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July 19 2010

Wave and Tide players battle for the ball
© Pamela Smortchevsky

Crimson Tide U18 Hosting 3 Touring Sides from England: UPDATE WITH KING EDWARD VI RESULT

from Rae Roer
updated July 19 2010

The Crimson Tide U18s will be hosting 3 touring sides in the next few weeks.

All Games are at Oak Bay High with post-game meal at Velox RFC hosted by the Ebb Tide.

Oak Bay High 6 PM kick off

Report by Rae Roer

A great match was played at Oak bay High Tues night. The English forwards rucked well & poached several balls off the Tide. However when our backs got the ball out wide Eltham had their hands full.

The score was 15-9 Eltham at the half & at the final whistle 27-26 Eltham. Eltham scored 5 tries & made 1 convert. Tide scored 4 tries & converted 3.
Man of the match was Vaugh Gaston who proved to be a force at outside center for the Tide.

Next match Thursday vs Trent. KO 6 PM at Oak Bay High

Oak Bay High 6 PM kick off

Report by Rae Roer

The Trent boys from Nottingham perhaps 'stole' the game like their most famous gang of merry men. They open the scoring within the first 2 minutes & proved difficult to bring to the ground. We managed to get in the game in the first half & the score was 19-10 at half. Tide played the bench & the visitors kept up the pace with a final 41-10. After 2 games in 3 days it has shown on the Tide. We have the weekend to recover & look forward to hosting King Edward VI from Southampton as our final touring side for the summer. Game at Oak Bay High 6 PM kick off.

Oak Bay High 6 PM kick off

Report by Rae Roer

After finishing the PRCs the Tide U18 reassembled to play 3 game in 6 days against touring English schools.

We had lost a few to BC tryouts & other conflicts so some additional recruiting was needed.

We finished with a lopsided score that was not really indicative of the play. We opened strong stringing together at least 10 phases only to be pushed back & then give up a penalty. The kick bounced over the crossbar & set the tone.

Our boys played well. Good rucking, successful line outs & sets. The backs also ran well & tested the KE VI defense. However, whenever we faltered they pounced & scored. 19-0 half, 54-0 full time as they scored a final try at the whistle.

Thanks to Barkley Logan for putting them in touch with us. Ebb Tide for all the hosting support. Vic PD Athletic Assoc should also be recognized for support. Lastly thanks to all the players & Coach Clay Panga.

Enjoy your summer boys!

We don't have much time. Having just returned from the PRC's we plan to use the majority of the U18 Tide rounded out with a few others as some players were not available. As the ages range with touring sides from U16-U19. We are also inviting some U16 & U20 players.

Training sessions will be as follows:
Tues July 6,
Thurs July 8
Monday July 11

5:30-7 PM @ Mt Doug High

Please email your intention to play & we must get everyone to practice.

Rae Roer
Tide U18 Team Manager
250 658 3187 home
250 475 5523 work
250 888 1215 cell

Ballymena, Ireland vs Crimson Tide on July 4th @ Windsor Park: Try Out Schedule Announced

from Kim Marinus
posted June 6 2009

Crimson Tide has a game against Ballymena (Ireland, ranked 13th in the Premier division) on July 4th at Windsor Park. This is the one and only game the Crimson Tide will be playing this summer.

Try outs start at Windsor on June 18th at 6:30 pm (subject to change). These will run every Tuesday and Thursday at Windsor (again subject to change).

If anyone is interested in trying out for this game. Please contact:

Lee Lindwell (coach) at or
Kim Marinus (manager) at, or by cell at 250-818-5466.

We look forward to seeing everyone out at this game, it should be an exciting game.

Tide Drop Last Game of Season: Vancouver Wave 19 - Crimson Tide 14

[ed. I get the feeling sometimes that some people think I'm too abrasive (see Editorial), nah, probably just my imagination. Thanks to readers who sent in information.]
posted June 15 2008

Vancouver Wave 19 (4P, 1T,1C) - Crimson Tide 14 (2DG, 1P, 1T)

Lots of fundamental mistakes by the Tide cost them (dropped balls by the bushel and crooked throws from lineouts), Winston did come on at the 60 minute mark (winger) and did spark the Tide, but not enough to secure the victory. Daypuck played valiantly but this wasn't enough to spark a win. Both sides had many faces from the 1st Div. Leagues on both the Island and Mainland with a smattering of Premier players. Quite surprising to see a starting prop for the Wave was a fella who played for Velox in 1st and Prem Divisions.

