Over 40 Rugby in Canada – October 2020 Updates

Rugby From Cradle to Grave – Not in Canada Eh: Player Affected by Rugby Canada Age Restriction on Insurance is Organizing Class Action Suit Against Rugby Canada and Their Insurers

We ran an article last September explaining the issue, Rugby Canada had changed its insurance so that players over 77+ were no longer eligible to be insured, therefore couldn’t practice or play with their Over 40 teams. The exact wording from the insurance policy was, “”A person’s coverage will end on the earlier of, the date he or she is no longer in an eligible class, on the date that the policy is cancelled, or on the date he or she attains 77 years of age.”

One player reaching that age has decided to bring a class action suit against Rugby Canada and their insurers, and he’s looking for support. Meet Ian Cameron who has played with the Ebb Tide Over 40 team for 37 years and wants to keep going. Without insurance coverage he can’t even practice on Thursday evening and have a run around with the boys as it would invalidate other’s insurance coverage.

Ebb Tide have started the ball rolling with a $250 donation to Ian’s legal battle. There’s a letter from Ian below with his contact email and an excerpt from the Ebb Tide facebook page as well.

From Ian Cameron

To all you over 77 guys, I’m launching a class action suit against
Rugby Canada and their insurers, on four grounds.

(1) In Britain, all players who are members of the British RFU are
insured, to whatever age. That is not, of course, a guarantee that
Canada has to follow suit, but the insurers here will have to explain
why things are different in Canada.

(2) 77 is totally arbitrary. Why 77, rather than 76 or 78? Have there
been claims from 77 year olds?

(3) How many claims have there been from players 77+? No-one will tell
me, but I suspect the answer is none.

(4) Canada is spending a lot of money to keep seniors active. Why is
Rugby Canada not following Federal Government policy?

If you are willing to pony up to help fund this, please let me know.
(I’ll do it myself, but there is strength in numbers.) And if you are
not over 77, but are willing to help, any donations are gratefully
accepted. Again, there is strength in numbers, and I’d like to be able
to stand up in court and say that I have 100 or so 45 year olds who care
enough to contribute.

Ian Cameron (37 years with Ebb Tide, and hoping to make it 47)

Email Dr. Ian Cameron at ianc@uvic.ca for more information.

from Ebb Tide Facebook page

Last Thursday after our run-about, Ebb Tide president Glen on behalf of the club, presented Ian with a cheque for $250.00 to support Ian in a class-action lawsuit against Rugby Canada and their insurance provider. The class-action lawsuit comes after one year since Rugby Canada prevented players who are 77+ years of age from registering to play the game they’ve loved and played their entire lives.

Ebb Tide RFC was first made aware that our 77+ players were not allowed to register on Sportlomo back in September 2019. Thinking there was an oversight or system glitch, the club brought it to the attention of Rugby Canada and BC Rugby only to learn about the change in the insurance policy.

Players over the age of 77 were no longer eligible to register on Sportlomo to play sanctioned rugby in Canada. It was an arbitrary change that came without consideration of the impact it would have on players and teams. The club offered some consulting and insight into the world of over 40s rugby to both governing unions hoping to resolve this issue. The club has yet to be informed as to what is being done to reinstate the players.

The club only has one active player that cannot register but there are a number that will be affected in a few years. This prevents them from coming out to play socially and competitively. All of them look forward to a little fitness and good comraderie once a week.

To learn more about Rugby Canada’s insurance policy (2019/2020) visit this link.

To read past comments about this decision visit BC Rugby News’ website at https://bcrugbynews.com/show_news.cfm?ID=3261

If you would like to help Ian with his class-action lawsuit, contact Ian directly or direct message us on Facebook.

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