From the Editor’s Desk – December 2023

Season’s Greetings from BCRN – Some Rugby Viewing and Reading Resources Over the Holiday Season

Wishing all our readers a relaxing and joyful holiday season. We’ll do a year end review after Xmas and get into the highlights of the year. For now here are some resources for watching rugby and some past stories that you might find interesting.

Where to Watch Rugby

RugbyPass.TV is World Rugby’s media outlet so it has the 7s series and WXV matches and highlights along with some rugby shows to get people interested in rugby. is the MLR streaming service. It has all the old MLR matches but also carried the Canadian University Championships. It has a number of the current women’s English Premier matches available for watching.

Some Reading Material

As we’re slowly bringing old stories back online on the new site we’ve noticed a few interesting articles worth reading again. An interesting side note, even though CBC Sports isn’t covering the World 7s series this season the old matches are still archived. You can rewatch that historic win over Kenya in May that ensured Canada remained a core team on the circuit, check the story below.

Marius Felix Recounts His Memories of the Vancouver Island Crimson Tide as a Player and Coach

Heroic Effort by Men’s 7s Team in London Earns Core Team Status Next Season: Match Videos

Features Section: Including Noah Bain’s 6 part series, and interview with Adam Zaruba.

Xmas Past

We were going through our YouTube channel (which we’ve made a priority to revisit in the new year) and came across some nostalgic items including this 2010 Merry Xmas video. It was blocked from viewing since we had included some AC/DC music in it, we removed that but it still has Who Let the Dogs out music, which strangely wasn’t blocked.

We have 272 videos on the channel going back to 2010. There might be something in there that interests you. If you subscribe to the channel you’ll get a notice when we update it.

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