Game attendance was probably around 200.

Tide's Hopes Ebb in 29-28 Loss to Edmonton Gold

[ed. thanks to the Alberta readers we met on the trip. Marvellous hospitality.]
posted June 9 2008

The Tide's hopes of taking the West title took a turn in the wrong direction yesterday with a 29-28 loss to the Edmonton Gold. The Gold played most of the game with 14 players as Milan Mrdjenovich was sent off with a red card at about the 10 minute mark. The Gold were on fire to start the game and caught the travelling Tide flat-footed to run up a 17-0 lead and the rout looked to be on. The Tide roared back however and it came down to a missed penalty kick at the whistle for the Gold to maintain the win. It was an exciting back and forth game that entertained the boisterous home crowd. The Tide return home with 3 points gained from a possible 10.

The importance of the game and the RCSL league to Edmonton rugby was evident by the vociferous nature of the spectators and the Gold management staff which includes former national team coach Ric Suggitt. The West title now will be a battle of the Alberta teams. It should be a great game and my pick is for a Gold-Rock final in August.

Lineups for Tide v Gold game today

[ed. comments below]
posted June 7 2008

The Gold lineup shows some familiar faces for BC rugby fans. There are four players from the Velox team that made their way to the BC Premier final in 2006. Graham Thompson, Milan Mrdjenovich, Kent Plewes, and Trevor McCauley will be eager to give their former teammates a warm welcome on the field.

For the Tide there will be three changes in the lineup with Kearney, Rickenson and Lopatinsky sitting the bench and Spencer Robinson out with the concussion. Replacing them in the starting lineup are Blain, Handyside, Warren and Dunse.

Edmonton Gold


Vancouver Island Crimson Tide

Josh Handysides
Doug Hepp
Fesaitu Inoke
Joe Blain
Alec Brydon
Seamus Gay
Cass Conkin
Kit Warren
Konrad Nikkel
Derek Daypuck
Al Dunse
Brad Marshall
Matt James
Ryan Bradley
Robin MacDowell
Chris Rickinson
Pat Kearney
Omar Thomas
Semesa Robarobalew
Elliot Peacock
Paul Buckley
Eric Lopatinsky

Tide Fall to Mavs 29-23 as Second Half Comeback Falls Short

[ed. it's great to be reporting immediately post game from the Mavs clubhouse with internet connection. Excellent facility.]
posted June 6 2008

This was a strange game to report. The first half was a very staccato affair punctuated by numerous whistles mostly against the Tide. The Tide should have realized it was going to be a long afternoon when on the first scrum they were called for not putting the ball in straight. The weather was a precursor with hail followed by blinding sun within minutes, such was the start and stop action of the first half.

The first half ended with the Mavs comfortably ahead while Derek Daypuck provided the Tide scoring with a solo run and drop goal. It appeared to be Mavericks v Daypuck in the first half as he was one of the few Tide players who started with intensity in the game. His solo try was magnificent as was the drop goal.

The Tide started to play better as the game wore on as coach Stanley made some substitutions that had an immediate impact. In the end it was 29-23 with the Mavs solidly on the back foot and clinging on. It's a shame it seemed to take 60 minutes for the Tide to find their rythym and they were one agonizing dropped pass away from going ahead. That seemed to be the story of the day as the Tide dropped a bucket full of balls at key times, the one at the end of the game just punctuated the point.

The game was cut short in the first half by five minutes as Spencer Robinson suffered a concussion. The time was added on to the second half but in the end they came up short. Next stop is Edmonton on Sunday.

