2011 Year End Awards

December 26 2011


The 2011 Year End Awards - 50 Categories of Fame and Shame

[ed. our national team correspondent has put together his annual who's been naughty and nice list for the year end awards.]
posted Dec 26 2011
by BCRN National Team Correspondent

Another eventful year, including a RWC in New Zealand, has concluded and it’s time to discharge some thoughts, some observations and of course assign our Annual Awards with some humor, a smile and a large G&T...

Survivor of the Year Award: RC’s CEO wins again for the third successive year and now gets to keep this particular Award for all time - or until he gets another Mercedes on our dime.

Board Member of the Year Award: Listening to this lot expound about the state of the union over the course of the past year makes you think we live in a Disneyland suburb and it was the ‘happiest place on earth’ – the fact is the “inner circle” of our union is still going in circles and everyone is dizzy. Winner is Goofy!

Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go - Oscar Wilde

Quote of the Year Award: "I'm very proud of our Canadian sevens team. Watching them contribute to the Canadian Pan American team's overall success in a sensational final was a moment for all Canadians to be proud of. This success could not have been possible without the hard work of our players, support staff and the Canadian Olympic Committee. Thanks also to the Pan American Games committee and volunteers for helping make our team's stay conducive to success."

When ideas fail, words come in very handy – Goethe

Runner-up Award: The USA's Eddie O'Sullivan. He provided 11 beauties in less than a minute.

"I often tend to look at our performance in terms of how we manage ourselves over the 80 minutes (1); that we played from start to finish (2); and that we stick to our plans and our systems (3); and, when we're under pressure, we don't abandon ship (4); particularly staying within striking distance (5); over the last 20 minutes as long as we can and staying on the horse (6); the tier-one nations are going to come out of the starting blocks (7); and throw the kitchen sink at us (8); at times we're going to be a bit punch drunk (9); probably, but we need to just hang in there (10); and keep swinging (11); and stay in the game over the last quarter.”

Way to go Eddie!

Rugby Man of the Year Award: Former RC board member and Howler CEO wins this one going away – he gets more things done at field level in a shorter period of time than all the present board could ever hope to accomplish in the next 20 years. Just don’t give him your email address or phone number!

Typo of the Year Award: This goes to the recently formed Communications Department. Winning gold is still no guarantee that we can put the sensational result in the printed word on our national site…

"I'm very proud of our Canadian sevens team. Watching them contribute to the Canadian Pan American team's overall success in a sensational final was a moment for all Canadians to be proud of," Brown said. "This success could not have ben possible without the hard work of our players, support staff and the Canadian Olympic Committee. Thanks also to the Pan American Games committee and volunteers for helping make our team's stay conducive to success."

Reporter of the Year Award: Victoria’s Mira Lawrence gets the nod this year – she has proved worthy by turning up for rugby style interviews in all kinds of west coast weather with her dynamite smile and her ever present fast wit.

Movember Award for 2011: After lengthy consideration it must be said that UVic power-centre Rene Anctil wins this year’s contest. What started off last year at this time as an imitation of Sheriff Buford’s pencil-thin mustache has turned into a full blown ‘Cuban special’ worthy of recognition.

Runner-up Award Movember 2011: This goes to Jamie Cudmore who managed to grow his Movember in less time than it takes to order a Big Mac – and then had words with a Frenchman who thought it looked a little light in density! You can view the ‘discussion’ at: www.rugbydump.com

The burly Canadian lock - now sporting an impressive Movember moustache for charity - is no stranger to trouble, and it looks as though this time his reputation has led to another citing.

Tune-up of the Year Award: Our regular recipient Jamie wins again – no sooner had he set foot on French soil after the RWC when he reminded the top league that he is still in the top five of Don Cherry’s enforcers – we still like his tune-up of the Irish lock better however!

Tuesday, November 08, 2011
Jamie Cudmore yellow carded and cited for strike on Jerome Fillol. Clermont lock Jamie Cudmore has been cited for an incident that occurred a few days back during the Top 14 side's meeting with Stade Francais in Paris. Cudmore was yellow carded at the time, but has since been summoned to face a disciplinary hearing. He lashed out at replacement Jerome Fillol after it appeared that Fillol had done a similar thing to a Clermont player. The difference here is that Cudmore, being a much bigger man, took care of business the way only he knows how, decking Fillol.

