MLR 2024 Week 8

MLR Week 8 Results: 22 Canada-Eligible Players in Rosters

Twenty two Canada-eligible players took part in Week 8 of MLR, 15 starting  and 7 in reserves. Four players have reached seven starts, Mason Flesch of Chicago, Dewald Kotze of Dallas, Mitch Richardson of Dallas and Josh Larsen of New England.

Seattle 29 – New England 21

Seattle had no Canadians in the roster, New England had 7.

Cole Keith
Josh Larsen
Andrew Quattrin
Conor Keys
Piers von Dadelszen
Ben LeSage
Cameron Nordli-Kelemeti

Miami 42 – New Orleans 27

Miami had Guiseppe du Toit starting and Avery Oitomen in reserves. New Orleans had Callum Botchar in reserves.

Houston 38 – Old Glory 17

Houston had no Canadians in the roster. Old Glory had Tyler Rowland starting and Cali Martinez and Gradyn Bowd in reserves

Chicago 54 – LA 31

Chicago had Mason Flesch and Jason Higgins starting. LA had Conor Young, Seth Purdey and Reegan O’Gorman starting with Jack Shaw in reserves.

Utah 33 – San Diego 32

Utah had Rob Povey and Emerson Prior in reserves. San Diego had Blair Cowan starting.








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