's a 20 year gap, either they're getting faster or I'm getting slower.

So in Elite there are the usual suspects James Bay, CW, UVic, Cowichan and Velox. In Div 1 men James Bay, CW, UVic (2 teams), Velox, Cowichan, Port Alberni and Nanaimo. In Women's play it's Velox, Nanaimo, Cowichan, UVic, Port Alberni, Comox and maybe one new team from Peninsula. Peninsula is the Saanich Peninsula including Sidney. They used to have a men's team in the past but it looks like they're thinking of putting in a women's team this year. If you're from the Saanich Peninsula and interested in playing rugby contact us and we'll put you in touch with the right people (editor@bcrugbynews.com).

An update on Peninsula and 3rd division. Peninsula are also trying to put in a men's 3rd div team so again contact us if you're in that area and we'll put you in contact with the right people. The 3rd div schedule (to come out soon) will include: JBAA, Castaway Wanderers, Velox, Penninsula, Cowichan, Nanaimo, Comox, Powell River, Port Alberni.

So here is the schedule in .pdf format, it starts September 11th, only 3 weeks away. If you get the mainland schedule please forward to editor@bcrugbynews.com

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