BC Rugby Weekend of April 15th 2023

BC Premier Quarter-Final Results & Rosters: Vikes Edge Burnaby; Lomas Defeat CW; Ravens Soar Past Bays; UBC Top Caps

[ed. results posted are based on BCRU reporting system.]

It’s playoff season in the BC Rugby leagues. In the men’s Premier there are four quarter-finals on tap, the same with the Div 1/Premier Reserves. In women’s Premier there are two semi-finals. Check out bcrugby.com/fixtures for all other leagues.

University Of Victoria 21 v Burnaby Lake 18 @ 14:30
Referee: Derek Horton AR1: Mckenzie Eckart AR2: Matthew Ciardullo
Venue: U Of Victoria – Wallace Field
QF4: 4v5

It was the closest of the Premier quarter-finals as predicted but this time it was UVic winning the match by +3. The result sets up a UBC v UVic semi-final.

This should be the closest of the playoff matches as you would expect from a 4v5 encounter. These two teams met in March at UVic with Burnaby coming away with a +4 win.

The Vikes have one change in the forwards with Ayo Ogunlade coming off the bench to start at second row. They’ve shaken up the back three a bit with Ethan Smith coming into the starting lineup at fullback.

Burnaby have Callum Cruickshank back at #8 which moves Dinbandhu to blindside flanker and Baptista to second row. Only one change to the backline with Brian Fitzpatrick missing from the roster and Jean Koorsten taking his place on the wing.

The Vikes have lost their last 3 matches, not great form to be entering the playoffs. Burnaby, including winning the head to head with UVic, are 2-1 in their last 3 matches. Will history repeat? Prediction: Burnaby by 4.

1. Lalit Bharadwaj
2. Evan Mackey
3. Bryce Worden (c)
4. Cooper Johnston
5. Ish Mulema / Dom Baptista
6. Dom Baptista / David Dinbandhu
7. Charlie Murphy
8. David Dinbandhu / Callum Cruickshank
9. Ezequiel Rossetti
10. Francis Denny
11. Jack Gelbart
12. Connor Byron
13. Justin Coen
14. Brian Fitzpatrick / Jean Koorsten
15. Ethan Turner
16. Dylan Vermette
17. Luka Bradley
18. Juan Videla
19. Tom Rafuse
20. Jonah Fridfinnson / Neil Maclaine
21. Jean Koorsten / Cian Keegan
22. Nolan Shelley / Eoin Reddington
23. Dean McMahon

1 Phoenix Moller
2 Jordy Auger
3 Owen Kokan
4 Muiredach Casey
5 Brendan Kim / Ayo Ogunlade
6 Tucker Nadeau
7 Merlin M’Cloud
8 Taine Clague
9 Jenner Teufel
10 Alex Gamage
11 Lockhart MacGregor / Graeme Norris
12 Andrew Eason
13 Shane Rikley-Krindle
14 Marcus Lott / Austin Pinnell
15 Austin Pinnell / Ethan Smith
16 Jack Marshall
17 Max Hassel
18 Ayo Ogunlade / Brendan Kim
19 Jaxson Jones / Ryder Heaney-Corns
20 Dylan Cleaver / Jaxson Jones
21 Chris Gamage
22 Rhys Patterson / Lockhart MacGregor
23 Graeme Norris / Marcus Lott

Meraloma 43 v Castaway Wanderers 13 @ 14:30
Referee: Shanda Assmus AR1: Nathaniel Hight AR2: Matthew Myers
Venue: Klahanie Park
QF3: 3v6

The Lomas with an emphatic win putting them into a semi-final against the Ravens.

The Lomas looking like a team who could compete for the title this season on their 100th anniversay. That, no doubt, would make their September celebration a little sweeter. They have to get past CW first though.

The Lomas have 4 changes in the forwards Finton O’Sullivan comes into the roster at second row and Thomas Williams moves from openside to second row. John Willis comes off the bench to start at openside. Mark Rickard gets the start at hooker. At scrum half Vinnie Quigley, who has been self-identifying as British actor and former professional footballer Vinnie Jones, gets the start. The centres are rotated with Van Niekerk and McTurk getting the start.

CW have Nick Carson back at #8 but are missing Michael Smith this week. Jace Peters gets the start at hooker. Ollie Nott moves from outside to inside centre and Schellenberger moves from fullback to outside centre. Harry Elliott gets the start at fullback.

The Lomas are on a 3 game win streak, their last loss was to #2 Ravens. CW are 2-1 in their last 3 matches with the loss coming against Capilanos. These teams met in Week 1 of the season with the Lomas claiming a +13 win. Prediction: Lomas by 8.

