Canada West Selects – May 2022

CanWest Defeats American Raptors 40-17 – CanWest Island Edges CanWest Mainland 14-12 – Match Photos and Video Link

The American Raptors started strong going up 12-0. The Island had their share of ball and line breaks but a lack of precision with dropped passes and balls stripped in contact denied them any points. It was a defensive effort, by Gabe Casey, that led to their first try when he intercepted an ambitious wide pass by the Raptors inside their 22. It was converted 12-7 Raptors.

Things opened up on attack for the Island when Grady Bowd was moved to second receiver and young South African/Canadian Max Stewart was moved to first receiver. Having two distributors of the ball worked well for the Island. It was a step inside past the loosehead prop that set Max Stewart into open space and he offloaded to #16 Austin Creighton for the second Island try, it was converted for a 14-12 finish to the first 40.

The Raptors were beginning to tire a bit and the fresh legs from the Mainland team were able to find gaps out wide. Some good backline play saw the winger, #11 Talon McMullin, cross the line. Next fullback Brian Fitzpatrick was the last man outside on an overlap to keep the scoreboard ticking. Some excellent kicking from the Mainland back three were keeping the Raptors pinned inside their 22. The forwards got hold of the ball and pummelled a tiring Raptor defence with pick and goes before it was sent wide with hooker, Jesse Mackail, finishing it off for the try. The Raptors received a yellow for a dump tackle but were to score their only try of the second half, it was 33-17. The Mainland got their 4th try off some sustained pressure inside the Raptors 22 and when it was swung wide TWU’s Favour Olaniyan burst through the last tackle for the try. Final 40-17 for CanWest Island/Mainland teams.

In the Island v Mainland match, the Island struck first from a lineout at the 5 metre line. Callum Botchar at #5 went high to take the throw and then spun and fought his way over the line, the try was converted. The teams traded tries in an even match and it was 14-7 going into the final minutes. Mainland scored at the whistle with a man overlap on the outside but the conversion hit the upright to deny them the draw.

The video of all three matches (without sound) can be viewed here:

Photos (66) of the CanWest (Island) v American Raptors can be viewed here:
Photos (34) of the CanWest (Mainland) v American Raptors can be viewed here:
Photos (27) of the CanWest (Island) v CanWest (Mainland) can be viewed here:

*American Raptors vs Canada West – Starting Rosters Posted: Live Stream Link*

The game tomorrow should be interesting. We have a big American side coming in, many former football players, you would have to say almost MLR level with their Glendale Raptors roots. They put 100+ points on a Seattle club side, who haven’t played in the BC Premier this year, and looking at the highlights weren’t at their best level. It’s a formidable and physical team that Glendale are sending.

Canada West are putting out a couple of selection teams that are youthful but with experience at key positions, like #10. I have no idea what to expect in terms of competitiveness, will the younger players be able to handle the physicality of the American squad? They only have to go 40 minutes before the next selection squad comes in, so they have to start fast and go full out. Then there’s the Island v Mainland battle afterwards. It’s a different concept but a good way to evaluate players in a one day format.

The live stream is on the UBC channel


1 Willem den Ouden
2 Daniel Cooper
3 Kyle Steeves
4 Alastair Bruce
5 Callum Botchar
6 Matt Klimchuk
7 Cody Nhanala
8 Alex Jordan
9 Owen Brombal
10 Grady Bowd
11 Ethan Hager
12 Mostyn Findley
13 Gabe Casey
14 Jack Morris
15 Oliver Mackenzie
16 Austin Creighton
17 Aaron Clark
18 Zephry Melnyk
19 Callum O’Neil
20 Noah Flesch
21 Crosby Stewart
22 Dawson Fatoric
23 Max Stewart


1 Pat Zuk
2 Jesse Mackail
3 Cal Martinez
4 Reid Davis
5 Josh Halladay
6 Izzak Kelly
7 Relmu Wilson-Valdes
8 Jalan Farris
9 Jacob Bourne
10 Mike Maloney
11 Talon McMullin
12 Johnny Franklin
13 Connor Byron
14 Tyler Hume
15 Brian Fitzpatrick
16 Favour Olaniyan
17 Spencer Cooper
18 Jacob Bossi
19 Caleb van Til
20 Sol Jacques
21 Jan Lourens
22 Takoda McMullin
23 Blake Mahovic

