BC Rugby Weekend of April 2nd 2022

BC Premier Results: Ravens Edge Pride, UBC Defeat Westshore, Caps Top Bays, Vikes Outlast Lomas, Burnaby Paddle Rowers

We were 5 for 5 on the predictions this week putting us at 31 out of 37 for the season and 84 %, up from 81% last week.


UBCOB Ravens 24 v Pacific Pride 17 @ 14:30
Referee: Bradley Schwalger
Venue: Jericho Beach Park

We had Ravens by +3 and it was Ravens +7. We’ll get more details in Peter MacDonald’s report. The result puts the Ravens (25 pts) currently in 2nd place with the final match next week vs CW (24 pts) to determine who finishes the regular season in 2nd. The Pride play Burnaby next weekend.

The Ravens have two tough matches to finish the season, the Pride this week and CW on the road next week. The results will determine a likely 2nd or 3rd ranking and hosting the 6th or 7th team, likely Rowers or UVic. Six changes in the forwards with new players coming in and positions being shifted around. Brian Moylett the regular #8 isn’t in the match day 23. A change at scrum half with Billy Wickham getting the start. The only other change in the backs is at inside centre with Jake Gibson getting the start.

The Pride won’t take part in the playoffs but they can effect the standings. They face Burnaby next weekend. They didn’t play last week but 2 weeks ago put in a good performance to beat the Rowers. Kyle Steeves comes in to start at tighthead, Zephyr Melnyk gets the start at blindside flanker. Sam Reimer starts at scrum half, Elias Hancock on the wing, Dawson Fatoric in the centres. Missing is D’Shawn Bowen who has been called up to the national 7s team.

Ravens should have more motivation, coming off a loss to UBC and battling for a more favourable playoff spot. They will want to go into next week’s game against CW with some momentum. Prediction: Ravens by 3.

1) Willem den Ouden
2) Owen Lavado
3) Kyle Steeves
4) Alastair Bruce
5) Conor Turner
6) Zephry Melnyk
7) Cody Nhanala
8) Calum Botchar
9) Sam Reimer
10) Max Stewart
11) Elias Hancock
12) Dawson Fatoric
13) Kal Sager
14) Gabe Smith
15) Oliver Mackenzie
16) Dan Cooper
17) Aaron Clark
18) Tyler Matchem
19) Callum O’Neil
20) Zack Raymond
21) Caleb Barker
22) Taylor Desouza
23) Noah Flesch


1 Tom Kaijaks
2 Jesse Mackail
3 Guido Suez
4 Trevor Helgason
5 James Carson
6 Blaine Meek
7 Simon Etheve
8 David O’Donoghue
9 Billy Wickham
10 Jasper Mellish
11 Sean Hase
12 Jake Gibson
13 Colby Mason
14 David Thompson
15 Aaron McLelland
16 Antonio Corbin
17 Chris Taylor
18 Kiernan Collie
19 Matt Chan
20 Kol Henrikson
21 Jack Scher
22 Dan Pelletier
23 Dan Pelletier

Westshore 33 v UBC 56 @ 15:30
Referee: Cole Pedrick
Venue: Juan De Fuca

We called UBC +20 and it was UBC +23. It was a competitive match with UBC coming out strong with their starting XV, dominating the scrum and finding space out wide. It was a different story in the second half as Westshore held onto the ball and dominated possession against the UBC team which had brought off key starters. The scrum was now even and Westshore closed the gap, two late tries by UBC padded the score as Westshore were within 13 points at one point and with the momentum. It’s the final game for Westshore this season, UBC remain undefeated holding onto top spot with a match vs Lomas to close the regular season.

UBC are the only undefeated team in the league at 6-0 and with 2 games left versus Westshore and Lomas, they’re a good bet to finish #1 and host the 8th seed in the playoffs. It’s an unchanged forward pack from last week, a dominant force that paved the way for a win against the previously unbeaten Ravens. A few changes in the backs, Jacob Bourne gets the start at scrum half, Landon Clironomos at inside centre, Alastair Marshall on the wing [update Jake Lan in].

