BC Rugby Weekend of April 23rd 2022

BC Premier Weekend Results: Quarter-Finals Ravens Edge Rowers; UBC Dominate Lomas; CW Rout UVic; Capilano Power Past Burnaby

UBCOB Ravens 19 v Vancouver Rowing Club 10 @ 14:30
Referee: Ryan Alguire Assessor: Michael Landiak
Venue: Jericho Beach Park

Ravens won but it was a lot closer than the +18 we predicted. The Ravens without Aaron McLelland, David O’Donoghue and Brian Moylett didn’t put up the points we expected. The Rowers may have upped their game on defence, we’ll wait for Peter MacDonald’s report to hear his insights. It sets up a Ravens v CW semi-final match at Jericho. Ravens narrowly won that match in the regular season.

The Ravens finished the season in second place and take on the 7th place Rowers. There are some changes to the team that defeated CW in the match to determine 2nd/3rd place. Sean Pyle replaces Jesse Mackail at hooker, James Carson moves from tighthead to second row making way for Guido Suez. Mathew Chan moves from blindside flanker to second row. Captain David O’Donoghue is out at #8 and a new set of loose forwards start with Simon Etheve, Jacob Ikeda and Jess Mackail. The halfback pairing remains the same. Jake Gibson moves from centre to fullback, Tyler Hume moves from wing to centre, Thompson and Pelletier move from the reserves to starting wingers. Notable by his absence is Aaron McLelland at fullback.

The Rowers roster isn’t available at time of writing. They didn’t play the Ravens during the regular season, they had two wins early in the season against the Bays and Westshore, two teams that didn’t make the playoffs. They’re coming off a big -54 loss to Capilano.

The Ravens, even though they’re missing a couple of key players like McLelland and Moylett, should have enough to get the job done. Prediction: Ravens by 18.

UBCOB Ravens
1 Tom Kaijaks
2 Sean Pyle
3 Guido Suez
4 James Carson
5 Mathew Chan
6 Simon Etheve
7 Jacob Ikeda
8 Jesse Mackail
9 Alex Ball (c)
10 Jasper Mellish
11 David Thompson
12 Tyler Hume
13 Colby Mitch Mason
14 Daniel Pelletier
15 Jake Gibson
16 Antonio Corbin
17 Neil Murphy
18 Kiernan Collie
19 Liam Flanagan
20 Grant Crowell
21 Kol Henrikson
22 Robert Jones
23 Sean Hase


UBC 57 v Meraloma 19 @ 14:30
Referee: CLINT LEMKUS Assessor: Jamie Dopson
Venue: UBC- Gerald McGavin Centre

UBC went into the playoffs ranked #1 and this result confirms that status. We said a +22 result and it was a +38 victory. A comprehensive win which sets up a UBC v Capilano semi-final. That regular season matchup was won by UBC, a +11 margin, one of UBC’s tougher matches.

UBC have had a fairly consistent roster throughout the season. Conor O’Flaherty comes in to take the tighthead spot with Cali Martinez in the reserves. The Carsons x4 are there including scrum half Jack Carson. Jake Lan comes back into the roster on the wing. These two teams met in the last regular season match and UBC put in a +47 winning performance.

The last time we saw a Lomas roster was in March. There are a few changes, Gavin Hogan starts in the second row, Foley and Harborne in the loose forwards, Kirwan at scrum half, Paton and Hamade in the backs.

UBC are undefeated this season, that streak will likely continue. Prediction: UBC by 22.

