MLR 2023 – Week 1

MLR Week 1 Wrapup: Standings, Results & Canadian Player Stats

Of the 60 Canadian players listed on the 12 MLR teams 17 started, 18 were in reserve and 25 didn’t get onto the rosters in Week 1. The Canadian players are listed in the match results below.

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MLR 2023 – Canadian Content

List of Canadian Players in MLR 2023

We listed below the Canadian players, we believe, who will be playing in MLR 2023. We compiled the list from Wiki and also Americas Rugby News, who seem an up to date source. There are 59 players on the list with Toronto, as expected, having the largest number of Canadians. New England, surprisingly, is amassing an impressive number of Canadians in their roster.

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MLR Updates – October 2022

MLR Confirms LA and Austin Out of MLR2023 – One New Team to be Added

The MLR officially confirmed the Giltinis from LA and the Gilronis from Austin will be out of the MLR competition in 2023. Both teams, owned by Australian Adam Gilchrist, were kicked out of the playoffs last year due to, apparently, violating league rules. These violations were wideley considered to be salary cap violations, exceeding the league rules on player salaries. LA and Austin were the top two teams in the standings in the Western Conference and were contenders for the title. LA had a number of Canadian players including DTH, Lindsey Stevens, Ben Lesage, Djustice Sears-Duru and Corey Thomas.

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