American Raptors

1 Chase Stehling
2 Tre Smalls
3 Garrald McDowell
4 Max Dacey
5 Adagio Lopeti
6 Tavius Matthess
7 Caleb Repp
8 Mikey Grandy
9 Nolan Saraceni
10 Line Latu
11 Daytwon Sheridan
12 Watson Filikitonga
13 Zach Hall
14 Otto Zaccardo
15 Seimou Smith
16 Matt Duncan
17 Jarret Sitton
18 Sione Finefeuiaki
19 Brady Daniel
20-21 Scott Nies
22 Jeffrey Peleseuma
23 Luke Mallette

*American Raptors Visit on Saturday to Face Island/Mainland Teams, Followed by Island v Mainland Battle*

Officially this is being promoted as a Canada West vs American Raptors match, in reality it’s a selection match for the Canada West team. The Canada West team will be selected after the matches, by May 17th, and will then train together and travel east on May 26th to take on the Atlantic Selects and the Ontario/Quebec Selects, aka Toronto Arrows Academy, later this month in Halifax. Their first match will be against the Arrows Academy on May 31st and then the Atlantic Selects on June 4th.

The core of the Island team is the Pacific Pride (14), the Rugby Canada Academy team. There are 5 James Bay players, 2 UVic players and Grady Bowd from CW, repping Alberta. Jarvis Daskewytch (Westshore) is available for selection but not participating this match.

The Mainland team is more club diverse with UBC (8), Capilano (3), TWU (2), Ravens (2), Bayside (2), Meraloma (2), Burnaby (1), Squamish (1), Rowers (1) being represented. Don Carson (UBC) is available for selection but not participating in this match.

The purpose of this match and the tournament out east is to identify players for the national team programs who are currently outside the MLR or the national 7s program. The age average of 25 has been mentioned but there’s obviously exceptions. Canada are desperate to find a #10 to lead them through the next World Cup qualifying cycle and Grady Bowd, at 29, has to be in contention. Remember Johnny Sexton is almost 37, it’s a position that requires experience and good decision making.

The American Raptors will get an 80 minute match, with 40 against the Island then the next 40 against the Mainland. There will be a final 30 minutes of Island v Mainland. From those matches the selectors will choose 27 to travel out east for the tournament.

The games are at Shawnigan Lake school on Saturday, kickoff 2pm, there may be a live stream. We’ll update details as they become available. We hope to have photos for distribution post match.


Willem den Ouden – Pride
Dan Cooper – Pride
Kyle Steeves – Pride
Alastair Bruce – Pride
Calum Botchar – Pride
Callum O’Neil – Pride
Cody Nhanala – Pride
Zephyr Melnyk – Pride
Matt Klimchuck – Pride
Dawson Fatoric – Pride
Noah Flesch – Pride
Jack Morris – Pride
Oliver Mackenzie – Pride
Max Stewart – Pride
Austin Creighton – James Bay
Crosby Stewart – James Bay
Owen Brombal – James Bay
Alex Jordan – James Bay
Mostyn Findlay – James Bay
Gabe Casey – UVic
Ethan Hager – UVic
Gradyn Bowd – CW

Not available for match
Jarvis Daskewytch – Westshore


Jacob Bossi – UBC
Cali Martinez – UBC
Izaak Kelly – UBC
Sol Jacques – UBC
Jacob Bourne – UBC
Connor Byron – UBC
Takoda McMullin – UBC
Jared Andrews-Almack – UBC
Mike Maloney – Capilano
Johnny Franklin – Capilano
Favour Olaniyan – Capilano/TWU
Jan-Hendrik Lourens – TWU
Josh Halladay – TWU
Tyler Hume – Ravens
Jesse Mackail – Ravens
Talon McMullin – Bayside
Reid Davis – Bayside
Jalan Farris – Meraloma
Pat Zuk – Meraloma
Brian Fitzpatrick – Burnaby
Blake Mahovic – Squamish
Spencer Cooper – Rowers

Not available for match
Don Carson – UBC

Late Addition
Caleb Van Til (TWU)

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