MLR 2024 Week 7

MLR Week 7: Utah @ Dallas; New England @ Houston; New Orleans @ San Diego; Anthem @ Chicago; Seattle @ LA – List of Canadian Players in Action

Dewald Kotze and Mitch Richardson are the first Canadian players to reach 7 starts as the season enters Week 7. Seth Purdey gets his first start for LA. Reid Davis gets his second start at blindside flanker for Seattle. Overall there were 20 Canada-eligible players starting and 8 in the reserves.

Dallas 22 v Utah 20

Dallas have 7 Canada-eligible players in the roster, starting are Dewald Kotze, Makeen Alikhan, Mitch Richardson and Nic Benn. In the reserves are Connor Grindal, Kyle Steeves and Brock Gallagher. Grindal was just traded from LA to Dallas and it’s his first showing in an MLR roster for 2024. Kotze and Richardson have started every week so far in MLR 2024. Utah have 3 Canada-eligible players in the roster with Spencer Jones starting and Emerson Prior and Rob Povey on the bench.

Nic Benn scored a try for Dallas.

Houston 35 v New England 47

New England have 8 Canada-eligible players in the roster, starting are Cole Keith, Josh Larsen, Conor Keys, Piers von Dadelszen, Cameron Nordli-Kelemeti. In the reserves are Foster Dewitt, Andrew Quattrin, Ben Lesage.

San Diego 33 v New Orleans 20

New Orleans have their lone Canadian starting, Callum Botchar at lock. San Diego have Blair Cowan, who is Canada-eligible, starting at #7.

Chicago 59 v Anthem 26

Chicago have 2 of their 3 Canadians starting, Lucas Rumball and Jason Higgins. Mason Flesch isn’t in the roster breaking his continuous starting streak this season.

LA 5 v Seattle 36

LA have 5 of their 6 Canada-eligible players starting, only Andrew Coe isn’t on the list as he’s serving a 3 game suspension. Starting are Conor Young, Jack Shaw, Matt Heaton, Reegan O’Gorman, Seth Purdey. Seattle have their lone Canadian player as starting blindside flanker, Reid Davis.








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