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About ScrumMaster, Lunk and the Trip to South Africa for RWC 1995

I met Barry Kelly, one of Lunk’s friends and one of the initial investors in ScrumMaster, over a pint and we talked about the early days of ScrumMaster. It all started with the merger of UVic Vikes Old Boys, aka Valhallians, and the club adjacent to UVic, Velox, around 1987. They merged as the Velox Valhallians. Kevin Wirachowski aka Lunk was from UVic and Barry was from Velox. As the ScrumMaster records state, Lunk began tinkering with scrum machines in 1986 but didn’t build his first one until 1991, that one went to Velox. It was a prototype machine, he built a second prototype and that went to Cowichan, where Tony Medina, the other investor was a member.

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BC Rugby Weekend of November 4th 2023

BC Premier Week 4 Ravens Edge Burnaby; Lomas Clobber UBC; Pride Overcome Bays; Westshore Top Caps; Vikes Defeat CW: Rosters & Results

Week 4 of the BC Premier kicked off this weekend. Next weekend is Remembrance Day so Week 5 will be November 18th. There were three undefeated sides going into Week 4, Meraloma, Burnaby and the Pacific Pride.

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PanAm 7s 2023

Canada Women Win Silver – Canada Men Win Bronze at PanAm Games

Canada’s men’s team reversed an earlier loss to USA in the pool round to win the Bronze medal match 19-17. Argentina were the class of the tournament and went undefeated winning Gold. Chile were the surprising Silver medal winner as they defeated USA in the semi-finals. The USA men sent a development side that only had 2 players from their team that won the Olympic qualifier in August.

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Bryan Kelly from Communications Manager to Global Sports Scout

Bryan Kelly is well known in the BC Rugby community. He was a talented #10 in the JBAA Premier Reserve team. He went on to become the Communications Manager for Rugby Canada in 2012 a post he held for 7 years. He excelled in that position and from this Editor’s perspective, he was the best Communications Manager that Rugby Canada have had since Ian Kennedy in the 90s.

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