BC Rugby Weekend of March 5th 2022

BC Premier Weekend Results: CW Dominate UVic; Caps Edge Lomas; Ravens Soar Past Burnaby; UBC Sink Rowers

Castaway Wanderers 43 v University Of Victoria 15 14:45
Referee: Cole Pedrick Referee 2: Carter Haddow
Venue: Windsor Park

We said CW by +8 but it was CW by +28. We also heard reported 47-15 and 45-15 but the BCRU site has it as 43-15. Needless to say a bonus point win for CW. CW go to 2nd in the table behind the Ravens, both 4-0 with Ravens claiming an extra bonus point. UVic drop to 9th at 0-3. Next week CW visit cross town rivals James Bay while UVic host Westshore.

CW are undefeated at 3-0, they narrowly got by Westshore last week, missing their starting #10 Grady Bowd. He’s back this week to run the show in the backline. Alex Clark gets the start at hooker, otherwise the forwards remain the same. The backline which didn’t fire last week gets a shake up with Bowd back at 10 and Zech Pilgrim getting the start at #9, moving Schellenberger to inside centre. Daniel James comes into the side at #11 and Gareth Sandner at fullback. Griffiths and Adibe are the only backs to retain their starting spot. Another note is Cam Polson is on the bench, we haven’t noticed his name mentioned in a while since he went to play in the MLR for Seattle pre-COVID. At 32 he still has a lot to offer and will be a great impact sub for the home side.

UVic are 0-2 so far this season but their differential is only -16 so they’ve been close in both losses. UVic are missing their two national 7s players, Brennig Prevost and Lachlan Kratz. Those are the two big changes from the side that gave the Ravens a scare two weeks ago. Benjamin Newhook comes in as second row, Merlin M’Cloud comes off the bench to start at #6.

CW at home, undefeated, go in as favourites. Having Grady Bowd back at #10 makes a big difference in their backline attack. UVic are missing two national team players as well. Prediction: CW by 8.

Coach Ken Goodland

1. Gavin Kratz
2. John Braddock Alex Clark
3. Jack Sponarski
4. Liam Chisolm (c)
5. John Humphries
6. Sawyer Herron
7. Steve Pyke
8. Mike Finnemore
9. Brandon Schellenberger Zech Pilgrim
10. Jordan Tait Grady Bowd
11. Angus Boyd-Porter Daniel James
12. Kyle White Brandon Schellenberger
13. Dan Griffiths
14. Mike Adibe
15. Harry Elliot Gareth Sandner
16. Alex Clark John Braddock
17. Cam Smith Dylon Montgomery
18. Dylon Montgomerry Riley Ilnicki
19. Riley Ilnicki Cam Polson
20. Jack Warren Cam Sandison
21. Zech Pilgrim Luke Scheck
22. Olly Winser
23 Angus Boyd-Porter

Coach Scott Manning

1 Owen Kokan
2 Nathan Yue
3 Denver Fatt
4 Benjamin Newhook
5 Asfand Saeed
6 Merlin M’Cloud
7 Henry Down
8 Nicholas Carson
9 Chris Gamage
10 Gabriel Casey
11 Shane Rikley-Krindle
12 Graeme Norris
13 Jonas Robinson (C)
14 Ethan Hager
15 Andrew Easson
16 Ryder Heaney-Corns
17 Max Hassel
18 Brendan Kim
19 Ayo Ogunlade
20 Lucas Okano
21 Ethan Smith
22 James Thiel
23 Tal Williamswood

Meraloma 21 v Capilano 24 14:30
Referee: David Smortchevsky Referee 2: Brett Hay
Venue: Connaught Park

We said Caps +3 and indeed it was +3. A tight match with the Caps getting two second half yellow cards which helped the Lomas close the gap. Capilano are in 6th place at 2-2. Meralomas are in 8th place at 1-3. Next week Caps have a bye while the Lomas visit Burnaby.

