BC Rugby Weekend of January 29th 2022

BC Premier Weekend Results UBC and Ravens Pummel Opponents; Lomas Edge Rowers; CW Sink Lakers and Pride Fell Vikes

Well 4-1 on the predictions on the first weekend isn’t bad, the only home team not to win were the Vikes, the Pacific Pride didn’t look at all rusty going into the second half of the season. Some big scores show the gaps between some of the teams.

UVic 22 v Pacific Pride 36
Referee: Bradley Schwalger Venue: U Of Victoria- Wallace Field

CW: Scott Manning
Pride: Phil Mack

It was 21-17 at the half for the Pride and whether it was a deeper bench or better fitness, the Pride owned the second half. The Vikes only rarely entered the Pride 22 in the second half with Brennig Prevost’s intercept try being one of the occasions. The Pride looked good, well structured, Cody Nhanala at #6 was a presence, their young South African flyhalf, Max Stewart, had a good game and D’Shawn Bowen on the wing had a huge game. The Pride scrum was dominant and their loosehead prop, Canada U20 player, William den Ouden, was observed making line breaks in the second half and scampering around in loose play like a backline player. A good first game for the Pride. For the Vikes Brennig Prevost was an impact player whenever he touched the ball. We’ll post photos later.

Pride: D’Shawn Bowen 2T, Kal Sager 1T, Cody Nhanala 1T, Taylor Desouza 1T
Max stewart 4C, 1P

A lot of young talent on display in this match. Lachlan Kratz has returned to UVic as has Brennig Prevost, both previously with the 7s squad. UVic are still missing their halfback pairing of Jenner Teufel and Logan Martin-Feek due to injury. Nick Carson is a key player at #8. Gabe Casey has been doing a good job at #10 and led UVic to a second place finish at the Canadian University Championships. With the addition of Prevost and Kratz, the team has upped its backline attack. The Pride are starting a new batch of players so it’s difficult to measure their level yet. They have Cody Nhanala back and he’s a force at blindside, Zephyr Melnyk is starting to impose himself at #8, a good matchup against Nick Carson. Brock Webster is suiting up with the Pride at fullback. Caleb Barker gets the start at #9, I believe that’s Jared Barker’s son, the former Canada #10. Two young squads at the beginning of the season, difficult to predict. I think the additions to UVic, plus home game, plus the Canadian University Championships they played in November, give them a slight edge. Prediction: Vikes by 2.

1 Owen Kokan
2 Nathan Yue
3 Denver Fatt
4 Ryder Heaney-Corns
5 Ayo Ogunlade
6 Henry Down
7 Zarija Djurickovic
8 Nicholas Carson
9 Chris Gamage
10 Gabriel Casey
11 Ethan Hager
12 Lachlan Kratz
13 Jonas Robinson
14 Brennig Prevost
15 Andrew Easson
16 Liam Mitchell
17 Brendan Kim
18 George Piper Arroliga
19 Asfand Saeed
20 Merlin M’Cloud
21 Ethan Smith
22 Graeme Norris
23 Shane Rikley-Krindle

1. Willem Denuden
2. Peter Ingoldsby
3. Kyle Steeves
4. Conor Turner
5. Calum Botchar (c)
6. Cody Nhanala
7. Ethan Fryer
8. Zephyr Melnyk
9. Caleb Barker
10. Max Stewart
11. Gabriel Smith
12. Dawson Fatoric
13. Taylor Desouza
14. D’Shawn Bowen
15. Brock Webster
16. Owen Lavado
17. Aaron Clark
18. Daniel Cooper
19. Tom Davidson
20. Matt Klimchuk
21. Oliver Mackenzie
22. Kal Sager
23. Zack Raymond

Castaway Wanderers 33 v Burnaby Lake 13
Referee: Ryan Alguire Venue: Windsor Park

CW: Ken Goodland
Burnaby: Aaron O’Flaherty

CW look to continue their strong play from the first half, CW and Vikes look to be the strongest teams on the Island this season. Try scorers for CW were John Humphries, Cam Sandison, Grady Bowd, Johnny Cullen, Jack Sponarski with Bowd with 4 conversions. CW’s man of the match was veteran John Braddock playing #2 on the day. We hope to get the Burnaby match report and scorers later on.

Some familiar names on the CW roster, Braddock, Chisolm, Bowd, Schellenberger. CW were the form team on the Island in the fall. Gavin Kratz graduated from UVic returns to CW, Jordan Tait transferred over from Westshore. Mike Adibe a prolific scorer on the outside. Schellenberger, an outstanding scrum half, has been moved to centre so the starting #9 Zech Pilgrim may be one to watch and Grady Bowd, a capped Canada player, may be ready to make another run at the national #10 jersey. Burnaby always a competitive side, Nik Hildebrand is back in Burnaby colours from the MLR but they may have lost a top player, #9 George Daly, who is rumoured to be MLR bound. Their #8 James Catterson was outstanding in the Coastal Cup for Van East. Another tight game anticipated as teams get their first match under their belt in the new Premier season. Again going with home field advantage as we get to know the playing strength of teams. Prediction: CW by 3.


