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List of Canadian Players in MLR 2023

We listed below the Canadian players, we believe, who will be playing in MLR 2023. We compiled the list from Wiki and also Americas Rugby News, who seem an up to date source. There are 59 players on the list with Toronto, as expected, having the largest number of Canadians. New England, surprisingly, is amassing an impressive number of Canadians in their roster.

An important factor is how much playing time each player gets, so we’ve started a spreadsheet to record each player, whether they start (S) or are on the reserves (R). We’ll also record whether they make the 1st Team selection (+1st) each week. By the end of 18 weeks we’ll have a good idea who is excelling by looking at the numbers.

If you notice a player we’ve omitted or incorrectly added, let us know, by email or comments section.

Name Team
Cali Martinez Old Glory DC
Gradyn Bowd Old Glory DC
Doug Fraser Old Glory DC
Foster DeWitt New England Free Jacks
Cole Keith New England Free Jacks
Andrew Quattrin New England Free Jacks
Conor Young New England Free Jacks
Josh Larsen New England Free Jacks
Reegan O’Gorman New England Free Jacks
Conor Keys New England Free Jacks
Ethan Fryer New England Free Jacks
Spencer Jones New England Free Jacks
Ben LeSage New England Free Jacks
Isaac Olson New England Free Jacks
Quinn Ngawati New York Ironworkers
Andrew Coe New York Ironworkers
Matt Heaton Rugby Atlanta
George Barton Rugby Atlanta
Jack Shaw Rugby Atlanta
Seth Purdey Rugby Atlanta
Eric Howard New Orleans Gold
Jack McRogers Toronto Arrows
David Scollon Toronto Arrows
Denver Fatt Toronto Arrows
Nik Hildebrand Toronto Arrows
Tyler Rowland Toronto Arrows
Mike Sheppard Toronto Arrows
Hank Stevenson Toronto Arrows
Corey Thomas Toronto Arrows
Adrian Wadden Toronto Arrows
Mason Flesch Toronto Arrows
James O’Neill Toronto Arrows
Lucas Rumball Toronto Arrows
Owain Ruttan Toronto Arrows
Tom Artmann Toronto Arrows
Travis Larsen Toronto Arrows
Ross Braude Toronto Arrows
Cole Brown Toronto Arrows
Gabe Casey Toronto Arrows
Shane O’Leary Toronto Arrows
Jacob Ince Toronto Arrows
Mitch Richardson Toronto Arrows
Cole Davis Toronto Arrows
Kobe Faust Toronto Arrows
Avery Oitomen Toronto Arrows
Brenden Black Toronto Arrows
Ciaran Breen Toronto Arrows
Robbie Povey Houston SaberCats
Lindsey Stevens Chicago Hounds
Liam Murray Dallas Jackals
Dewald Kotze Dallas Jackals
Kyle Steeves Dallas Jackals
Ethan Hager Dallas Jackals
Djustice Sears-Duru San Diego Legion
Jason Higgins San Diego Legion
Emerson Prior Utah Warriors
Nakai Penny Seattle Seawolves
Reid Watkins Seattle Seawolves
Sam Wegert Seattle Seawolves

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