Note: The match is listed by BCRU at Klahanie Park, it looks like Connaught Park is still not available.

1 Pat Zuk
2 Corne Ludick / Mark Rickard
3 Tom Dunne
4 Jacob Bourke / Finton O’Sullivan
5 Jim Mulvany / Thomas Williams
6 Evan Galvin
7 Thomas Williams / John Willis
8 Jalan Farris
9 Vinnie Jones / Vinnie Quigley
10 Monty Weatherall
11 Keith Graham
12 Jay Younger / D.W. Van Niekerk
13 Jad Hamade / James McTurk
14 Dewi Williams
15 Louis Whelan
16 Scott McGinley / Corne Ludick
17 Theo Espangol
18 Carl Pickering / Richie Barrett
19 John Willis / Henry McQueen
20 George Woofenden / Josh Clarke
21 Thomas Viljoen / Ginga Ishii
22 D.W. Van Niekerk / Jay Younger
23 James McTurk / Jad Hamade

1 Gavin Kratz
2 Denver Fatt / Jace Peters
3 Jake Ilnicki
4 Riley Ilnicki
5 John Humphries
6 Mike Finnemore
7 Steve Pyke
8 Michael Smith / Nick Carson
9 Zech Pilgrim
10 Gareth Sandner
11 Jordan Ng
12 Matt Sutherland / Ollie Nott
13 Ollie Nott / Brandon Schellenberger
14 James Mitchell
15 Brandon Schellenberger / Harry Elliott
16 Jace Peters / Denver Fatt
17 Alex Clark / John Braddock
18 Jack Sponarski
19 Jack Wallace / Nat Dring
20 Cam Sandison
21 James Duguid / Dexter Anderson
22 Joe Massyn / Matt Sutherland
23 Ethan Hager / Gabriel Smith

UBCOB Ravens 30 v James Bay 3 @ 14:30
Referee: David Smortchevsky AR1: Saro Turner AR2: Kevin Heieis
Venue: Jericho Beach Park
QF2: 2v7

The Ravens attack somewhat kept in check by the Bays but the Ravens defence only yielded a penalty kick. The +27 result by the Ravens compared to the +30 result by the Lomas indicates how close next week’s Ravens v Lomas semi-final will be.

The Ravens go into the playoffs as the only team who haven’t lost a match during the season. The Bays go in as underdogs with a 5-5 record.

The Ravens have their usual roster intact with Tom Kaijaks returning at tighthead, Matias Suez starting at hooker. It’s a strong roster with McLelland at fullback and Bain in the centres providing x-factor attacking options.

The Bays have two changes in the forwards with Teigen White returning to the second row which moves Asfi Saeed to blindside flanker. In the backs Craig Mitchell-Hermann gets the start on the wing.

The teams met in Week 2 with the Ravens getting a +15 win on the road. Prediction: Ravens by 12.

1 Connor Sampson
2 David Carson / Matias Suez
3 James Carson / Tom Kaijaks
4 Frank Carson
5 Don Carson
6 Trevor Helgason
7 Jake Ikeda
8 Joe Locke
9 Alex Ball
10 Harjun Gill
11 Aga Ligamy
12 Sawyer Herron
13 Noah Bain
14 Cole Keffer
15 Aaron McLelland
16 Jess Mackail
17 Joe Dawson
18 Keenan Kayser
19 Matt Bluck / James Carson
20 Matt Chan
21 Marceau Bertin / David Carson
22 David O’Connor / Marceau Bertin
23 Daniel Fitzpatrick / Sean Pyle

1. Andrew McPherson
2. Jake Slobodian
3. Blake van Heyningen
4. Jimmy de Goede
5. Asfi Saeed / Teigen White
6. Dakota Lachance / Asfi Saeed
7. Tom Richardson
8. Shea Wakefield
9. Crosby Stewart
10. Mitch Sora
11. Kainoa Lloyd
12. Mike Nieuwenhusen
13. Mostyn Findlay
14. Henry Do / Craig Mitchell-Hermann
15. Tom Burton
16. Adam Fort
17. Dakota Lachance
18. Connor Arthur
19. Jordan Brown
20. Pete Massimo
21. JS Cook
22. Henry Do

UBC 52 v Capilano 8 @ 14:30
Referee: Bradley Schwalger AR1: Phil Webster AR2: Ryan Lambrick
Venue: UBC- Gerald McGavin Centre
QF1: 1v8

UBC with the biggest win of the weekend, a +44 victory over Capilano, show they’re serious contenders again for the title. They’ll welcome old rivals UVic next weekend in one of the semi-finals.

UBC are #1 in the standings even though they lost two matches, those losses were to Ravens and Lomas. The Caps made the playoffs with a 4-1-5 record.

