MLR 2024 Week 11

Week 11 Results: 24 Canada-Eligible Players in Action

There were 24 Canada-eligible players in action in Week 10, 14 starting and 10 in reserves. New England remains top in the East and Houston in the West.

Houston 38 – Anthem 15

Logan Weidner suited up in the reserves for Anthem, Houston don’t have any Canada-eligible players.

LA 29 – Dallas 26

Starting for LA were Andrew Coe, Matt Heaton and Jack Shaw, in the reserves Seth Purdey and Conor Young. For Dallas Liam Murray, Dewald Kotze, Mitch Richardson,  Nic Benn started and Connor Grindal, Brock Gallagher and Kyle Steeves were in the reserves. Mitch Richardson and Dewald Kotze are the first two Canadian players to reach 10 starts this season. Dewald Kotze scored a try for Dallas.

NOLA 32 – Seattle 31

Callum Botchar was in the reserves for NOLA. Reid Davis started for Seattle. Callum Botchar scored 2 second half tries for NOLA.

Old Glory 22 – Chicago 21

Gradyn Bowd started for Old Glory with Cali Martinez in the reserves. For Chicago Mason Flesch and Jason Higgins got the start. Gradyn Bowd scored 11 of DC’s 22 points from the boot.  Mason Flesch was top in ball carries for Chicago and Jason Higgins topped the kicking metres stat.

Miami 20 – Utah 19

Guiseppe du Toit and Avery Oitomen with the start for Miami. Emerson Prior with the start for Utah with Rob Povey and Tyler Wong in the reserves.






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