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August 28 2012

Conversational Rugby: An Amateur Coach's Musings on the Game They Play in Heaven

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Posted Aug 28 2012

Conversational Rugby Blog

Rob Nichol has coached rugby for about 13 years, as his blog mentions "In that time rugby has taken me to the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Samoa and back to Canada again each time." It's worth a visit as he has an informative and clear writing style that's thought provoking as well.

His lead article looks at two opposite philosophies of attack, heavily scripted as prescribed by Eddie Jones or spontaneous as proposed by David Campese. He looks at both sides of the issues and gives a Canadian coach's perspective.

If you coach you might find his blog interesting and even consider contacting him ( The rugby coaching community in Canada needs more networking opportunities, a very intelligent man once said "knowledge of what is does not open the door directly to what should be" (Albert Einstein) but maybe shared knowledge helps turn the corner to get a glimpse of what should be.

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