Coastal Cup Week 1

BC Rugby Season Kicks Off with a Pacific Pride vs UBC Match at MacDonald Park on Saturday: Team Rosters – SCORE UPDATE

[ed. the Pride won the match 42-19. Those at the match report Noah Flesch, Cody Nhanala and Sam Mace had strong games for the Pride and Takoda McMullin and Relmu Wilson-Valdes were outstanding for UBC.]

The BC Rugby season kicks off tomorrow with a Coastal Cup clash UBC visiting the Pride, game at MacDonald Park at 2:15. The season will get into full swing the following weekend September 9th.

UBC have gone through some disruption with the late departure of their head coach Curry Hitchborn, the program is in good hands with the assistant coaches from last year Didier Banse and Bruce Rainer. A quick scan of the roster tomorrow shows some familiar names with a starting XV that played for UBC in the Premier last season, however there are some new names in the reserves.

For the Pride, there’s a few more new names on the roster. We hear Zephyr Melnyk has moved on to the Welsh Premier, and we’ll try to get some more details on that. Cody Nhanala has returned from Western Australia to play for the Pride but there may be a 7s contract coming his way in the future.

We’ll see how this first hit out looks, unfortunately I won’t be there as I’m still catching up from the two week NZ Thunder tour and heading out of town that day. If you’re at the match send us your thoughts on the matchup, any noteworthy performances, and photos if you have any,


1 Koen Buckingham
2 Raymond Chou
3 Payton Teneycke
4 Cayden Wilson
5 Hillyard Carson
6 Sol Jacques
7 Sandon Gupta
8 Relmu Wilson-Valdes
9 Jacob Bourne
10 James Biss
11 Alistair Marshall
12 Talon McMullin
13 Takoda McMullin
14 Niko Andrianos
15 Owain Cormack
16 Connor O’Flaherty
17 Emmett Allen
18 Beaudry Leman
19 Ethan Lee
20 Ben Martin
21 Jared Andrews Almack
22 Kieran Martin
23 Ethan Barry
24 Max Birtley
25 Caleb Suemanutafa


1 Sam Miller
2 Austin Creighton
3 Sam Mace
4 James Stockwood
5 Ben James
6 Von Richardson
7 Cody Nhanala
8 Matt Klimchuk
9 Brady White
10 Justin Taylor
11 AJ Kosemple
12 Noah Flesch
13 Kyle Trembly
14 Ian Jones
15 James Thiel
16 Noah Kynaston
17 Jace Peters
18 Tyler Matchem
19 Jaiden John
20 Charles Taimani
21 Paddy Kirwin
22 Tyler Buchanan
23 Rhys James

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