BC Rugby Weekend of March 2nd 2024

BC Premier Week 9 Results & Rosters: Pride Top Caps, UVic Trounced by Lomas, Westshore Fall to Ravens, Burnaby Overpower UBC

The men’s Premier entered Week 9 with 5 weeks to follow before the playoffs. The Lomas, previously undefeated, had dropped to 3rd place with their loss to the Ravens but roared back to demolish UVic this week and claim top spot again. The women’s Premier kicked off this week as well and featured a number of one sided scorelines.

Men’s Premier

Capilano 21 v Pacific Pride 31 @ 14:30
Referee: Nathaniel Hight AR1: Jeremy Duncan AR2: Tere Blake
Venue: Klahanie Park

We had Pride by +8 and it turned out to be a +10 win. The Pride are tied with the Lomas at the top of the table but the Lomas have a better point differential so claim 1st place. The Caps remain winless and in 9th place, with only 5 weeks left in the regular season, and 4 matches for the Caps, the hope of a playoff spot is fading. Next week the Caps have a bye and the Pride visit Burnaby.


#9 hosting #1. At first glance it doesn’t look like this would be close, the top team playing the second from last but Capilano have been improving and the Pride have a number of new players coming in after the fall season.

For the Pride Sam Mace returns at hooker, Matt Klimchuk moves to #8 to make room for openside Von Richardson. Mark Balaski gets the start at #10 and a new player, Andrew Cooper, gets the start on the wing.

For the Caps some rotation of forwards from the reserves but the forward roster remains consistent from last week. George Wallin gets the start at #10 switching places with Mike Moloney who moves to fullback. The strength of the Caps lineup is in the centres with Johnny Franklin and Melani Nanai.

The Pride as the #1 team have to go in as favourites but if the Caps can keep up for the full 80 and leverage their advantage in the centres, it may be a surprise result.

Prediction: Pride by 8.


1 Griffin Phillipson / Sam Miller
2 Austin Creighton / Sam Mace
3 Theo Espagnol
4 Jaiden John / Ben James
5 James Stockwood / Jaiden John
6 Ben James (C) / Braden Bruce
7 Matt Klimchuk / Von Richardson
8 Braden Bruce / Matt Klimchuk
9 Brady White
10 Jamie Armstrong / Mark Balaski
11 Ian Jones
12 Tyler Buchanan
13 Kyle Tremblay / Liam Poulton
14 Liam Poulton / Andrew Cooper
15 James Thiel
16 Neil Trainor / Noah Kyneston
17 Sam Miller / Griffin Phillipson
18 Conor Williams
19 Alistair Bruce
20 Von Richardson / Charles Taimani
21 Charles Taimani / Jesse Kilgour
22 Jesse Kilgour / Kyle Tremblay
23 Justin Taylor / Ty Driscoll


1 James Ritzema / Ed Wallin
2 Jason De Freitas / Ethan McCarthy
3 Ed Wallin / Jesse Ryan
4 Nick Pearce
5 Joe Britt
6 Ollie Winspear / Pete Ingoldsby
7 Flynn Heyes
8 Reid Brookes
9 Chris Robinson
10 Mike Moloney / George Wallin
11 Cam Waddell
12 Johnny Franklin (C)
13 Melani Nanai
14 Chuck Huntingford / Nate Holm
15 George Wallin / Mike Moloney
16 Ethan McCarthy / Jason De Freitas
17 Jesse Ryan / James Ritzema
18 McKenzie Mills
19 Pete Ingoldsby / Rich Merinsky
20 Cori Hamill / Jack Rainer
21 Brandon Power / Chuck Huntingford
22 Sam Franklin / Brandon Power
23 TBA / Matt Nicol

Meraloma 61 v University Of Victoria 12 @ 14:30
Referee: Benjamin Lambrick AR1: Joel Van Meer
Venue: Connaught Park

The Lomas roared back into 1st place after recording their first loss of the season in their last outing. We predicted a +7 win  but it was a +49 bruising. The Vikes returning from Argentina during the week might have been feeling the effects. Next week the Lomas visit UBC while the Vikes host James Bay.


#3 hosting #8. The Lomas were shocked by the Ravens last week, breaking their winning streak in dramatic fashion, a -26 loss to the Ravens. Their first loss of the season and a fall from 1st place. The Vikes just returned from a reading break tour to Argentina, so it will be interesting to see how it affects their game, invigorated from the competition or fatigued from the jet lag?

The Lomas have rotated some of the reserves in the forwards and have Jalan Farris returning to take the #8 spot. A change in halfbacks from last week with James Frankenberger coming off the bench to start at scrum half and Trent Ormsby coming into the roster for the start at flyhalf. Jordan Wilson-Ross is listed on the bench, a veteran backline player who was capped four times for Canada. He was playing with the Rowers previously.

For the Vikes a few rotations from the bench but the roster largely remains unchanged from their last Premier match in February. Ethan Smith at wing is the only new player in the starting XV.

Expecting the Lomas to right the ship, especially at home, after the loss to the Ravens.

Prediction: Lomas by 7.


