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BC Rugby Weekend of September 23rd 2023

Coastal Cup Match Pride v UVic; Premier Preseason Bays @ Westshore, Caps @ Lomas, Ravens @ Burnaby: Match Rosters

Coastal Cup

Pacific Pride v University Of Victoria @ 14:30
Referee: Derek Horton AR1: Al Humphries AR2: Jamie Roszel
Venue: MacDonald Park

Week 4 of the Coastal Cup kicks off this weekend but with UBC in France, there’s only the one match, Pride v UVic. The Pride look well ahead in the standings with 3 bonus point wins, a win this weekend would all but seal the deal for the Pride as returning champions. Speaking of UBC it looks like they lost both of their matches on Day 1 in Bordeaux, first against Bordeaux (8-16) and then Cape Town (7-24). On Saturday they’ll play the US team, Atlantic All Stars and then the Australian side from Sydney.

In this match UVic have made a few changes after defeating TWU last weekend. Most of the changes are shuffles to and from the bench but Taine Clague comes back into the roster at #8, Dylan Cleaver gets the start at inside centre, and Morgan De Nardo starts at fullback.

For the Pride, they played many of their U20 players last week against a youthful UBC squad, a match in which the Pride were dominant, 80-19. This week some of the “veteran” players return, Matt Klimchuk at #8, Spencer Cooper at tighthead, James Thiel gets the start at #10, AJ Kosemple starts on the wing.


1 Brent Hamberg
2 Jack Marshall
3 Owen Kokan
4 Merlin M’Cloud
5 Muiredach Casey
6 Jaxson Jones
7 Tucker Nadeau
8 Taine Clague
9 Chris Gamage
10 Rhys Patterson
11 Graeme Norris
12 Dylan Cleaver
13 Lockhart MacGregor
14 Angus Boyd-Porter
15 Morgan Di Nardo
16 Jordy Auger
17 Phoenix Moller
18 Nik Willey
19 Ryder Heaney-Corns
20 Marcus Lott
21 Alex Gamage
22 Andrew Easson
23 AShane Rikley-Krindle


1 Sam Miller
2 Sam Mace
3 Spencer Cooper
4 James Stockwood
5 Karl Hunger
6 Ben James
7 Von Richardson
8 Matt Klimchuk
9 Jesse Kilgour
10 James Thiel
11 Ian Jones
12 Noah Flesch
13 Kyle Tremblay
14 AJ Kosemple
15 Justin Taylor
16 Austin Creighton
17 Tyler Matchem
18 Aaron Pacha
19 Alistair Bruce
20 Charles Taimani
21 PBrady White
22 Tyler Buchanan
23 Liam Poulton

BC Premier Preseason

It’s still preseason in the BC Premier but there’s some interesting matchups, one on the Island and two on the Mainland. This is the last weekend of Premier preseason matches with the season kicking off on October 14th. Burnaby are undefeated on the Mainland and will host the Ravens, Meraloma will host Capilano who are looking for their first win of the season. On the Island, both the Bays and Westshore have defeated CW so look to finish the preseason on a high note. The Meraloma match is part of their 100th anniversary celebrations, congratulations to the club and players.

Westshore v James Bay @ 14:30
Referee: Malcolm Klaver AR1: Chris Horsley AR2: David Hale
Venue: Juan De Fuca


1 Emerson Prior
2 Matt Evans
3 Kane Perrett
4 Matt Weir
5 Nathan Groenewold
6 Tom Hueser
7 Jade Billington
8 Alvin Otieno
9 Quinn Ngawati
10 Johnstone Olindi
11 Jeff Oluoch
12 Darian Morrison
13 Braedan Bespalko
14 Nelson Oyoo
15 Jacob Brown
16 Bryan Waraba
17 Foster Dewitt
18 Harry Langi
19 Simeon John
20 Duncan Polson
21 Ryan Waldriff
22 Liam Clark
23 Seth Recalma


1 Dakota Lachance
2 Andrew Macpherson
3 Adam Fort
4 Jim de Goede
5 Asfi Saeed
6 Mason Flesch
7 Jordan Brown
8 Tom Richardson
9 Crosby Stewart
10 Nicky Mouret
11 Isaac Gonevou
12 Mostyn Findlay
13 Thomas Burton
14 Joeli Gonevou
15 Craig Mitchell-Hermann
16 Toby Ng
17 Kerry Park
18 Tyler Grom
19 Jack McCarthy
20 Jeremiah Gonevou
21 Mike Nieuwenhuysen
22 Ciaran Breen
23 Mark Yuen
24 Malik James
25 Travis Best

Burnaby Lake v UBCOB Ravens @ 15:00
Referee: Chris Assmus AR1: Kevin Heieis AR2: Nathaniel Hight
Venue: Burnaby Lake Rugby Club


1 Luka Bradley
2 Chase McCrum
3 Bryce Worden
4 Tom Rafuse
5 Dom Baptista
6 Lautaro Rowland-Toscano
7 Jack Bolton
8 David Dinbandhu
9 Reid Watkins
10 Ethan Turner
11 Jack Brady
12 Nolan Shelley
13 Sam Williams
14 Stu Jamieson
15 Brian Murphy
16 E Mackey
17 J Videla
18 O Collett
20 P Petrovich
22 R Malcolm



Meraloma v Capilano @ 14:30
Referee: Saro Turner AR1: Tyler Dawson AR2: Nathan Abdelnour
Venue: Connaught Park


1 Mackenzie Mills
2 James Ritzema
3 Jesse Ryan
4 Sam Eifler
5 Rich Merinsky
6 Ethan McCarthy
7 Flynn Heyes
8 Reid Brookes
9 Tom Hallam
10 Mike Moloney
11 Mahyar Hosseini
12 Johnny Franklin
13 Cam Waddell
14 Matt Nicol
15 Josh Wang
16 Mickey Rowlands
17 Keita Dueck
18 Ashton Fink
19 Casey Paddock
20 Kes Kasha
21 Dan Parkins
22 Cam Perrin
23 Alex Eastman


1 Mark Rickard
2 Scott Bowers
3 Theo Espagnol
4 Fintan O’Sullivan
5 Giovanni Guizzetti
6 Evan Galvin
7 Ethan Jaques
8 Jalan Farris
9 Peter Hurst
10 Joe Thomas
11 Dewi Williams
12 Jad Hamade
13 Steffan Evans
14 Keith Graham
15 James McTurk
16 Corne Ludick
17 Richie Barrett
18 Dave Matthews
19 Brian Hayden
20 Ginga Ishii
21 Shane Rodgers
22 Ollie Brannigan
23 Tuveia Leon
24 Ethan Spencer

Dunbar Keg

The U20 competition continues this week with Vancouver visiting Fraser Valley in Langley (11:45am) and North Island Tsunami facing South Island Tide, game apparently at UVic.

For complete fixtures information visit the BCRU page at https://bcrugby.com/fixtures/

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