Dog River Howlers – November 2023

Dog River Howlers U17 Team Win Torneo Colombo – Canadiense 2023 Tournament

The boys U17 team that travelled to Colombia won the Torneo Colombo – Canadiense tournament against U18 teams including the Colombian national U18 team.

It was entertaining rugby to watch, most of the players were from Shawnigan Lake School with a couple from Robin MacDowell’s rugby academy at Cowichan HS. The team list is below.

DJ Banks : Calgary Alberta *
Owen Barlow : Victoria BC
Georges Gave : Hong Kong / Shawnigan Lake BC
Yuri Huisamen : Comox BC
Rio Iwabuchi : Japan *
Aiden Jones : Mill Bay BC
Logan Jones : Mill Bay BC *
Milo McDonald : Shawnigan Lake BC *
Jackson Palmer : Victoria, BC
Luke Prest : Duncan BC
Massimo Ruben : Singapore *
Iain Anderton-Teasdale : Duncan BC

* previous Howlers cap

Coach – Remi Anctil ( Shawnigan Lake School)
Assistant coach – Carlos Pestana (Colombia)
Manager – Leo Lane ( Regina)
Photographer – Judy Teasdale ( Duncan)

The tournament was live streamed and the archive is below, all 9 hours of it. If you want to watch the final Howlers v Colombia match scroll to the last 20 minutes.

Judy Teasdale was the photographer, her FB page is here.

About the Dog River Howlers

The Dog River Howlers are an invitational rugby club founded by Karl Fix in early 2007 based on the motto, “it’s more than a game, it’s a way of life”. The club is based in Dog River, Saskatchewan, Canada (actually the city of Regina) ,which was the fictional home for CTV’s popular “CORNER GAS” TV series.

About Karl Fix

Karl is an icon in the Canadian rugby community. He was one of the founders of the Rugby Canada Super League, a semi-professional league in Canada well before its time. He has been involved at the national level with junior teams and the U20 team. At the provincial level he was on the board of the Saskatchewan Rugby Union and was president at the regional level with the Regina Rugby Union.

It’s hard to keep up with Karl’s world travels. He was down in Guatemala with the Howlers (and Damian McGrath) in October 2023 and then in November with this U17 team in Colombia. For someone in the 70+ age group, he has a lot of energy. They should have made him Rugby Canada CEO ages ago, or at least create a position for him, “Director of Getting Things Done”.

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