BC Youth Teams – 2023

BC U16 and U18 Teams Dominate in Exhibition Matches Against Pacific Northwest Loggers

BC hosted the Pacific Northwest Loggers on the weekend in four matches U16 and U18 Boys and Girls.

The scores haven’t officially been posted but you can watch on the BCRU Veo App. Download the Veo Live App and then select BC Rugby as the “Clubs you follow”. You’ll see the list of archived videos. The Veo camera system doesn’t zoom very well so when play goes to the far side of the field it’s difficult to see what’s happening but it’s better than no stream at all. The system doesn’t require a camera operator, so convenience trumps quality in this case. One nice feature is the system stores moments (scores) so you can follow the scoring timeline.

Based on the video the results were as follows:

U16 Girls 58-0 for BC
U16 Boys 43-0 for BC
U18 Girls 64-0 for BC
U18 Boys 47-0 for BC

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