Derek Daypuck 1T, 1DG
Al Dunse 1T
Robin McDowell 1T, 2C

The Crimson Tide embark on a gruelling two day tour of Alberta, playing Calgary on Friday evening and Edmonton on Sunday: LINEUPS INCLUDED

[ed. comments below]
posted June 6 2008

The Crimson Tide embark on a gruelling two day tour of Alberta, playing Calgary on Friday evening and Edmonton on Sunday. The games against Alberta teams haven't been favourable for the Tide over the last two years, Calgary won last year 25-15 in Victoria and the Tide lost both road trips in Alberta in 2006. So the Tide go in as underdogs in this contest. All three teams remain undefeated in RCSL competition and the team that emerges from this weekend undefeated will likely be the favourite for the Western champion. The Newfoundland Rock are on track for going through as the Eastern champion (Niagara are still in the running) so the RCSL title will likely go through St. John's as the East are hosts this year.

The RCSL is a development league for the National Team and that is evident from the rosters where players either on the up ramp or down ramp from the national team rub elbows with young first division players who have a brief window to get noticed by national selectors. The Tide boasts a strong 10/15 backbone with Derek Daypuck and Robin MacDowell both having experience at the national level (XVs/7s). Youth and experience combine in the front row where Chris Rickenson, a relative newcomer to rugby, brings his considerable bulk (280 lbs) to bear alongside veterans Doug Hepp and Fijian Fesaitu Inoke. Kevin Wirachowski and Doug Woolridge are with the national team in Ottawa but CW 1st divison prop Josh Handysides completes the front row crew. The second row features veteran Pat Kearney from UVic and Alec Brydon from Nanaimo looking to make the transition from 1st division to RCSL and showing potential. The loose forwards look to be similar to last week with Seamus Gay, Cass Conkin and Eric Lopatinsky. Stu Ault who had a presence in the second half in the last game is playing with the national team this week. John Inoke isn't available from last week but Velox's Konrad Nikkel looks ready to fill the gap at #9. In the centres Clay Panga and Dan White aren't available from last week but the insertion of Matt James from CW may fill the gap. Brad Marshall from Nanaimo will likely start as last week and his defence was a key factor in keeping the Tide in the game in the first half. Outside are Spencer Robinson and Ryan Bradley as in the last game. New faces Semesa Robarobalew from CW and Elliot Peacock from James Bay may add some speed. The starting lineup hasn't been announced yet so only coach Winston Stanley knows who will be the starting XV and no doubt Thursday evening's practice will dictate the answer.

On the other side of the ball the Mavericks have some well known names (and some not so well known to a BC rugby journalist, if Alberta readers can fill some of the gaps it would be appreciated). The front row looks formidable with Mavs veteran Tyler Hawes flanked by Tom Malin from the Meralomas and Canada U21 prop Rogan Verboven (played U21 in 2006 when Canada beat the Irish Colleges 20-7). The #9 / #10 combination both played at Velox but not at the same time, Mike Hoang would have veteran status at #9 and Steve Woodward played a few games with Velox Premier last year at #10 and is quite capable. The only other name that jumps out is Carl Pocock who scored a try at outside centre for Canada East in the 2008 NA4. On the bench is James Buchanan who played for Canada 7s in 2008 and also played for Velox at #9. So there is speed in the Mavs backline.

It difficult to predict these games as they are like all-star games it depends on the team chemistry on the day since there hasn't been a lot of practice time. Also with the wide range of talent from 1st division to national team it depends who steps up on the day and makes a statement. My prediction is that we'll see good things from Daypuck and MacDowell on the Tide side with Brydon and Kearney playing strong. On the Mavs side Malin, Woodward, Pocock and Buchanan look strong. Who else steps up on the day may make the difference.

Crimson Tide

Chris Rickinson
Doug Hepp
Fesaitu Inoke
Pat Kearney
Alec Brydon
Seamus Gay
Cass Conkin
Eric Lopatinsky
Konrad Nikkel
Derek Daypuck
Spencer Robinson
Brad Marshall
Matt James
Ryan Bradley
Robin MacDowell
Josh Handysides
Joe Blain
Omar Thomas
Semesa Robarobalew
Al Dunse
Elliot Peacock
Kit Warren
Paul Buckley