1 Mark Rickard
2 Gil Cann-Vaana / Scott Bowers
3 Conor Turley / Tom Webb
4 Finton O’Sullivan / John Willis
5 John Willis / Brian Hayden
6 Brian Hayden / Corne Ludick
7 Evan Galvin
8 Corne Ludick / Jalan Farris
9 Pete Hurst / James Frankenberger
10 Joe Thomas / Trent Ormsby
11 Dewi Williams / Keith Graham
12 Doug Fraser
13 Conrad Kutia / Manuel Bustinduy
14 Keith Graham / Conrad Kutia
15 Louis Whelan
16 Scott Bowers / Geoff Brooks
17 Tom Webb / Gil Cann-Vaana
18 Craig Trimble / Conor Turley
19 Ethan Jaques / Finton O’Sullivan
20 Thomas Williams / Ethan Jaques
21 James Frankenberger / Pete Hurst
22 Jad Hamade / Joe Thomas
23 Manuel Bustinduy / Jordan Wilson-Ross


1 Owen Kokan / Brent Hamberg
2 Phoenix Moller
3 Nic Willey
4 Merlin M’Cloud / Alex Gordon
5 Brendan Kim
6 Jordy Auger
7 Jaxson Jones
8 Muiredach Casey
9 Chris Gamage
10 Alex Gamage
11 Marcus Lott
12 Josh McIndoe / Dylan Cleaver
13 Lockart MacGregor
14 Dylan Cleaver / Ethan Smith
15 Morgan Di Nardo
16 Brent Hamberg / Sully Curran
17 Brighton Feldman / Owen Kokan
18 Alex Gordon / Brighton Feldman
19 Henry Down / Josh Petrov
20 Lucas Okano
21 Jackson Graf
22 Tanner Milligan / Matt Bennett
23 Angus Boyd-Porter / Edan Lewis

UBCOB Ravens 18 v Westshore 5 @ 14:30
Referee: David Smortchevsky AR1: CLINT LEMKUS AR2: JT ZHANG
Venue: Jericho Beach Park

We predicted the Ravens would get a +9 win but they made it a +13 win. It sounds like a competitive match but both teams miss out on a bonus point. The Ravens fall to 3rd, Westshore remain in 6th place. Next week the Ravens have a bye, Westshore host CW.


#2 hosting #6. The Ravens coming off an upset win over the top ranked Lomas while Westshore were soundly beaten by #7 UBC last match.

For Westshore only a few changes to the match day 23 apart from rotations from the bench, they have Adam Beaupre in at second row, Malcom Klaver at scrum half and Payton Gibson at fly half.

The Ravens have decided to put a lot of their firepower on the bench so expecting a strong second half push from them. In the reserves are Aaron McLelland, Harjun Gill, Tom Kaijaks and David O’Donoghue. Jake Holmes moves from fullback to take the starting #10 role and Billy Wickham gets the start at scrum half. The centre combo is changed up with Nico Leonard and Ethan Berry getting the start.

The Ravens are probably the on form team right now as evidenced by their win over Meraloma. Westshore form has been up and down, the loss to UBC last time out was their second loss in a row.

Prediction: Ravens by 9.


1 Josh Tweed / Lachie Gunson
2 Viaan Wolmarans / Riku Conrad
3 Tom Kaijaks / Harrison Burgees
4 Donald Carson / James Carson
5 James Carson / Donald Carson
6 Trevor Helgason
7 David O’Donoghue / Matthew Chan
8 Joe Locke
9 Sam Walton-Sexton / Billy Wickham
10 Aaron McLelland / Jake Holmes
11 Augustine Lugoonzo
12 Harjun Gill / Ethan Berry
13 Hamish Janes / Nico Leonard
14 Cole Keffer / Hamish Janes
15 Jake Holmes / Nicholas Blain
16 Taiyo Minami / Viaan Wolmarans
17 Harrison Burgees / Joshua Tweed
18 Lachie Gunson / Tom Kaijaks
19 Frank Carson
20 Nathan Gittoes / David O’Donoghue
21 Robert Crowell / Sam Walton-Sexton
22 Billy Wickham / Aaron McLelland
23 Nicholas Blain / Harjun Gill


1 Justin Tasse
2 Matt Evans / Brian Waraba
3 Kane Perrett
4 Brayden Gray / Adam Beaupre
5 Brian Ndirangu
6 Jade Billington
7 Tom Heuser
8 Taine Clague / Alvin Otieno
9 Grayson Perry / Malcolm Klaver
10 Josh Nordstrom / Payton Gibson
11 Liam Clark / Nelson Oyoo
12 Darian Morrison / Jeff Oluoch
13 Braeden Bespalko / Darian Morrison
14 Alex Mentiply / Braeden Bespalko
15 Shane Dagg / Johnstone Olindi
16 Brian Waraba / Matt Evans
17 Nathan Groenewold
18 Simeon John
19 Jeff Oluoch / Brayden Gray
20 Mark Discombe / Matt Weir
21 Alvin Otieno / Mitch Buie
22 Nelson Oyoo / Josh Nordstrom
23 Johnstone Olindi / Alex Mentiply

