Squamish Axemen Rugby Club Calls Out District on Turf Field Allocation

Squamish Axemen Rugby Club Calls Out District on Turf Field Allocation

A recent article in the Squamish news highlights the problems some rugby clubs are experiencing in finding field access, which is essential to growing the game. Turf fields are especially valuable as they allow all weather access during the wet BC winters. Even established clubs have issues during extended periods of rain as the municipal Parks & Recreation boards seem to be setting tighter restrictions on grass field use.

Some clubs are fortunate in that regard, having purchased property when land was more affordable. Cowichan rugby comes to mind with a “field is always open” motto as they own their grounds. Langley rugby have been in the news recently as they purchased 4 more acres and last weekend celebrated the opening of a second field.

In the Squamish situation they’re looking for fair access to an existing facility that is dominated by soccer usage.

Article in Squamish Chief by Andrew Hughes

The club was unable to secure any time on the turf field this fall at Brennan Park; District acknowledges demand outweighs supply, aims to address some concerns in 2024.

A local sports club is calling foul play on how the District of Squamish allocates the use of the all-weather turf field at Brennan Park Recreation Centre, and other clubs say demand outweighs the current infrastructure in place.

The District of Squamish acknowledges the demand for field use is greater than the supply, and says they offer fields “as fairly as possible.” The muni hopes to address some of these concerns in 2024.

The Axemen Rugby Club is speaking out publicly with its frustration after it did not secure time this fall on the turf field.

“Axemen Rugby Club are extremely disappointed that we were not able to secure a single hour of time on the unique Brennan Park turf facility for the entirety of the fall booking season for any of our youth, senior women’s, senior men’s programs or our barrier-free community touch rugby program,” wrote Neil Irwin on behalf of the club in an email to The Squamish Chief.


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