Tyler Hawes - Canucks
Tom Malin © - Saracens
Rogan Verboven - Irish
Shelby smith - Titans
Todd Purslow - Irish
Matt Evans - Hornets
Sam Val Zehn - Irish
Bruno Payette - Hornets
Mike Hoang - Irish
Steve Woodward - Irish
Colin Viens - Titans
Dustin Macpherson - Hornets
Carl Pocock - Rams
Thom Dutchak - Hornets
Albert Iamartino - Saints


Peter Rowe - Hornets
Heath Spence - Canucks
Mike Hurd - Hornets
Cam Grace - Hornets
John Long - Hornets
James Buchanan - Hornets
Nick Blevins -Saracens

Tide Defeat Defending Champions Prairie Fire 31-26: Updated with The Sunday Sermon

[ed. OK the Sunday Sermon has been appended below. Again the same comment I put on the video, apologies to Robin who scored the solo try not Derek. Both had amazing games though.]
updated May 25 2008

The Crimson Tide for the first time in three years were able to topple the Prairie Fire. The final score was 31-26 but it was in doubt until the final whistle. It was a story of two halves as the Tide bench came in with Doug Woolridge, Kevin Wirachowski, Stu Ault and Dan White to start the second half and turned the game around. Dan White scored two second half tries showing why he was chosen on the NA4 West Squad. Stu Ault was the only player able to contain the Fire's #8 Caine Elisara and Lunk and Doug Woolridge turned an even scrum contest into a "who's my beeatch" session. It was an amazing display of how four players can turn a contest around. Two players that stood out for the Tide throughout the game were Derek Daypuck (#10) and Robin MacDowell (#15). They still have a lot to offer at the national level.

I'll have more to write tomorrow on the repercussions of refereeing on front row development, how to confirm a national player is the real deal and the discernable difference between Premier and 1st division players. Oh ya, the rant is on. Tune in tomorrow for the Sunday sermon.

The Sunday Sermon

As a follow up to last night’s abbreviated account of the Tide-Fire game, I’ve had a chance to look at the video highlights to get a better idea of the game. I’ll post the video highlights with specific comments later tonight.

I thought the Fire were the dominant team in the first half and as Coach Stanley mentioned in post-game comments the wind was partly a factor. It didn’t seem like a strong wind but in reviewing the game film the wind noise in the microphone was significant which is more accurate than perceptions on a hot day. As mentioned previously there were four Tide substitutions brought in the second half and each contributed to the turnaround in the game. The Fire were leading 13-9 at half, scoring the only try, which was an accurate reflection of play I thought. The only try was by #14 Drew Kendel but the try belonged to the big #8 Caine Elisara who left the Tide’s #5 Alec Brydon picking up his jockey shorts and then dragged Spencer Robinson along until he could offload to the #14. It was a brave attempt by Spencer who was outweighed by at least 100 lbs by the big #8 and at least he made contact. Elisara recently played “professional” rugby in Italy and he seems to absorb tackles like a sponge in a pail of water and then does his best imitation of a basketball centre waving the ball in one hand until someone takes the offload at pace. I’ve included a photo by Pamela Smortchevsky as a perfect illustration.

This brings up one of the “sermon” points and that is the difference between players who have played Premier and those who are used to 1st division. I noticed a few times when the speed of the pass seemed to be a fraction of a second faster than they were used to or the attacking player had an extra move or two they weren’t anticipating. Nothing to be ashamed of and it’s the beauty of the Super League where players on a first division club get to learn at a higher level. I talked to one noted icon of Canadian rugby postgame and he told me that every time he went up a level (and he played at the top professionally) that he had a steep learning curve. So don’t get discouraged by mistakes, champions are those that learn from their mistakes because everyone makes them. Actually I heard good reviews of Brydon’s performance post-game by those who should know. He comes from a football background and has a lot of rugby learning to do but the raw potential is there.