UBC 5 v Burnaby Lake 17 @ 14:30
Referee: Shanda Assmus AR1: Phil Webster AR2: Cole Pedrick
Venue: UBC- Gerald McGavin Centre
[note: game moved to Burnaby]

We called Burnaby +2 and it was Burnaby +17, really holding the high flying T-Bird backline in check. There was a lot of confusion pregame, the evening before it was decided the UBC field was unplayable and the games moved to Burnaby. We’d like to hear the background story on that, seems very last minute. Unfortunately it seemed to have scuppered The Rugby Network live stream that was planned and we didn’t see a Burnaby live stream, pity. The result gives Burnaby a solid hold of 4th place and a potential home game in the quarter-finals, UBC remain in 7th place. Next week Burnaby host the Pacific Pride, that should be a cracker, while UBC (hopefully) host the Lomas.


#7 hosting #4. UBC coming off a decisive win over Westshore and Burnaby also coming off a strong win over Capilano.

For Burnaby they’ve definitely gone for size hoping to overpower the younger UBC side in the forwards. They’ve brought Lucas Albornoz into a starting second row spot, moved James Kelly from flanker to hooker and given the #8 spot to Taitusi Vikilani. They’ve shaken up the backline from 11 to 15 anticipating a potent UBC backline attack. In are Neil Maclaine, Scott Barr, and Ethan Dromgool.

UBC are the only team who haven’t put out a roster at the time of writing. We know Izzak Kelly has gone to Wales to play rugby, we’ll have to follow up on that when we see him in a roster. The McMullin brothers are becoming higher profile and looked good in the Canada Selects loss to the Seattle Seawolves, with Talon McMullin scoring the only try for the Selects. We’ve posted their February 10th roster in the meantime.

This is shaping up to be a battle of the physical Burnaby forwards vs the expansive UBC backline. How well can the UBC forwards handle the Burnaby pack and how well can the Burnaby backs contain the talented UBC backline? The good news is this will be live streamed on The Rugby Network.
[note: UBC roster in, moving Takoda McMullin to flyhalf the major change, also Caden Wilson on the bench.]

Prediction: Burnaby by 2.

UBC (from February 10th)

1 Thor Noble / Koen Buckingham
2 Emmett Allen
3 Payton Teneycke
4 Hilyard Carson
5 Izzak Kelly / Joe McNulty
6 Sol Jacques
7 Callum Arnesen
8 Relmu Wilson-Valdes
9 Stephen Webb
10 James Biss / Takoda McMullin
11 Jared Andrews-Almack
12 Talon McMullin
13 Takoda McMullin / Alastair Marshall
14 Alastair Marshall / Kieran Martin
15 Lenny Bondau
16 Tate Hartley
17 Koen Buckingham / Thor Noble
18 Ethan Lee / Graeme Francolini
19 Joe McNulty / Caden Wilson
20 Liam Kinghorn / Sandon Gupta
21 Ben Martin
22 Kieran Martin / Anvith Mulpuri
23 Niko Andrianos / Cullum Kilmartin


1 Luka Bradley
2 Evan Mackey / Jamie Kelly
3 Bryce Worden (c)
4 Cooper Johnston
5 Leo Chen / Lucas Albornoz
6 Jamie Kelly / James Catterson
7 Jack Bolton
8 Siaki Vikilani / Taitusi Vikilani
9 Reid Watkins
10 Ethan Turner
11 Jack Brady / Hayden Mulgrew
12 Kimi Vunituraga / Neil MacLaine
13 Hayden Mulgrew / Scott Barr
14 Stu Jamieson / Jack Brady
15 Brian Murphy / Ethan Dromgool
16 Chase McCrum / Evan Mackey
17 Lalit Bharadwaj
18 Juan Videla / Cass Kocevar
19 Lucas Albornoz / Siaki Vikilani
20 Taitusi Vikilani / Leo Chen
21 Jeke Gotegote
22 Dan Josok / Mohi Parata
23 Mohi Parata / Lynden Duggan

Women’s Premier

This is the first week of the women’s Premier, the top 5 teams from the previous Div1/Premier advance plus UBC are given a second team entry. Apparently, although unusual, the other teams agreed to UBC getting two teams in the competition. UBC are represented by the Vancouver Thunderbirds Thunder and the Vancouver Thunderbirds Birds. We’ll add rosters when available.

Vancouver Thunderbirds Thunder 0 v Castaway Wanderers 53 @ 12:45
Referee: Riley Robinson AR1: Doug Thorpe AR2: Scott Johnson
Venue: UBC- Gerald McGavin Centre

Westshore 71 v Seattle 14 @ 12:45
Referee: Julianne Zussman AR1: Jamie Roszel AR2: Olivia Ross
Venue: Juan De Fuca

Vancouver Thunderbirds Birds 64 v Capilano 0 @ 11:15
[note: Capilano advertise this game at Klahanie at 12:45]
Referee: Doug Thorpe AR1: Shanda Assmus AR2: Riley Robinson
Venue: UBC- Gerald McGavin Centre

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