From Rugby to LFL

September 11 2012

Stevi Schnoor - from rugby to LFL

Stevi Schnoor Former National Team Player and Current Club Player Tackles the Lingerie Football League (LFL)

posted Sept 11 2012

Meet Stevi Schnoor, a BCRN MVP player last year, a former Canadian women’s national team player, a member of United RFC and now tight end on the BC Angels of the Lingerie Football League. When we heard that Stevi was playing in the LFL it was a story too good to pass up. We had a chance to do an online interview with her, asking the obvious questions.

Q: Hi Stevi, I know you have a strong background in rugby, you were playing for United last year. Let's start out with your rugby background, what were some of the more memorable rugby moments in your career?

A: Well I have been playing rugby for 15 years now so there has been WAY too many memorable moments to share them all but I would have to say some of the ones that stick out are my 5 High School Provincial Championships with Gleneagle, the years of u-19 BC's (coaches and teammates made it an AMAZING time in my life), my Pocomo/United family, the Howlers trips to Cuba/Cancun and Stampede, and last but not least my caps for Canada

Q: When did you first hear about the LFL and when was your first tryout, what can you tell us about that experience?

A:I first heard about it through a lady that also plays for the Howlers and she plays for the Toronto LFL team. She told me that it was coming to Canada and how much fun it was. That is what planted the seed but then I didn’t really hear anything about it and actually missed the first tryouts that the Angels had in Abbotsford. I received an email from a friend from high school telling me all the details of the next tryouts and that I should give it a shot having my background in rugby so I went to the 2nd tryouts and I guess you can officially say the rest is history

Q: How would you compare the physical demands of the two sports in terms of fitness, training, potential injuries?

A: As much as you would think that the physical demands are the same, I actually found them to be VERY different. Rugby is definitely a fast and explosive game but it’s also a lot of endurance running. Football is all about 10 seconds at a time. For 10 seconds you are going balls out and then it stops. Also in football all the cuts you make when running routes are made very sharp and on a dime so I found that when we first started training I had a lot of groin and hip flexor strains. In rugby also you can make multiple small mistakes in the game and its pretty insignificant, where as in football if you make a mistake everyone watching will see it and it could be devastating to that drive.

Q: I'm not too familiar with the rules of the LFL, is it similar to american football, CFL, NFL style rules? What position do you play?

A: It’s pretty similar. It’s arena football so smaller than a regular field and there are only 7 players on at a time. 4 downs. 10 yards to a 1st down sort of thing. I play on offense, defense and special teams. On offense I play tight end, defense I play defensive line and I am on the kickoff/ kick return teams. I love each position I play for completely different reasons but as long as I can go out there, hit a few people, score a few touchdowns and support my team I’m happy

Q: There's no professional or semi-professional rugby in North America for women. Do LFL players get paid a salary?

A:We don’t get paid a salary but we also don’t have to pay any expenses out of pocket when we travel or pay for our team gear or kit that we get. It’s been a good change in that regard, with rep rugby there is so many out of pocket expenses especially for the girls that represent Canada that it takes a lot of added stress off your shoulders in the LFL to just have to worry about the football side of it all. This is the first time the LFL has come to Canada, and it has been in the states for 3 years but it is also opening up leagues in Australia, Europe, Japan and South America so this means a lot of opportunity in the future especially with the plans on having a LFL World cup in 2014

Q: What do your former rugby teammates think of this? What has the feedback been so far?

A: My teammates have been SUPER supportive. They all came out to the season opener in August and are always encouraging the idea. They know that I love rugby and have put my heart and soul into that for 15 years, LFL is just another challenge and opportunity that I can take advantage of and they are behind me 100%.....and that’s why I love them

Q: There have been criticisms in the press about the exploitative nature of the uniforms, what's your reaction to that?

A: There are so many other sports that wear the same and/or less clothing and people don’t criticize them. It’s definitely easy to say its degrading to us as athletes to have to "sell our bodies", but it’s not what it is. We practiced 3x a week for months leading up to this, every girl on our team has put in countless hours to learn the playbooks and when you watch the games it really comes through. At the season opener my mom attended the game. In front of her were 3 guys that started the night off treating it like They were making comments about the outfits, about the athletes etc. Well by the end of the game they turned around to my mom (who was wearing a "Schnoor #12" shirt) and said "we came to this game as larcs, but we’re leaving as true fans. You can tell your daughter I have coached 3 athletes to the NCAA and her team is one of the most athletic groups of girls I have ever seen". People will come the first time for the lingerie, but they will pay their money and come to the next game because of the football we play.

Q: Any plans on returning to rugby in the future?

A: Returning to rugby?!? I never left! Haha. I do have to take this first half of the club season off as my priorities and commitments are with the BC Angels right now, but my plans are to return to United in the second half after my football season is done

Thanks Stevi, and good luck in your new endeavor.

The Angels are playing their next home game on Sept 29th vs Toronto, if people want to get tickets they can email Stevi at

Here is a video of their last game, Stevi dusts it up with one of the opposition, hockey style, at 44:16.

Stevi Schnoor - MVP hoodie winner in April 2012

Stevi Schnoor - BC Angel in August 2012

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