The second half saw a dramatic turnaround with the Tide outscoring the Fire 3 tries to 1. The wind was part of the factor but a bigger factor in my mind were the four substitutes that came in. Dan White scored 2 of the tries both set up by Derek Daypuck and Robin MacDowell added a solo effort. I understand Daypuck is moving back to Ontario at the end of the RCSL season which seems a pity because he’s playing some of the best rugby of his career right now. Big Stu Ault was a factor as well, actually the only time I saw Elisara immediately put on his ass was when he ran into Ault. This brings up the second “sermon” point, how do you know a national player is the real deal. The obvious answer is that he should stand out at the RCSL level, if he blends in too well then perhaps he’s not ready. I’m sure there were some eyes in the crowd who will be reporting back to the national team coaches but my 2 cents is that Ault is obviously there, Daypuck and MacDowell still have the skills, Dan White if he can improve his fitness has the skills and understanding of the game, Panga if he has the hunger could be there, and Woolridge is a step in the right direction. It’s a shame we couldn’t have got Elisara involved a couple of years ago and Lunk confirmed why he’s the skills coach for the front row with a little “show and tell” on the opposition.

That brings up the third and thankfully the last “sermon” point. What impact does refereeing have on front row development? Now propping is one of those “dark” sciences where the experts could tell you the secrets – but then they’d have to kill you. Basically from what I’ve gleaned talking to experts is that props develop a “bag of tricks” as it were, techniques that work in practical situations. That’s why young props get schooled a lot by the veterans and why it takes so long to develop a prop. If we were to get metaphysical about it there are the three dimensions of forward/back, in/out, up/down and the fourth dimension of timing. Now the most obvious is push forward which makes a prop one-dimensional. The game started with six journeyman front row players, the scrums were even. Then to begin the second half Lunk and Woolridge are put in, suddenly the Fire scrum is going backwards, sideways, rotated, up, down and a few other dimensions not known in our universe. So what does the referee do, he makes the first three or four calls against the Tide. What sort of message does that send to a young upcoming prop like Woolridge who is applying what has been taught to him by international level props and the coaches? Techniques that will be accepted at the top level of international rugby are being punished at lower levels of domestic rugby. No wonder our props develop so slowly and become one dimensional. I’m betting the latitude for scrum infractions in domestic Argentinean rugby are a lot wider than we have in Canada. At the world cup the only scrum infraction that would be called on a consistent basis was “boring in”. There was a lot more tolerance for re-setting scrums after allowing a battle for superiority in the front row. This isn’t a criticism of domestic referees but a call for the national coaches to communicate with referee associations the latitude they would like to see applied, especially when national team props and emerging national team props are involved.

That’s it [rant mode off].

One final note was the winning try was a beauty, as good as you’ll see anywhere. A perfectly weighted kick by Daypuck from one side of the field to the other, leading Dan White to the goal area to catch the ball, fend off a tackler and put it down near the posts. It’s one of those special times when after the sound of the kick, time slows down, sounds turn to a murmur, and the ball seems to hover for eternity in the atmosphere. Then bang the ball is there and it’s back to normal speed. We have it on video, a classic.

Tide and Fire Lineups for this Saturday's Game at Cowichan: A Preview of the Matchups

[ed. comments below. Almost forgot that I promised to mention that Velox will be hosting a "meet and greet" with Velox players from both teams attending at 7pm. Something about UFC and big screen TV I believe.]

posted May 23 2008

The rugby action starts at 1pm this Saturday at the Cowichan rugby club on Herd Road with the Rising Tide taking on the Vancouver U20 team. At 3pm the Crimson Tide take on defending RCSL champions, the Prairie Fire.

A look at the lineups show some good matchups. In the front row coach Winston Stanley has gone with size in Chris Rickenson (Velox) and Fesaitu Inoke (CW). On the bench is veteran Kevin "Lunk" Wirachowski (Velox) and hometown star Doug Woolridge (Cowichan). Woolridge has also been noticed by Canada selectors and is pencilled in for the Churchill Cup squad which explains why he is being used in a reserve capacity. The Fire reply with a veteran front row of Christian Mounts (Regina Rogues), Emil Christiensen (Bayside, Moose Jaw Nads), Matt Bathgate (Saskatoon Badgers). Bathgate is the veteran of the front row playing his 5th year with the Fire. A surprising omission is Hubert Buyden who doesn't show up in either the Fire or the Churchill Cup squads. [ed. a reader informs me: "The most probable reason for Hubert’s omission could be that he was drafted by the BC Lions."]

