BC Rugby Weekend of February 26th 2022

BC Premier Results: Pride Dominate Bays, UBC Battle Past Capilano, CW Edge Westshore

Only 3 Premier matches this weekend with 2 on the Island. The Mainland game should be a good one, UBC host Capilano. Seattle come back into the schedule on March 12th, it will be interesting to see how they adjust the playoff picture with Seattle only playing 4 games, 2 home and 2 away.

James Bay 29 v Pacific Pride 67 @ 14:30
Referee: Julianne Zussman Referee 2: Claude Paterson (Pending)
Venue: MacDonald Park

We said, conservatively, Pride +12 and it was Pride +38, although the BCRU haven’t posted the official score at the time of writing. According to those in attendance, Cody Nhanala and Matt Oworu were outstanding. #10 Justin Taylor, on debut, distributed the ball very well. The Pride move to top of the table with 16 points but have played 4 games to date compared to Ravens (3 games, 15 points), CW (3 games, 14 points) and UBC (2 games, 10 points). James Bay remain in the cellar, tied at 0 points with Westshore.

Next week both the Bays and Pacific Pride have byes. In two weeks, a big match, Pride vs UBC at Starlight Stadium. The Bays will host CW.

The Bays are one of 3 teams without a win yet this season. They have a -108 point differential after 2 matches. It doesn’t get easier this week at home. The good news is they have their captain and tighthead prop back, Blake van Heyningen. Jim de Goede returns to play second row. Gregory Raymond replaces Caleb Erichson at blindside. The halfback pairing remains the same as last week, Henry Do returns at wing but no sign of 7s flyer Noah Bain in the starting XV this week.

The Pride are 2-1 having lost one game to Capilano. The roster rotation sees Willem den Ouden return at loosehead prop. The young Matt Klimchuk gets the start at blindside and teams up with two players who could jump into any MLR roster, Cody Nhanala and Matt Oworu. Justin Taylor gets his first start at #10, interesting to see how he performs with Mark Balaski moved to the centres. Isaac Olson starts at outside centre. Oliver Mackenzie moves from wing to fullback with Brock Webster getting some game time with the Toronto Arrows. The electric D’Shawn Bowen isn’t in the match 23 this week. Noah Flesch makes an appearance in the reserves.

The Pacific Pride will be clear favourites, breaking in a new #10 may cause some hiccups but Pride have quality throughout the roster. Bays with their tighthead back in the roster will have more stability in the set pieces. Prediction: Pride by 12.

Pride – Coach Phil Mack

1) Willem den Ouden
2) Owen Lavado
3) Kyle Steeves
4) Alastair Bruce
5) Conor Turner
6) Matt Klimchuk
7) Cody Nhanala
8) Matt Oworu
9) Caleb Barker
10) Justin Taylor
11) Kal Sager
12) Mark Balaski
13) Isaac Olson
14) Gabriel Smith
15) Oliver Mackenzie
16) Aaron Clark
17) Tyler Matchem
18) Zephyr Mylenk
19) Callum Botchar
20) Zack Raymond
21) Kai Khan
22) Noah Flesch
23) Jack Morris

JBAA – Coach Sean White

1. Andrew Macpherson
2. Austin Creighton
3. Blake van Heyningen Cpt.
4. Andrew Montgrand
5. Jimmy de Goede
6. Gregory Raymond
7. Wyatt Pilz
8. Alex Jordan
9. Crosby Stewart
10. Mike Waldock
11. Keith Graham
12. Isaac Gonevou
13. Thomas Burton
14. Gio Douyon
15. Henry Do

UBC 31 v Capilano 20 @ 14:30
Referee: Ryan Alguire Referee 2: Bradley Schwalger
Venue: Gerald McGavin Centre

We said UBC by 5 and it was UBC +11. We hear it was a scrappy game with multiple cards, we hopefully will get the Caps match report posted soon. Caps are in 7th place with a 1-2 record. UBC are in 4th with 10 points from 2 matches but have 2 games in hand over league leading Pacific Pride (3-1, 16 points).

Next week UBC will visit the Rowers while Caps visit Meraloma.

Full Match Video

UBC have only played one match this season, a huge win over the Bays. They’ll be eager to get on the field again. Another team with depth at every position. Four Carsons on the field as in Week 1. There’s minor changes to the Week 1 roster with Matt Percillier getting the start at fullback and Takoda McMullin at outside centre. Landon Clironomos starts on the wing.

Caps are 1-1 on the season, defeating Pride but losing a close one to Burnaby. A few changes sees Neil Courtney change to tighthead prop with Jess Ryan going to the bench. Jason de Freitas at hooker and James Ritzema moving to the bench. Mackenzie Mills gets the start at loosehead prop. The core of the team are the strong loose forwards, Liam Doll, Jordan Harvey and the ageless Glen McKinnon. The halfback pairing of Robinson and Simon remains the same, Johnny Franklin returns at starting outside centre.

