Super Rugby Aotearoa – Round Ten

Super Rugby Week Ten Results and Video Highlights

The Crusaders v Blues match was cancelled due to COVID and each team were awarded 2 points. With the Hurricanes loss to the Highlanders it didn’t effect the standings with the Blues finishing second and the Hurricanes third.

Among the pundits, both MarkB and ClayP ended up with a 74% accuracy rate in the predictions. MarkB picked up 3 end of season points (EOS) picking Crusaders to win and Blues to finish 2nd. ClayP had gone with Blues to win and Crusaders 2nd. Both AaronT and AaronF also picked up 2 end of season points, picking the Crusaders as well to win it all, AaronF also correctly picked the Hurricanes to finish 3rd.

Overall a great competition, the North v South match at the end of the month is pending but with the recent change in COVID conditions in NZ, it remains to be seen if and when it will be played.

Highlanders 38 – Hurricanes 21

The match was close at the half 14-14 but the Highlanders came out firing in the second half with a well worked try that involved both the forwards and the backs. That try, 5 minutes into the second stanza, was finished off by outside centre Michael Collins.

The try that broke the game open at the 55 minute was scored by hooker Ash Dixon, it was deemed a penalty try as Hurricanes #8 Ardie Savea came from an offside position to interfere with the maul as it was crossing the line. Savea received a yellow and there was no coming back for the Hurricanes, now down 31-14 and down to 14 players. The teams traded tries in the final 20 for a +17 win for the home side.


The Pundits final results.

MarkB 14-5 +1BP = 15pts 74% +3EOS = 18 pts
ClayP 14-5 +1BP = 15pts 74% +0EOS = 15 pts
AaronT 12-7 = 12pts 63% +2EOS = 14pts
AaronF 8-11 +2BP = 10pts 42% +3EOS = 13pts

*Super Rugby Aotearoa Week 10 – Hurricanes @ Highlanders: Our Panel Make Their Predictions*

Week 10 of the 10 week competition wraps up with a bit of a disappointment. The much anticipated Blues v Crusaders match was cancelled due to COVID as the Auckland region had a recent outbreak of the virus. The Hurricanes @ Highlanders game continues but without fans.

Among the Pundits, AaronF is throwing out the idea of a four way tie due to the fact that the season ended with one less game and he’s way behind in points, we’ll take that idea under advisement. Three of the four pundits are looking for the upset with the home team taking the win.

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The Pundits records after Week 9.

ClayP 13-5 +1BP = 14pts 72%
MarkB 13-5 +1BP = 14pts 72%
AaronT 12-6 = 12pts 67%
AaronF 7-11 +2BP = 9pts 39%

ROSTERS (click on image to expand)



AaronF Picks

Hurricanes @ Highlanders – Highlanders to win 23-18 (+5)

I’m guessing because the saders vs blues game is cancelled, it’s a four-way tie for this betting competition right? Landers all daaay.

AaronT Picks

Hurricanes @ Highlanders – Hurricanes to win 31-23 (+8)

A real shame to see the Blues v Crusaders game called off, good to see NZ taking their public health so seriously. Losing this game makes me feel the same way when we cancelled the final stages of the BC Premier league and missing the chance to see the first and second placed teams square off at the business end of the competition! I am definitely going to miss my weekend mornings of Super Rugby Aotearoa!

The Hurricanes have won six of their last seven Super Rugby games against the Highlanders, including their last three on the bounce; although, their last three clashes have all been won by a margin of fewer than seven points on the day. The Highlanders have lost four of their last five Super Rugby games on home soil, including their last two on the bounce.

The last time they lost more consecutive home games in the competition was a six-game stretch across the 2012 and 2013 seasons. The Highlanders have made dominant contact of 24.5 percent of their total carries so far in Super Rugby Aotearoa, the highest percentage of any team in the competition and three percentage points higher than the Hurricanes (21.5 percent). With Perenara and Laumape are missing, both of whom are key players in the backline, will the ball carrying dominance come into play in this game? It makes it a tighter call, but for now I’m sticking with the Hurricanes.

MarkB Picks

Hurricanes @ Highlanders – Highlanders to win 27-22 (+5)

A bit depressing to see NZ hit by the COVID again after they seemed to be the last hope of normalcy in the rugby world. It’s the new normal I guess. Auckland was the centre of the latest outbreak and they were put on Level 3 restrictions which means no game in the area. The rest of NZ are on Level 2 so the game in Dunedin can go ahead but without fans. We did have a good run of 9 weeks however and can be thankful for that.

The Hurricanes will have extra travel restrictions placed on them due to COVID, a quick in and out, so less time to get prepared for the match. The Hurricanes are resting TJ Perenara, he’s the jet fuel that gives their team the extra acceleration when needed. He’ll be missed and Aaron Smith will likely take advantage of the mismatch at halfback. The Hurricanes forwards remain the same from last week. Van Wyk is also out so Aso moves to the wing and Proctor comes off the bench in the centres. For the Highlanders, they put out an unchanged team from last week where they led the Crusaders for most of the match, just losing concentration for a few minutes in the second half. They’ll want a good show for the home team and they deserve it, playing well in the abbreviated season without the marquee players.

ClayP Picks

Hurricanes @ Highlanders – Highlanders to win 17-10 (+7)

It’s a tough game to get excited for. Mainly because the Blues aren’t playing. Also not having a crowd just kills the vibe for me.

All in all it’s been fun being a part of this group of “experts”. It’s added a little bit of spice to what’s been an epic Super Rugby competition. Extremely pleased with the resurgence in support from the fans, this speaks to the passion for rugby in NZ. Hopefully that passion is replicated as other parts of the world begin to open up and return to play.

Thanks to BC Rugby News for piecing this together.

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