Caps are 1-2 with a -2 point differential. They knocked off the Pride at home but lost to UBC and Burnaby. They’ve rotated their front row from last week, with Neil Courtney moving from tighhead to loosehead and Jess Ryan coming off the bench to start at tighthead. James Ritzema also comes off the bench to start at hooker. Liam Doll moves from blindside flanker to second row and Alex McDonnell moves from the bench to second row. Jordan Harvey moves from openside to blindside and Cori Hamill comes off the bench to start at openside. Glenn McKinnon keeps his #8 position. A shake up at scrum half with Chris Robinson moving to fullback and Johnny Adams coming off the bench to start at #9. Phil Le Leivre moves from fullback to wing. Jeremy Simon keeps his spot at #10 as does Johnny Franklin at outside centre.

The Lomas are also 1-2 with a -39 differential. There’s also some rotation in their squad. Loosehead Richard Barrett comes off the bench for the start, and Mark Richard comes into the side at tighthead. Dave Matthews comes off the bench to start at second row. Darragh Foley comes into the roster as starting #6. Paddy Kirwin comes off the bench to start at scrum half while Ted O’Leary returns to the side to start at #10. Luke O’Brien moves from flyhalf to inside centre and Steff Evans moves from inside to outside centre. De Wet van Neekirk comes off the bench to start at fullback.

This should be a close match, both teams with similar records but Caps with better defensive stats. Prediction: Caps by 3.

Coach Rameses Langston

1 – Neil Courtney
2 – James Ritzema
3 – Jesse Ryan
4 – Alex McDonnell
5 – Liam Doll
6 – Jordan Harvey (C)
7 – Cori Hamill
8 – Glen McKinnon
9 – Johnny Adams
10 – Jeremy Simon
11 – Eligh Papin
12 – Cam Waddell
13 – Johnny Franklin (C)
14 – Phil Le Lievre
15 – Chris Robinson
16 – Mackenzie Mills
17 – Rich Merinsky
18 – Ryan Scott
19 – Reid Tucker
20 – Sam Franklin
21 – Haward Mulundi

Coach Christiaan Esterhuizen

1. Richard Barrett
2. Scott McGinley
3. Mark Richard
4. Dave Matthews
5. Justin Fanselow
6. Darragh Foley
7. Alex Carmel
8. Jalan Farris
9. Paddy Kirwan
10. Ted O’Leary
11. Dewi Williams
12. Luke O’Brien
13. Steff Evans (c)
14. James McTurk
15. De Wet van Neekirk
16. Isaac Smith
17. Pat Zuk
18. James Harborne
19. Nik Neubert
20. Thomas Viljoen
21. Leo Ceccarelli
22. Devon Singh-Parhar

UBCOB Ravens 46 v Burnaby Lake 17 14:30
Referee: Christopher Assmus Referee 2: CLINT LEMKUS
Venue: Jericho Beach Park

We said Ravens +5 but it was Ravens +29. It was a close game at the half 24-17 for the Ravens but it was all Ravens in the second half. Ravens go top of the table at 4-0 with 4 BP. Burnaby fall to 7th at 1-2. Next week Ravens travel to Seattle while Burnaby host Meraloma.

The Ravens at 3-0 have a +99 point differential, they’ve averaged about 50 points per match so have a potent attack. A big part of that attack is Aaron McLelland at fullback, he again retains that spot. Two important players who were missing from the close encounter with UVic, Colby Mason #13 and Brian Moylett #8 are back in the roster. Grant Crowell is also back in the match 23, a powerful impact sub. It looks like they’re putting out their top roster against Burnaby on Saturday.

Burnaby are 1-1 with a -18 differential. They’re only averaging 17 points per match so need to up their attack against the Ravens. The big suprise is seeing Taitusi Vikilani back in Burnaby colours after his signing announcement with the Toronto Arrows in January. That moves David Dinbandhu back to outside centre after a trial run at #8. Mike O’Toole is back in the roster at second row and Connor McCann at openside. Neil Maclaine takes the #10 role and Dean McMahon replaces Lee Sandberg at #9.