Tiger Woods Award: Edward Fairhurst wins this year with his performance at the Cape Kidnappers Golf Course in New Zealand during a day off from training at the RWC. Even his “manly stubble” which was identified by the RWC Press didn’t save him from disaster. Apparently Eddy put 38 balls into the Tasman and was caught on tape by The Sea Shepherd Society who filed an environmental complaint at The Hague. Word has it that Anders Munro wasn’t far behind Fairhurst’s record display but was untouched by the environmental group since he had an updated membership in Greenpeace!

Letter to the Editor Award: This goes to our own BCRN boss who writes things to himself and posts them up for all to view. Always thoughtful, insightful and to the point – plus he never flinches when abuse is hurled back his way by the know-it-all-masses… especially the dolts at HQ in Richmond Hill.

Photographer of the Year Award: Victoria’s Sharon Tiffin, Judy Teasdale and Hugh Jervis share this one – in the wind, rain, sun and snow they log our game achievements for all time. Great job folks!

Photo of the Year Award: This goes to whoever shot “Captain Canada” at the recent RWC. This photo kind of says it all… thanks Pat!

Sponsor of the Year Award: This goes to the Hong Kong luncheon crowd which turns up every year at the Hong Kong Sevens to financially support our Canada Sevens Team – they were treated to a gold medal finish this past year by our NSWT in China’s rugby outpost.

Blunder of the Year Award: For us here in Canada it might be the performance of the French XV versus Tonga at the recently held RWC. Their afternoon nap cost us millions in iRB Euros.

Worst Decision of the Year Award: The on-again-off-again saga of the RC Under 20 Team out in bud-land. With all those plane trips out west by the eastern office tycoons travelling in business class you’d think they could have come up with a “business plan” for our young players – alas, no – now we have a relocated full-time coach without a team. Priceless…?

Runner-up for the Worst Decision of the Year: This goes to the Commercial Operations fella for turning down 100,000 large which was to be directed at our Sevens Team (women). He thought (apparently) that the already installed 10,000 was a better deal… for him!

The Da Vinci Code Award: this one goes to the BC Premier League schedule which cannot be explained with clarity to anyone in any language, especially English.

Song of the Year Award: Probably won by Haley Westenra for her version of the RWC theme song at the final in Auckland. What a voice!

Bonehead of the Year Award: The continued and absurd decisions to send our youngest and brightest players to Europe to play in the minor leagues.

Best Idea of the Year Award: The induction of Gary Johnston into the Victoria Hall of Fame… HH Jono!

Worst Idea of the Year: The decision to allow only three carded players on the field at the same time during the CDI Premier League season. Just what we need to promote the game – some of the best guys sitting on the bench getting piles!

Best Comeback of the Year Award: This goes to newly carded NSWT player Jess Dovanne who came back after two career ending surgeries and now finds herself in the national selection mix once again.

Best Club Team of the Year Award (Men): Balmy Beach RFC and Castaway-Wanderers RFC.

Runners-up: Aurora Barbarians slip to “runner-up” status after losing their title to Balmy Beach RFC. Regardless, it was a hell of a run by the Barbs.

Best University Team of the Year Award (Women): Guelph Gryphons shut out last year’s winners to take the honors.

Female Rookie of the Year Award: Kayla Moleschi wins this year. The University of Lethbridge student hails from Williams Lake, B.C.

Female Runner-up Award: CIS player Cindy Nelles from McMaster University.

Male Rookie of the Year Award: Under 20 international Pat Kay who moved smoothly from high school rugby into elite competition in his first season at university.

Best Trade of the Year Award: The acquisition of UVic graduates Andrew Tiedemann and Ryan Hamilton to the “Tweed Curtain” RFC at Windsor Park.