1. Joshua Tweed
2. Jacob Bossi
3. Conor O’Flaherty
4. Frank Carson
5. David Carson
6. Donald Carson
7. Owain Ruttan
8. Alfie Scopes
9. Jack Carson
10. Max Abercrombie
11. Jake Lan
12. Ethan Berry
13. Takoda Mcmullin
14. Jared Andrews – Almack
15. Matt Percillier
16. Cali Martinez
17. Peyton Teneycke
18. Joshua Downes
19. Sol Jaques
20. Izzak Kelly
21. Connor Byron
22. Kilick Saxer
23. Jacob Bourne

1 Pat Zuk
2 Scott McGinley
3 Mark Rickard
4 Dave Matthews
5 Gavin Hogan
6 Darragh Foley
7 James Harborne
8 Jalan Farris
9 Paddy Kirwan
10 Leo Ceccarelli
11 Dewi Williams
12 Thomas Viljoen
13 Angus Paton
14 Jad Hamade
15 Luke O’Brien
16 Isaac Smith
17 Richard Barrett
18 Carl Pickering
19 Ashley Karlen
20 Thomas MacDonald
21 Will Perry
22 Antun Peko
23 Quinten Coetzee

Capilano 55 v Burnaby Lake 31 @ 15:00
Referee: Bradley Schwalger Assessor: Doug Thorpe
Venue: Klahanie Park

We called Capilano +2 and at the half it was Caps +1 but they won the 2nd half 26-3 to get a final +24 win. We look forward to reading the Caps match report. Capilano take on the #1 ranked UBC next week.

This should be the matchup of the weekend, it was a +2 win for Burnaby when they met in the regular season but that was on home turf. This week the Caps are at home in this 4th vs 5th contest.

Caps are missing their outstanding #10 Jeremy Simon but they won big without him in their last regular season match. They have Glenn McKinnon back at #8, a big boost for the side. Their tight five remains consistent, a key part of their game. With McKinnon back in the lineup, Haward Mulundi returns to his usual wing spot after playing blindside flanker last match. Outside of Simon’s absence, the backline remains intact.

Burnaby sees Bryce Worden return at tighthead prop, a bonus for them. Captain Mike O’Toole isn’t in the starting XV at his usual second row spot so loose forward Doug Breadon steps in to that role. Geoff Ryan returns to take the #10 spot pushing Ethan Turner to the centres. Their standout fullback Brian Fitzpatrick anchors the backline.

A tough one to call but the home field advantage in this rivalry should be key. Prediction: Capilano by 2.

1 Nik Hildebrand
2 Dylan Vermette
3 Bryce Worden
4 Doug Breadon ©
5 Cooper Johnston
6 Dom Baptista
7 Connor McCann
8 Taitusi Vikilani
9 Dean McMahon
10 Geoff Ryan
11 Kou Odaka
12 Cole McQueen
13 Ethan Turner
14 Jack Gelbart
15 Brian Fitzpatrick


1 – Neil Courtney
2 – James Ritzema
3 – Jesse Ryan
4 – Nick Pearce
5 – Reid Tucker
6 – Cori Hamill
7 – Jordan Harvey (C)
8 – Glen McKinnon
9 – Chris Robinson
10 – Mike Moloney
11 – Haward Mulundi
12 – Cam Waddell
13 – Johnny Franklin (C)
14 – Eligh Papin
15 – Phil LeLievre
16 – Rich Merinsky
17 – Mackenzie Mills
18 – Liam Doll
19 – Duncan Hladik
20 – Ryan Scott
21 – Johnny Adams
22 – Sam Franklin
23 – Ben Cameron

Castaway Wanderers 45 v University Of Victoria 17 @ 15:00
Referee: Julianne Zussman
Venue: Windsor Park

We called a +14 win for CW thinking UVic would up their game in the playoffs but it ended being the exact same +28 point differential as the regular season contest between these sides. CW now travel to take on the #2 Ravens. That should be a close match as was the regular season game.

At #3 vs #6 neighbouring rivalry. Vikes just have to travel down the road for this fixture.

CW have Grady Bowd at #10, a key part of their attack. Braddock replaces Clark as starting hooker. Herron replaces Pyke as starting openside and Angus Boyd-Porter starts on the wing instead of Dan Griffiths. Otherwise the team remains the same from last match when CW roared out of the blocks quickly against the Ravens only to see the Ravens clip them by the final whistle.

The Vikes tight five sees one change from their last match when they eliminated the Bays from the playoffs in a narrow +2 win. Nick Carson comes back into the starting XV but as a second row. The loose forwards remain the same as do the half backs. Shane Rikley-Krindle gets the start at outside centre.