Ravens at home and undefeated will go in as favourites. They’re not taking any chances and have their top players in the roster this week. Burnaby will see what influence Taitusi can have on his return, two strong forward packs but the Ravens have a few more impact players. Prediction: Ravens by 5.

Coach Simon Fitzgerald

1 Tom Kaijaks
2 Sean Pyle
3 Guido Suez
4 Matt Chan
5 Ray Wilson
6 David O’Donoghue
7 Jake Ikeda
8 Brian Moylett
9 Billy Wickham
10 Jasper Mellish
11 Sean Hase
12 Dan Pelletier
13 Colby Mason
14 David Thompson
15 Aaron McLelland
16 Antonio Corbin
17 Neil Murphy
18 James Carson
19 Kiernan Collie
20 Simon Etheve
21 Grant Crowell
22 Robbie Jones
23 Jack Scher

Coach Aaron O’Flaherty

1 Lalit Bhardawaj
2 Dylan Vermette
3 Nik Hildebrand
4 Mike O’Toole
5 Cooper Johnston
6 James Catterson
7 Connor McCann
8 Taitusi Vikilani
9 Dean McMahon
10 Neil Maclaine ©
11 Kou Odaka
12 Cole McQueen
13 David Dinbandhu
14 Jack Gelbart
15 Brian Fitzpatrick
16 Liem Jung
17 Darog Smith
18 Mike Gough
19 Fuku Vikilani
20 Ethan Turner
21 Ezequiel Rossetti
22 Preston Petrovitch
23 Blake Steele

Vancouver Rowing Club 20 v UBC 31 14:30
Referee: Bradley Schwalger Referee 2: Toby Mustill
Venue: Brockton Oval

We said UBC +18 but it was UBC +11. A closer game than we expected but the Rowers are playing some good rugby and will surprise a few teams this season. UBC are in 3rd at 3-0 with 3 BP. Rowers are in 5th place at 2-2. Next week Rowers have a bye while UBC host the Pacific Pride.

UBC are 2-0 with a +100 in point differential. They have an impressive attack but were slowed down a bit last week by Capilano in a 31-20 win. Look for the T-Birds to kick their attack into full gear this week. They haven’t changed the forwards much, Josh Tweed replaces Cali Martinez at loosehead. Sol Jaques replaces Owain Ruttan at openside. A few changes in the backs, Jake Lan starts at wing, Landon Clironomos and Connor Byron in the centres and Jacob Bourne at fullback.

The Rowers are 2-1 with a +48 differential. We don’t have their roster at time of writing so posted the roster from Feb 12th. [ed. updated to current roster]

UBC should win this by a comfortable margin but Rowers have been fairly stingy on defence, only allowing an average of 15 points against per match. That average should go up this week. Prediction: UBC by 18.

Coach – Curry Hitchborn

1. Josh Tweed
2. Jacob Bossi
3. Conor O’Flaherty
4. Frank Carson
5. David Carson
6. Donald Carson
7. Sol Jaques
8. Alfie Scopes
9. Jack Carson
10. Max Abercrombie
11. Jake Lan
12. Landon Clironomos
13. Connor Byron
14. Jared Andrews – Almack
15. Jacob Bourne
16. Calixto Martinez
17. Peyton Teneycke
18. Josh Downes
19. Matt Percillier
20. Takoda Mcmullin
21. Kilick Saxer
22. Ethan Berry
23. Forest Scarrwener

Coach Duncan James

1. Spencer Cooper
2. Gregory Crowe
3. Eddy Quinn
4. Felix Grignon
5. Michael Cooke
6. Scott McTavish
7. Ray Bissonette
8. Ian Prendiville
9. Dermot O Meara
10. Nick Wackwitz
11. Mitch Stainer
12. Tom O’Hare
13. Ryan Williams
14. Tom Rowland
15. Jordan Wilson-Ross
16. Jake Schwartz
17. Josh Waller
18. Jason Carton
19. Tom Brennan
20. Chris Nolan
21. Harvey Rowland
22. Spencer Morgan
23. Conor Sexton

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