Westshore are out of the playoff picture and this will be their last game of the season. They have yet to win a game this season, giving up about 50 points a game on average and scoring 10 points a game.

This won’t be close but Westshore will be gritty and give it a full 80. Prediction: UBC by 20.

1. Calixto Martinez
2. Jacob Bossi
3. Conor O’Flaherty
4. Frank Carson
5. David Carson
6. Donald Carson
7. Owain Ruttan
8. Alfie Scopes
9. Jacob Bourne
10. Max Abercrombie
11. Jared Andrews – Almack
12. Landon Clironomos
13. Takoda Mcmullin
14. Jake Lan
15. Matt Percillier
16. Josh Tweed
17. Payton Teneycke
18. Sol Jaques
19. Joshua Downes
20. Izzak Kelly
21. Connor Byron
22. Ethan Berry
23. Iain Mctavish

1 Ryan Helash
2 Matt Evans
3 Neil Hagerty
4 Matt Weir
5 Makz Foot
6 Aidan Holland
7 Thomas Heuser
8 Tyler Symon-Burke
9 Rylen Waugh
10 Nicky Mouret
11 Brennan Bourchier
12 Trent Nancekivell
13 Braeden Bespalko
14 Tyler Wilkes
15 Sawyer Shmyrko
16 Rick Bown
17 Jaime Pickup
18 Dreydon Martin
19 Ryan Waldriff
20 Ross MacDonald
21 Max Stewart
22 Spencer Dunstan-Adams
23 Oli Adams

James Bay 17 v Capilano 42 @ 14:30
Referee: Julianne Zussman
Venue: James Bay AA- MacDonald Park

We said Caps +5 and it was Caps +25, a comprehensive road victory. The result puts Caps in 5th place, 2 points behind Burnaby in the 4th/5th race. The Bays don’t get a bonus point which is key as the Lomas did and move ahead of the Bays in the race for the final playoff spot. Next week Caps host Rowers and Bays visit UVic.

Caps are battling with Burnaby for possible hosting rights to a 4 v 5 battle. They face JBAA this week and Rowers next week. They are coming off a big upset win over CW two weeks ago. They have some changes in the tight five with Mackenzie Mills getting the start at loosehead prop and Ryan Scott at hooker, Nick Pearce at second row. Their strong set of loose forwards remain the same as does their halfback pairing and backline.

The JBAA roster isn’t available at the time of writing [ed. now available]. The Bays are battling it out with the Lomas for the final playoff spot and a likely trip to UBC in the quarter finals. Bonus points are key now as both Lomas and Bays are tied at 7 points with the Bays owning the head to head tie breaking advantage.

Bays have been improving as the season progresses and they’re playing at home but Caps have been putting in some solid wins against top teams like CW and Pacific Pride. Prediction: Caps by 5.

1 – Mackenzie Mills
2 – Ryan Scott
3 – Neil Courtney
4 – Reid Tucker
5 – Nick Pearce
6 – Cori Hamill
7 – Jordan Harvey (C)
8 – Glen McKinnon
9 – Chris Robinson
10 – Jeremy Simon
11 – Haward Mulundi
12 – Cam Waddell
13 – Johnny Franklin (C)
14 – Eligh Papin
15 – Phil Le Leivre

1. Andrew Macpherson
2. Austin Creighton
3. Blake van Heyningen Cpt.
4. Andrew Montgrand
5. Jimmy de Goede
6. Benny Johnson
7. Wyatt Pilz
8. Alex Jordan
9. Crosby Stewart
10. Mitch Sora
11. Keith Graham
12. Mostyn Findlay
13. Thomas Burton
14. Gio Douyon
15. Owen Brombal

Meraloma 24 v University Of Victoria 27@ 14:30
Referee: Shanda Assmus
Venue: Connaught Park

We said Vikes +7 and it was Vikes +3 in a close match that gave the Lomas a much needed losing bonus point. The win puts Vikes in 6th place while the Lomas currently hold onto 8th place. Next week the Vikes host the Bays and the Lomas visit UBC.

