MLR 2023 – Week 10

MLR Week 10 Wrapup: 35 Canadians in Action, 22 Starters, 13 Reserves; San Diego Leads West, New England Tops East

San Diego (40) lead the West with Houston (36), Seattle (34), and Utah (28) still in the race. In the East, New England (34) lead the pack with DC (25), New York (23), NOLA (21), Atlanta (20) still in the race.

Seattle 36 – Toronto 27

Ross Braude was top try scorer for Toronto with 2, he also was selected for the MLR Team of the Week, the only Canadian player to be selected twice so far. D’Shawn Bowen had the top stat for Running Metres for Toronto with 119. Mitch Richardson was top tackler for Toronto with 17. Nakai Penny was top tackler for Seattle with 18.

Nakai Penny Seattle Seawolves S

Mason Flesch Toronto Arrows S
Lucas Rumball Toronto Arrows S
Ross Braude Toronto Arrows S-1st
Mitch Richardson Toronto Arrows S
Tyler Rowland Toronto Arrows R
Mike Sheppard Toronto Arrows R
Adrian Wadden Toronto Arrows S
Cole Brown Toronto Arrows R
Shane O’Leary Toronto Arrows S
Nik Hildebrand Toronto Arrows R
James O’Neill Toronto Arrows R
Owain Ruttan Toronto Arrows R
Kobe Faust Toronto Arrows S
Dawson Fatoric Toronto Arrows S
Will Grant Toronto Arrows R
D’Shawn Bowen Toronto Arrows S
Tyler Wong Toronto Arrows R

Houston 34 – New York 27

Andrew Coe scored another try this weekend, his kicking game was strong as well from the wing, second on the list for New York with 134 metres.

Quinn Ngawati New York Ironworkers S
Andrew Coe New York Ironworkers S

New Orleans 37 – Chicago 24

Eric Howard was listed as starting hooker but was replaced before game time. There were no Canadians in the match.

San Diego 47 – Dallas 38

The first start for Djustice Sears-Duru in this match and the second in a row for Jason Higgins. Higgins was second on the list for kicking metres for San Diego behind the #10 Will Hooley.

Liam Murray Dallas Jackals S
Dewald Kotze Dallas Jackals R
Kyle Steeves Dallas Jackals R

Djustice Sears-Duru San Diego Legion
Jason Higgins San Diego Legion

New England 23 – Atlanta 13

Spencer Jones scored a try for New England, he was also second in Running Metres for New England with 115 metres. Conor Keys was 2nd in Tackles Made (14) and 3rd in Ball Carries (12) for New England. Matt Heaton was 2nd in Tackles Made (18) for Atlanta.

Cole Keith New England Free Jacks S
Spencer Jones New England Free Jacks S
Andrew Quattrin New England Free Jacks S
Conor Keys New England Free Jacks S
Reegan O’Gorman New England Free Jacks R
Ben LeSage New England Free Jacks R

Matt Heaton Rugby Atlanta S

Old Glory DC 36 – Utah 22

The first start for Kyle Baillie for DC and Grady Bowd’s 3rd start. Bowd put up 9 points with the boot, he was 2nd in Kicking Metres (201) and topped the list for Running Metres (101) for Old Glory.

Cali Martinez Old Glory DC R
Gradyn Bowd Old Glory DC S
Kyle Baillie Old Glory DC S

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