Season’s Greetings 2020

*Thanks to Sponsors and Supporters – Merry Christmas & Best Wishes in the New Year*

This is the Christmas message we used in 2017, the part thanking sponsors and supporters, not much has changed in that regard. We’ve added Gilbert Canada to the sponsorship family, so a special shout out to them in 2020 and their Sales Manager, Robin MacDowell.

We’re now going into our 17th year of operation and we used to be able to boast rugby stories 365 days a year but we’ve slowed down a bit this year. Local rugby as a whole has come to a grinding halt with COVID. The last club match report we posted was from March 4th. The Vancouver 7s got off without a hitch the following weekend, March 8-9, then that was it basically for rugby in BC. The MLR shutdown their season March 18th.

2020 is almost done and there’s lots of hope for 2021, we should see club rugby return by the spring. The MLR schedule is targeted to start March 20th.

Have a happy and restful holiday season, we’ll see you around the pitch soon enough.

Pemberton Holmes Real Estate

They’ve been with us since the beginning and have been great community rugby supporters on Vancouver Island. Some rugby legends work there as real estate agents including Tom Woods, Bobby Ross and Connor Braid.

When you’re thinking of buying and selling real estate on Vancouver Island please use their services.

Zack Myers

Zack came through St. George’s and played at UVic, he was part of the charitable Gainline Africa organization. He’s now part of a successful law firm that deals in criminal and family law.

If you need legal services in the Vancouver area please contact Zack.


Lionheart provides our MVP hoodies and have been sponsors for many years. They provide team jerseys and can kit your club or school team with a variety of accessories.

If your club or school are thinking of new jerseys, contact Lionheart, if you mention BCRN you may even get a better deal.

Heritage House Trophies

John James at Heritage House Trophies has always been generous with providing laser engraving services for BCRN gifts, awards and trophies. He can scan an image in and then laser etch it on almost any surface. He has most BC rugby club logos scanned in already so can quickly create some club bling and awards.

Contact Heritage House for your engraving needs.


Thanks to our contributing rugby writers, Mike Devlin from Burnaby, Phil Meyer from James Bay, Peter MacDonald from UBCOB Ravens, John Langley from Capilano, Clancy McDonnell from Westshore.

Supporters and Readers

Thank you to all who support us, we get some nice emails throughout the year which always boosts the spirits.

Merry Christmas and much success, on and off the pitch, in the new year.

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