The Caps always give UBC problems, their tough forward pack can grind down the younger teams, as they did against the Pride. UBC will want to play an up tempo game to tire out the Capilano forwards for the last quarter. Two coaches going up against each other who used to coach the UBC team together, a bit of friendly rivalry there no doubt. UBC would have to be favourites but Caps may surprise. Prediction: UBC by 5.

UBC – Coach Curry Hitchborn

1. Calixto Martinez
2. Jacob Bossi
3. Conor O’Flaherty
4. Frank Carson
5. David Carson
6. Donald Carson
7. Owain Ruttan
8. Alfie Scopes
9. Jack Carson
10. Max Abercrombie
11. Jared Andrews-Almack
12. Ethan Berry
13. Takoda McMullin
14. Landon Clironomos
15. Matt Percillier
16. Josh Tweed
17. Iain Mctavish
18. Sol Jaques
19. Cole Dreyer
20. Connor Byron
21. Jacob Bourne
22. Jake Lan
23. Kilick Saxer

Capilano – Coach Rameses Langston

1 Mackenzie Mills
2 Jason de Freitas
3 Neil Courtney
4 Reid Tucker
5 Nick Pearce
6 Liam Doll
7 Jordan Harvey
8 Glen McKinnon
9 Chris Robinson
10 Jeremy Simon
11 Eligh Papin
12 Mike Moloney
13 Johnny Franklin
14 Cam Waddell
15 Phil Le Leivre
16 Jesse Ryan
17 James Ritzema
18 Alex McDonnell
19 Cori Hamill
20 Ryan Scott
21 Sam Franklin
22 Haward Mulundi
23 Johnny Adams

Westshore 15 v Castaway Wanderers 23 @ 14:30
Referee: Derek Horton Referee 2: Leighton Burridge
Venue: Juan De Fuca

We said +18 for CW and it was +8 CW. Westshore upped their game to give CW a battle. Westshore were leading 15-14 going into the last quarter but 3 CW penalties including a Westshore yellow card decided the game. Both teams scored two tries, with CW converting both of theirs. Thomas Isherwood slotted a drop goal for Westshore’s extras.

For Westshore the insertion of Thomas Isherwood at #10 worked well as he was a running threat all game and played defence and hit the rucks like a loose forward. Their #8 Tyler Symon-Burke, #7 Thomas Heuser and outside centre Jarvis Dashkewytch had strong games as well. For CW their forwards won the match, putting Westshore under pressure in the set pieces and punishing the home team with the driving maul. They no doubt missed the presence of Grady Bowd at #10.

CW go to 3-0, claiming third place in the league. Westshore, although deserving of a bonus point in the loss, were denied and remain in the cellar at 0-4.

Next week Westshore have a bye while CW play UVic in a Friday evening match at Centennial Stadium.

Photos from the match (41) can be viewed here.

Westshore 0-3 on the season with a whopping -167 point differential. They give up 60 points per match on average. Defence is clearly an issue. Tyler Symon-Burke comes back into the roster at #8. The big change is seeing Thomas Isherwood at #10, it will be interesting to see what impact he’ll have on the match. Jarvis Dashkewytch is moved from wing to outside centre.

CW at 2-0 are one of 3 undefeated teams, along with the Ravens and UBC. They have a stable lineup with no changes in the tight five. They’ve moved big Mike Finnemore to #8. Brandon Schellenberger returns to his usual #9 spot and there’s no sign of Grady Bowd, so former Westshore player, Jordan Tait gets the start at #10. Flyer Anton Ngongo isn’t in the roster so Angus Boyd-Porter takes his wing position.

CW are playing well with a stable roster, Westshore are looking to improve on their -55 per game scoreline. The move of Thomas Isherwood to #10 should improve their attack, how will their defence respond? CW clear favourites. Prediction: CW by 18.

Westshore – Coach Aaron Frisby

1 Nathan Groenewold
2 Matt Evans
3 Neil Hagerty
4 Maks Foot
5 Matt Weir
6 Aidan Holland ©
7 Thomas Heuser
8 Tyler Symon-Burke
9 Rylen Waugh
10 Thomas Isherwood
11 Braeden Bespalko
12 Antony Fitch
13 Jarvis Dashkewytch
14 Darian Morrison
15 Nicky Mouret
16 Leam Williams
17 Keating Teft
18 Rick Bown
19 David Phillips
20 Peyton Eagar
21 Shane Dagg
22 Tyler Wilkes
23 Brennan Bourchier

CW – Coach Ken Goodland

1. Gavin Kratz
2. John Braddock
3. Jack Sponarski
4. Liam Chisolm (c)
5. John Humphries
6. Sawyer Herron
7. Steve Pyke
8. Mike Finnemore
9. Brandon Schellenberger
10. Jordan Tait
11. Angus Boyd-Porter
12. Kyle White
13. Dan Griffiths
14. Mike Adibe
15. Harry Elliot
16. Alex Clark
17. Cam Smith
18. Dylon Montgomerry
19. Riley Ilnicki
20. Jack Warren
21. Zech Pilgrim
22. Olly Winser

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