1. Gavin Kratz
2. John Braddock
3. Jack Sponarski
4. Liam Chisolm (c)
5. John Humphries
6. Mike Finnemore
7. Sawyer Herron
8. Cam Sandison
9. Zech Pilgrim
10. Gradyn Bowd
11. Johnny Cullen
12. Brandon Schellenberger
13. Dan Griffiths
14. Mike Adibe
15. Jordan Tait
16. Jace Peters
17. Cam Smith
18. Dylon Montgomerry
19. Riley Ilnicki
20. Steve Pyke
21. Harry Elliot
22. Michael Makaroff
23. Olly Winser


1. Lalit Bharadwai
2. Dylan Vermette
3. Nik Hildebrand
4. Cooper Johnston
5. Michael Gough
6. Joey Tomlinson
7. Connor McCann
8. James Catterson
9. Lee Sandberg
10. Ethan Turner
11. Kishan Karunathasun
12. Neil MacLaine (c)
13. Sean McKeown
14. Jack Gelbart
15. Brian Fitzpatrick
16. Preston Petrovich
17. Liem Jung
18. Ish Mulema
19. Tom Menzies
20. David Dinbandhu
21. Geoff Ryan
22. Nolan Shelley
23. Andrew Porter

Meraloma 34 v Vancouver Rowing Club 31
Referee: Saro Turner Venue: Connaught Park

Meraloma: Christiaan Esterhuizen
Rowers: Duncan James

A result that indicates these teams are about equal strength. UBC, Ravens, Pride, CW appear to be the on form teams right now with Capilano getting a hit out against the Pride next weekend to determine their playing strength in the Premier.

The Lomas coach Christiaan Esterhuizen took the Vancouver Wave to the inaugural Coastal Cup championship, he has a reputation for fielding competitive teams and winning. It will be interesting to see the Lomas results this year. For the Rowers Jordan Wilson-Ross keeps going, the 33 year old former national team player had four caps for Canada and deserved more. We’ll see what their form looks like early in the season. Again home team gets the nod. Prediction: Meraloma by 8.

1. Pat Zuk
2. Scott McGinley
3. Reese Hemmens
4. Darragh Foley
5. Gavin Hogan
6. Jalan Farris
7. Alex Carmel
8. Wes Lee
9. Paddy Kirwin
10. Thomas Viljoen
11. Andy Cooper
12. Steff Evans (c)
13. Dewi Williams
14. Ben Featherstone
15. Devon Singh-Parhar
16. Brock Dorst
17. Richard Barrett
18. Nick Neubert
19. Dave Matthews
20. James Harborne
21. Luke O’Brien
22. James McTurk
23. Quinten Coetsee

1. Jake Schwartz
2. Jason Carton
3. Ian Prendiville
4. Felix Grignon
5. Kelly Anderson
6. Ray Bissonette
7. Rory Sanderson
8. Scyler David Dumas (C)
9. Dermot O’Meara
10. Nick Wackwitz
11. Jordan Wilson-Ross
12. Tom O’Hare
13. Harvey Rowland
14. Chris Nolan
15. Tom Rowland

UBCOB Ravens 84 v Westshore 8
Referee: Christopher Assmus Venue: Jericho Beach Park

Ravens: Simon Fitzgerald
Westshore: Aaron Frisby

A lot of one way traffic, not totally unexpected but the magnitude of the score is surprising. This may be an early indication that we’re in for a repeat of a UBC v Ravens final this year but still a lot of rugby to play.

Ravens have a number of quality players returning, Brian Moylett, Colby Mason, Chris Taylor, Aaron McLelland. Antonio Corbin comes over from Nanaimo as reserve hooker. Nanaimo opted out of Premier this year. Westshore lost a couple of players to CW and James Bay since last season. For Westshore Antony Fitch is one to watch, from the UK by way of Alberta, his match up against Colby Mason should be one to watch. A couple of Nanaimo players have joined up with Westshore, Makz Foot and Matt Weir. Ravens have the home field advantage and will likely be playoff bound for another season. Prediction: Ravens by 8.