Worst Trade of the Year: This goes to the HH chaps down at MacDonald Park in James Bay after bailing out a former sevens player from a RC imposed sentence (for several grand) only to have the player break some bones on the first play from scrimmage after his financial release – ouch!

Player of the Year Award (Sevens): At last Sean Duke maybe coming into his own and could take the place of ‘King Mack’ – time will tell.

Coach of the Year Award (Sevens): This one is easy – the tall fellow with sunglasses and tats wins outright – he’s guided the Women’s Sevens Team to four major tournament gold medals last season including Dubai this past month. The man is on TV now more than Ellen Degeneres and his wit could be just as sharp!

Player of the Year Award (Women): With so many wonderful players around this one is always hard to assign but after due consideration Alberta’s Ashley Patzer wins this year – she moved between excellence in Sevens and back into the fifteens game with ease and proficiency!

Sevens Player of the Year Award (Women): the electric Ghislaine Landry remains an international force in the short game for others to emulate. Captain Mandy and Kelly Russell are right there too.

Coach of the Year Award (Women): Former National Team Player Collette McAuley gets the nod for taking her Guelph Gryphons to the CIS Final in Peterborough, Ontario.

Manager of the Year Award (Women): By player consensus Kristy Martin Hale is the popular choice this year.

Manager of the Year Award (Men): A tough one in a RWC year but Sevens Manager Brian Hunter gets the nod here for his calm, efficient profile in a program that has seen more disasters than the economy and the stock market put together.

Runner-up: RWC guy Roger Swany

‘Homer’ of the Year Award: This goes to the English Press who continue to make excuses for their losing teams:

“Canada were also the only international team to beat England in 2011. After experimenting in club sevens tournaments, England emerged on the international scene with an impressive performance to win the European Top 12 before an even more remarkable performance in Dubai, where their young side – with several “stars” missing – reached a final few expected them to reach, beating world champions Australia on the way. Perhaps a full strength England might be the only team who could stop Canada dominating 2012?”

Keep looking in our tail-lights England – you have to score tries to win games, even in Sevens!

Complainers of the Year Award: This goes to the English women’s team in Dubai who were still complaining to the referee at the conclusion of their 20 minute final versus Canada after several thunderous tackles by our champions caused an English knock-on...

Show me a good loser, and I'll show you a loser. - Vince Lombardi

Player of the Year Award (Men): A shared award this year – DTH van der Merwe and Adam Kleeberger win.

Runner-up Award: Jamie Cudmore and Ander Munro for their performances in New Zealand at the recent Rugby World Cup.

MIA Award: This goes to light blues captain Matt King who continues to excel at the former empire stronghold in Cambridge, England. Matt even added his double-barrel name to make it real on campus!
“Matt Guinness-King”… good one Kinger!

Passport Award: This is a hard one to assign since anyone entering the RC Offices these days is required to show Canadian citizenship before entry – there is no “French as a Second language” sign at the doorway either. Merde!

”Where have all the flowers gone….?” - P P & M

Business Card of the Year Award: This goes to the eastern office tycoon who is now managing “Commercial Operations” for the moment… this guy has worn so many title belts (job descriptions) he could be related to Manny Pacquiao – better idea next year is maybe assign the money he has used to order new business cards for himself and “Card” another player!

Best Travel Story of the Year: This one maybe better than our CEO going to the Cancun Sevens on the wrong weekend last year:

A South African couple Michael and Sunette Adendorff heading to the RWC were lost trying to find their hotel in Eastbourne, Wellington, until they realized the room they booked was in Eastbourne, England.

Ouch. When you live in the ‘Rainbow Nation’ and smile all the time things like this can happen....

Best RWC Fan Story (so far): This goes to the France-Canada game in Napier when 14 people were ejected from the ground for drunkenness and smoking cannabis. One French national was kicked out for indecent exposure and another tried to sneak in a rooster. Three Canadians were also caught getting high on the local wacky tabacky.

Own the Podium Award: This is awarded to the Government for having the insight to recognize our National Women’s Sevens Team was world class and would actually stand on the podium – not once - but four times in one year!

Happy New Year everyone!

"The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain" - Dolly Parton

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