UVic should finish in 6th or 7th place and earn a visit to the Ravens or CW in the quarter finals. They visit JBAA next week. They’re coming off a dominant win against the Rowers last week. Only one change to the tight five with Nick Carson moving from #8 to second row. Ayo Ogunlade moves from second row to blindside flanker and Marcus Lott gets the start at #8. The halfback pairing remains the same as does the backline.

The Lomas roster isn’t available at the time of writing. They are battling JBAA for the final playoff spot. Their last match was two weeks ago when they were upset by the Bays.

On current form UVic go in as favourites but the home crowd may lift the Lomas performance. Prediction: Vikes by 7.

1 Owen Kokan
2 Nathan Yue
3 Denver Fatt
4 Benjamin Newhook
5 Nicholas Carson
6 Ayo Ogunlade
7 Merlin M’Cloud
8 Marcus Lott
9 Ethan Smith
10 Gabriel Casey
11 Payton Gibson
12 Andrew Easson
13 Graeme Norris
14 Jonas Robinson (c)
15 Ethan Hager
16 Ryder Heaney-Corns
17 Max Hassel
18 Lucas Okano
19 Asfand Saeed
20 Hanno Fourie
21 Chris Gamage
22 Liam Clark
23 Shane Rikley-Krindle

Roster TBA.

Vancouver Rowing Club 3 v Burnaby Lake 24 @ 14:30
Referee: Ryan Alguire
Venue: Burnaby Lake Rugby Club

We called Burnaby +8 and it was Burnaby +21 giving Burnaby 4th place heading into the final weekend. The Rowers remain in 7th place. Next weekend Burnaby host the Pride while the Rowers visit Capilano.

Burnaby coming off a tense win over the Bays, they haven’t quite put it all together yet this season but have a 4-2 record. They host the Pride next weekend in a tough end of season contest. A win this weekend and a couple of Ravens losses could see them claim 3rd, otherwise they may be battling Capilano for a 4th/5th scenario, the higher team hosting the playoff match. Complicating matters is that not all teams will end the season with the same number of games played in which case it goes to a points per match average. There’s some changes in the tight five with Nik Hildebrand out of the match 23. Lalit Bhardawaj moves from hooker to loosehead, Dylan Vermette starts at hooker, Doug Breadon starts at second row. Joey Tomlinson starts at blindside and Taitusi Vikilani returns from injury to start at #8. The halfback pairing and backline remains unchanged.

The Rowers roster isn’t available at the time of writing. The Rowers are currently at 2-4, the same record as UVic but with an extra bonus point. They are on track to visit CW or Ravens in the quarter finals. They visit Capilano next week. The Rowers were defeated by UVic in their last match.

Burnaby at home should be able to get the job done. Prediction: Burnaby by 8.

1 Lalit Bhardawaj
2 Dylan Vermette
3 Bryce Worden
4 Doug Breadon
5 Mike O’Toole
6 Joey Tomlinson
7 Connor McCann
8 Taitusi Vikilani
9 Dean McMahon
10 Neil Maclaine ©
11 Kou Odaka
12 Cole McQueen
13 Ethan Turner
14 Jack Gelbart
15 Brian Fitzpatrick
16 Liem Jung
17 Scott MacKay
18 Nate Mantle
19 Dom Baptista
20 Fuku Vikilani
21 Mohi Parata
22 Andrew Porter
23 Geoff Ryan

Roster TBA.


Caps visit Westshore, kickoff at 12:30pm.

Capilano roster

1. Jayne Isherwood 2. Melissa Robinson (c) 3. Nevene Hammoud 4. Stacey Hake 5. Katerina Josephides 6. Karina Christiansen 7. Gillian Boag 8. Nicola Jones 9. Christina Burnham 10. Flora Poole 11. Heather Muir 12. Sarah Bill 13. Danielle Veronica Fearns 14. Savannah Bacchus 15. Ashley Robinson Impacts: 16. Genevieve Bittorff 17. Tiana Coutts 18. Kelly Shields 19. Kaitlyn Cumming 20. Suhad Mardikian 21. Francesca McDonnell 22. Saila Deschamps 23. Sarah Elias

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