At second row the Tide starts UVic veteran, Pat Kearney and RSCL newcomer Alec Brydon from Nanaimo. Nanaimo players don't always get the selector's spotlight shone on them as intensely as their southern neighbours so this will be a good chance for some of them to make their mark. After a brief look at Brydon in practice, he reminded me a bit of Josh Jackson when he was starting out with the Pride. I wouldn't be surprised to see some strong open-field running from this lanky second row. The Fire respond with Brett Benson (Regina Rogues) and Jason Duell who played in Australia last year and is in his second year with the Fire.

The loose forwards look formidable. I thought Kleeberger might suit up for the Tide but he hasn't made himself available for selection. A pity as there was a possibility of putting together a "national" quality backrow with Stu Ault and Seamus Gay. Kleeberger along with Ault have been selected for the Churchill Cup squad. The Tide will start Eric "e-rock" Lopatinsky (Velox), Seamus Gay (CW) and Cass Conkin (JBAA). Stu Ault is available from the bench and I'm looking forward to a matchup of Ault with Caine Elisara who was the dominant player two years ago when the Fire played the Tide at Cowichan. The veteran #8 from New Zealand is now a player/coach with the Fire and unless age has caught up with him will be a major force on the field with loping runs and deft offloads in the tackle. He is joined by fellow Kiwi Murray Smith who plied his trade with Velox for many years before moving to Saskatchewan this year. The final member of the backrow is Jered Kirkland who has been with the Fire for 6 years and captains the side.

The battle of the halfbacks sees the other half of the Inoke connection, John Inoke (CW) pairing up with Canadian International Derek Daypuck (CW) to provide a solid platform to launch the backs. The Fire respond with Jon Clifford (Regina Highlanders) and Darren Kapene who played for the NZ Maori Colts and the Maori 7s team.

The backline for the Tide will feature Spencer Robinson (CW) and Ryan Bradley (Nanaimo) on the outside, Brad Marshall (Nanaimo) and Clay Panga (Velox) in the centres and Robin MacDowell (Cowichan/Burnaby) at fullback. The co-ordination of the backs in the first game of the season is always tentative, we'll see how the chemistry and timing comes together on game day. The Fire have some familiar faces in the backs including Brennan Marcoux (Wild Oats) from the Castaway Wanderers. Fausto Rodriguez who played with the Venezuelan National team starts his 7th season for the Fire along with Peni Lutu (Condors) and Drew Kendel (Highlanders). A surprise addition for the Fire at fullback and completing the double brace of kiwis on the team is Aaron Frisby. Aaron as Director of Rugby at Velox must be doing some undercover recruiting in Saskatchewan.

The teams look evenly matched and I suspect the starting lineup for the Fire looks a little stronger but the Tide has the talent on the bench to, well, turn the tide in their favour. It should be an excellent afternoon's entertainment so Victoria rugby fans should make every effort to be in attendance starting at 1pm.


1. Chris Rickinson
2. Doug Hepp
3. Fesaitu Inoke
4. Pat Kearney
5. Alec Brydon
6. Eric Lopatinsky
7. Seamus Gay (C)
8. Cass Conkin
9. John Inoke
10. Derek Daypuck
11. Spence Robinson
12. Brad Marshall
13. Clay Panga
14. Ryan Bradley
15. Robin MacDowell

16. Kevin Wirachowski
17. Doug Woolridge
18. Kit Warren
19. Stuart Ault
20. Dan White
21. Paul Buckley
22. Omar Thomas


1- Christian Mounts
2- Emil Christiensen
3- Matt Bathgate
4- Brett Benson
5- Jason Duell
6- Murray Smith
7- Jered Kirkland (Captain)
8- Caine Elisara (Coach)
9- Jon Clifford
10- Darren Kapene
11- Brennan Marcoux
12- Fausto Rodriguez
13- Peni Lutu
14- Drew Kendel
15- Aaron Frisby
16- Preston Petrovitch
17- Colin McCannell
18- Sean Hansen
19- Brennan Daku
20- Casey Leonard
21- Chad Simons
22- Chris Young

Only Home Game for Crimson Tide this Saturday @ Cowichan Against Defending Champions Prairie Fire: Preview of Tide Team

[ed. comments below]
posted May 20 2008

I had a chance to take a look at the Crimson Tide practice today to see who is playing this year. Some encouraging signs for the RCSL with the quality of players but as usual at this level, there are always gaps and the most successful teams are the ones that can fill the gaps. The Tide will be strong in the loose forwards with Stu Ault, Adam Kleeberger and Seamus Gay in the mix. This trio will battle any domestic team to the loose ball effectively.