Last time these teams met it was a +28 win for CW. It will likely be history repeating itself but we’ll lessen the winning margin due to playoff intensity. Prediction: CW by 14.

1 Owen Kokan
2 Nathan Yue
3 Denver Fatt
4 Benjamin Newhook
5 Nicholas Carson
6 Ayo Ogunlade
7 Ryder Heaney-Corns
8 Marcus Lott
9 Ethan Smith
10 Gabriel Casey
11 James Thiel
12 Andrew Easson
13 Shane Rikley-Krindle
14 Jonas Robinson
15 Ethan Hager
16 Henry Down
17 Max Hassel
18 Brendan Kim
19 Asfand Saeed
20 Merlin M’Cloud
21 Chris Gamage
22 Liam Clark
23 Payton Gibson

1. Gavin Kratz
2. John Braddock
3. Jack Sponarski
4. Liam Chisolm (c)
5. John Humphries
6. Mike Finnemore
7. Sawyer Herron
8. Cam Sandison
9. Zech Pilgrim
10. Gradyn Bowd
11. Angus Boyd-Porter
12. Brandon Schellenberger
13. Daniel James
14. Mike Adibe
15. Jordan Tait
16. Alex Clark
17. Matt Sutherland
18. Riley Ilnicki
19. Steve Pyke
20. Jack Warren
21. Brandon Gerhardt
22. Mike Fuailefau

Mens Division 1

Abbotsford 40 v Burnaby Lake 34 @ 12:00

UBC v Kelowna Crows @ 12:45

Bayside 27 v Castaway Wanderers 19 @ 14:30

UBCOB Ravens v University Of Victoria @ 14:00 (Sunday)

Men’s Division 2

Simon Fraser 12 v United RFC 28 @ 12:45 (winner to face Squamish in semis)

Men’s Division 3

UBC 15 v Burnaby Lake 18 @ 11:15

Bayside 25 v Richmond 17 @ 12:45

Kats v Langley @ 12:45

Meraloma v Chilliwack Crusaders @ 12:45

Women’s Premier

Vancouver Thunderbirds v Westshore @ 12:45 (forfeit by Westshore)

Castaway Wanderers 42 v Capilano 36 @ 13:00

1. Jayne Isherwood
2. Rachel Moloney
3. Melissa Robinson (c)
4. Stacey Hake
5. Katerina Josephides
6. Karina Christiansen
7. Gillian Boag
8. Nicola Jones
9. Christina Burnham
10. Ella Marwick
11. Savannah Bacchus
12. Flora Poole
13. Sarah Bill
14. Dani Fearns
15. Ashley Robinson
16. Tiana Coutts
17. Kelly Shields
18. Heather Muir
19. Kaitlyn Cumming
20. Francesca McDonnell

1 Adea Elliott
2 Karen Garcia
3 Kelsey McKinnon
4 Mariam Ibrahim
5 Quinn Murphy
6 Chloe Hill-Huse
7 Kailyn Smith
8 Chanelle Edwards-Challenger
9 Kira Peary
10 Julia Schell
11 Danica Pedrick
12 Madison Aberg
13 Temitope Ogunjimi
14 Renee Cook
15 Emily Samek
16 Adrienne Shepherd
17 Morgan Warner
18 Ella Gallant
19 Maddy Berry
20 Lucy Beauchemin
21 Jesse Knaggs
22 Steph Soloman-Ani
23 Mackenzie Eckart

Women’s Division 1

Vancouver Thunderbirds v Bayside @ 11:15 (forfeit by UBC)

Burnaby Lake v Simon Fraser @ 12:30 (forfeit by SFU)

Cowichan v Scribes @ 12:45 (forfeit by Scribes)

Kamloops 19 v Meraloma 22 @ 12:45

Women’s Division 2

Capilano 34 v Nanaimo Hornets 38 @ 11:15

Comox Valley Kickers v James Bay @ 11:15

Langley 102 v Chilliwack 0 @ 11:15

Vancouver Rowing Club 52 v Richmond 19 @ 11:15

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