1 Nathan Groenewold
2 Matt Evans
3 Neil Hagerty
4 David Phillips
5 Makz Foot
6 Karl Mattison
7 Matt Weir
8 Peyton Eagar
9 Nicholas Mouret
10 Aaron Hersant vc
11 Tyler Wilkes
12 Aidan Holland
13 Antony Fitch
14 Galen Potash-Kooyman
15 Braeden Bespalko
16 Hamish Thomson
17 Rick Bown
18 Brock West
19 Dreydon Martin
20 Martin Damianoff
21 Thomas Hausier
22 Brennan Bourchier


1 Benji Couling
2 Jesse Mackail
3 Tom Kaijaks
4 Ray Junior Wilson
5 Kiernan Collie
6 Mathew Chan
7 David O’Donoghue (c)
8 Brian Moylett
9 Alex Ball
10 Jasper Mellish
11 David Thompson
12 Tyler Hume
13 Colby Mason
14 Sean Hase
15 Aaron McLelland
16 Antonio Corbin
17 Guido Suez
18 Chris Taylor
19 James Carson
20 Jacob Ikeda
21 Jack Scher
22 Daniel Pelletier
23 Nolan McAllister

UBC 89 v James Bay 0
Referee: Shanda Assmus Venue: UBC- Gerald McGavin Centre

UBC: Curry Hitchborn
JBAA: Sean White

Another lopsided match indicating Westshore and Bays might be in the bottom four this year, perhaps competing with Rowers and Meraloma. Vikes, Caps and Burnaby in the middle of the pack with UBC, Ravens, Pride and CW in the top four. That’s an early prediction but that may need revision after next week’s Caps v Pride match. It looks like Seattle has been written out of the schedule with COVID border complications existing.

UBC will field a strong team this Premier season, coming off a 3rd place finish in the Coastal Cup and winning the Canadian University Championship. They have five Carsons in the roster, Cali Martinez at loosehead and talent throughout the roster. The Bays continue their rebuilding phase, Crosby Stewart at #9 is a top player, Isaac Gonevou moved over from Westshore and teams up in the centres with Mostyn Findlay who came over from the Vikes program. Dakota Lachance, making the transition from backline player to prop, gets an early introduction to top level play against the Thunderbird pack. UBC should have this one in hand, another home team pick. Prediction: UBC by 9.

Live stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrHbBuNZWFg

1. Calixto Martinez
2. Jacob Bossi
3. Conor O’Flaherty
4. Frank Carson
5. David Carson
6. Donald Carson
7. Owain Ruttan
8. Alfie Scopes
9. Jack Carson
10. Max Abercrombie
11. Relmu Wilson – Valdes
12. Ethan Berry
13. Connor Byron
14. Jared Andrews – Almack
15. Jacob Bourne
16. Joshua Tweed
17. Payton Teneycke
18. Koen Buckingham
19. Takoda McMullin
20. Matt Percillier
21. Joshua Downes
22. Hillyard Carson
23. Alastair Marshall


1. Dakota Lachance
2. Austin Creighton
3. Andrew Macpherson
4. Andrew Montgrand
5. Andrew Scott
6. Lucas Nielson
7. Wyatt Pilz
8. Alex Jordan Cpt.
9. Crosby Stewart
10. Mitch Sora
11. Keith Graham
12. Isaac Gonevou
13. Mostyn Findlay
14. Henry Do
15. Craig Mitchell-Hermann
16. Kerry Park
17. Mark Cunningham
18. TBC
19. Isahia Harrison
20. Ryan Boothroyd
21. Keaton Williams
22. Gio Douyon

*BC Premier Returns After 700 Days: Last Match Weekend February 29th 2020*

We’re all itching to get going with the return of BC Premier rugby. The last article we had on the BC Premier, with our predictions, was the “BC Rugby Weekend of February 29th 2020” – a leap year, we should have known. It will be 700 days (100 weeks, 1,008,000 minutes, 60,480,000 seconds) exactly when the BC Premier resumes on January 29th 2022 (knock on wood), but who’s counting.

This coming weekend has the following matches planned. We’ll do our prediction article on Friday when we get the rosters but for now we’ll list the team coaches, venues and referees. Come back to this page on Friday for the team rosters and our predictions.

All men’s Premier matches are 2:30pm on Saturday unless noted otherwise. The full BC Rugby schedule is here.

BC Premier Schedule for January 29th 2022

Castaway Wanderers v Burnaby Lake
Referee: Ryan Alguire Venue: Windsor Park

CW: Ken Goodland
Burnaby: Aaron O’Flaherty

Meraloma v Vancouver Rowing Club
Referee: Saro Turner Venue: Connaught Park

Meraloma: Christiaan Esterhuizen
Rowers: Duncan James

UBCOB Ravens v Westshore
Referee: Christopher Assmus Venue: Jericho Beach Park

Ravens: Simon Fitzgerald
Westshore: Aaron Frisby

UBC v James Bay
Referee: Shanda Assmus Venue: UBC- Gerald McGavin Centre

UBC: Curry Hitchborn
JBAA: Sean White

UVic v Pacific Pride
Referee: Bradley Schwalger Venue: U Of Victoria- Wallace Field

CW: Scott Manning
Pride: Phil Mack

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