My guess for standoff would be Derek Daypuck, who still has the moves and experience to pressure a defence. At centre, no doubt, will be Clay Panga the Maori player who plies his trade with Velox in the BC club season. Robin MacDowell who played with Burnaby this season but hails from Cowichan is always dangerous from fullback or wing. The Inoke brothers who powered the CW machine at the end of the Premier season are available at prop and scrum-half.

Pat Kearney is a stalwart at second row, joining him may be one of the Nanaimo players who have excelled this year, Alex (?) Brydon. Also the 280+ Chris “Quasi” Rickenson has a chance to prove his fitness at this level of competition.

Nanaimo has sent four players to camp, one is Ray Young who had played prop and #8 when Velox made their finals appearance two years ago.

There are two brother pairings on this team with the Fijian born Inoke brothers but also the well-know Robinson brothers, Roger and Spencer. Spencer who recently recovered from cancer was looking fit and trim as he darted around the field. He could be a choice at scrum half or wing. The team this year looks younger than previous years although the Robinson brothers bring a veteran component to provide leadership. Also part of the leadership team would be Daypuck, Kearney, Kleeberger and MacDowell who have all seen international action.

The “gaps” we mentioned earlier could occur in the front row where they may be short one player. The second row looks solid as do the loose forwards. The #10 and #15 positions look well covered as does one centre position. The questions may be on the outside. This is a chance for the younger players to show their stuff and maybe one or more players may put up their hand for higher honours.

The Fire are the defending champions and always have a “ringer” or three on the team from overseas, so expect a fierce game on Saturday. Hopefully the Victoria area rugby public will make a statement of support for the only home game of the season. The Tide go on an Alberta tour shortly after and finish with a road trip to Vancouver.

The first game is at 1pm at Cowichan which is the Rising Tide U20 game followed by the Crimson Tide vs Prairie Fire RCSL game.

Let’s try to make the attendance on this 1000+ as a sign of support for these players who are sacrificing their summer after a hard season of club rugby.

Practice Times for Crimson Tide and Rising Tide

posted May 9 2008

Rising Tide

Next U-20 Rising Tide training is Tuesday May 13 at Mount Douglas High School soccer fields. Be dressed and ready to start at 6:30 PM.

That will be followed by another training session on Thursday May 15 at 6:30 pm at Brentwood college fields on the west side of the Island Highway behind the A&W.

Our First Game is May 24 against Vancouver.

For more information please contact Tony Watson at 250-589-0515

Tony Watson
U-20 Rising Tide

Crimson Tide

Good evening everyone,

I am sending out this reminder (new information to those that don't already know). The senior Crimson Tide Super League Team begins practice/try-outs on May 8th at the Campus View School (along Gordon Head Rd., heading towards Mt. Tolmie) starting at 6 pm.

All practices will be as follows: Tuesdays (Mt. Douglas School, almost across from the Velox Club House) starting at 6 pm; Thursdays (Campus View School) also starting at 6 pm.

We are very much looking forward to seeing you all out on May 8th. If you have any questions or concerns I can be reached at this email address,, or on my cell 250-818-5466 (please leave a message)

Kim Marinus
(co-manager for Crimson Tide)

Crimson Tide U20 Trials Start May 8th at Brentwood College

by Tony Watson
posted May 7 2008

Good Day all,

The Rugby Canada Super League Season is upon us and it is a pleasure for me to invite you to our first trial for this very exciting team. We have 4 matches scheduled in league play and then playoffs take us to the Prairie and then to the RCSL U20 final in the East

Our league games are as follows:
May 24 th we host the U20 Wave (Vancouver)
June 7 th we travel to the U20 Fraser Valley
June 14 th we travel to the U20 Wave (Vancouver)
June 28 th we ho

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