UBC have Izzak Kelly back as starting lock, Hillyard Carson moves to blindside flanker. Jack Carson gets his first start at scrum half since returning from the 7s program. Ethan Berry gets the start at inside centre and Owain Cormack starts at fullback.

Capilano have Rich Merinsky come into loosehead prop which moves James Ritzema to hooker. A shakeup in the backrow with Glen McKinnon returning to starting #8, moving Harvey to openside flanker. Pete Ingoldsby comes in as blindside flanker moving Pearce to second row. Jeremy Simon and Chris Robinson switch places at scrum half and fullback. Cam Waddell comes into the centres and Mahyar Hosseini slides out to the wing.

These two teams met in November and it was a narrow +5 win for UBC at Klahanie, so this matchup isn’t a given. UBC at home this time. Prediction: UBC by 7.

1. Joshua Tweed
2. Jacob Bossi
3. Conor O’Flaherty
4. Hillyard Carson / Izzak Kelly
5. Joe Mcnulty
6. Joshua Downes / Hillyard Carson
7. Flynn Heyes
8. Relmu Wilson – Valdes
9. Jacob Bourne / Jack Carson
10. James Biss
11. Tenniel Cowen
12. Talon Mcmullin / Ethan Berry
13. Takoda Mcmullin
14. Jared Andrews – Almack
15. Matthew Percillier / Owain Cormack
16. Koen Buckingham
17. Payton Teneycke
18. Izzak Kelly / Raymond Chou
19. Nathan Goliath / Sandon Gupta
20. Ethan Berry / Callum Arnesen
21. Lenny Bonduau / Jacob Bourne
22. Jack Carson / Talon Mcmullin
23. Max Abercrombie / Alastair Marshall

1. James Ritzema / Rich Merinsky
2. Reid Brookes / James Ritzema
3. Jesse Ryan
4. Jack Rainer
5. Jesse Burns / Nick Pearce
6. Nick Pearce / Pete Ingoldsby
7. Marcos Merenyi / Jordan Harvey (C)
8. Jordan Harvey / Glenn McKinnon
9. Chris Robinson / Jeremy Simon
10. Mike Moloney
11. Matt Nicol / Mahyar Hosseini
12. Johnny Franklin (C)
13. Mahyar Hosseini / Cam Waddell
14. Giles Klaver / Matt Nicol
15. Jeremy Simon / Chris Robinson
16. Reece Huber
17. Neil Courtney
18. Reid Brookes
19. Nish Nereyeth
20. Brad Wightman
21. Charlie Jones
22. Tom Boddington
23. Josh Wang

Women’s Premier

Vancouver Thunderbirds 58 v Castaway Wanderers 0 @ 12:45
Referee: Thomas Cooper AR1: Miriam Sobrino AR2: Ryan Lambrick
Venue: UBC- Gerald McGavin Centre

Westshore 35 v Burnaby Lake 32 @ 12:45
Referee: Malcolm Klaver AR1: Visiting Referee 2 AR2: Olivia Ross
Venue: Juan De Fuca

1 Lauren Tagg
2 Rachel Choboter
3 Tess Woldring
4 Natasha Lalonde
5 Emily Van Gulik
6 Chelsea Rodgers
7 Gabrielle Hindley ©
8 Georgia Hood
9 Nina Boundy
10 Jess Walrond
11 Natalie King
12 Miriama Naiobasali
13 Madi Gold
14 Aphra Taylor
15 Natalie Hewko
16 Simone Savary
17 Liz Wright
18 Katie Grudzinski
19 Tara Brandl
20 Jade Farhat
21 Simran Gillar
22 Carmen Duursema
23 Jaidyn Mawhinney
24 Rebecca Roth
25 Jaclynn Quan
26 Carly Walker

Men’s Div 1

UBCOB Ravens v Langley @ 12:15
Referee: Saro Turner AR1: Kevin Heieis AR2: Scott Johnson
Venue: Jericho Beach Park

Port Alberni Black Sheep 20 v Meraloma 14 @ 13:00
Referee: Julianne Zussman AR1: Darren Munro AR2: Dwayne Mills
Venue: Port Alberni- Black Sheep Rugby Park

Abbotsford 28 v Castaway Wanderers 26 @ 14:30
Referee: Benjamin Lambrick AR1: Jamie Dopson AR2: Jivan Dhaliwal
Venue: Exhibition Park

Nanaimo Hornets 26 v Axemen Rugby Club 21 @ 14:30
Referee: Kevin Smith AR1: Douglas Hind AR2: Michael Moss
Venue: May Bennett Pioneer

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