Canada 7s Updates – November 2022

Henry Paul Leaves Canada 7s Position: Sean White to Take Team to Dubai and Cape Town

Henry Paul is leaving the 7s coaching position at Rugby Canada, the Rugby Canada press release says “Rugby Canada has agreed to release Men’s Sevens Head Coach Henry Paul from his contract with immediate effect”. It’s hard to say what actually happened behind the scenes, was he encouraged to terminate the contract, did he see the handwriting on the wall, or does he have something else lined up that aligns better with family?

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Hong Kong 7s – 2022

Canada Finish in 10th Place at Hong Kong with Day 3 Wins Over Hong Kong and Great Britain: MATCH VIDEOS

Canada finished in 10th place which is a good start for them on the series, they defeated Kenya, Hong Kong and Great Britain to get there. They lost to Argentina, Ireland and New Zealand. If they can keep that pace going through the season they’ll be happy.

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Canada Men’s 7s

A Look at the Men’s 7s Program 2015-2022: Coaching Changes, COVID & Retirements

A reader sent in a request to put together Damian McGrath’s 7s coaching record in Canada and compare it to the current coach, Henry Paul. We didn’t go down to the match by match results but used a more accessible tournament points record and end of year standings and points.

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LA 7s 2022

Canada Finish 0-5 at LA 7s – Complete 2021-22 Series Tied with Wales for 14th/15th Place: MATCH VIDEOS

It’s a good thing relegation was off the table for this season with Great Britain absorbing England, Wales, Scotland next season. Japan would have been relegated and then the tie breaking rules would have been brought into play as Canada and Wales finished in the second relegation position, both tied with 34 points.

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