Toulouse 7s – 2023

Canada Men Finish 4th in Toulouse – Women Finish 10th: Match Videos


After 2 great games on Day 2, Canada couldn’t get it together on Day 3, looking completely disorganized in the first half against Argentina and going down 26-0 after 7 minutes. They were missing Matt Oworu and that may be a testament to how important he is to the team. In the second match against France they shook up the roster and gave many of the subs the start. At this point 3rd or 4th matters less than evaluating who can step up next weekend. Jack Carson and David Richard stood out as they went into the half down 7-5. Canada kept it close in the second half with a Brock Webster try, down 14-12, then it was all France.

Regardless it was their best tournament of the season, they earned 15 series points and if they had managed another tournament like that on the series they may not be facing relegation next weekend. The question now remains which team shows up next weekend, the Day 2 team or the Day 3 team?

Canada 5 – Argentina 33

Canada 12 – France 28


The women lost their 9th place final to Spain which dropped them in the standings, Japan who made the Cup round jumped ahead of them into 8th place and Canada finish the 2022-23 series in 9th place. Canada should be able to make it through the Olympic qualifying tournament in August with USA not present but they’ll have to up their game for next season. The most noticeable aspect missing from their game is defensive intensity, the number of players just jogging back on defense is alarming.

Canada 14 – Spain 15

*Canadian Men Make Cup Semi-Final in Toulouse; Women in 9th Place Final: Match Videos*

The men’s team have already achieved their best finish of the season with a Cup quarter-final win over Australia giving them a Cup semi-final matchup against Argentina on Day 3. It has been a strong showing for the men’s team in Toulouse.

The women’s team haven’t played well in Toulouse, they didn’t make the Cup round and are in the 9th place final against Spain on Day 3. A lacklustre defensive effort was highlighted in their final match of Day 2 where Brazil scored 3 tries, Brazil had only scored 1 try in their previous three matches.


Canada 33 – Kenya 7

Canada 12 – Australia 10

Next Canada v Argentina Cup semi-final


Canada 7 – NZ 28

Canada 26 – Brazil 17

Next Canada v Spain 9th place

*Canada Men and Women 1-1 at Toulouse 7s Day One: Match Videos*

Both the men and women went 1-1 on Day One at Toulouse. There’s not much to play for with either team other than preparing for the next step. For the men it’s the relegation tournament in London next weekend and for the women it’s the Olympic qualifier in August.

The men exceeded expectation defeating Uruguay 26-0 in the pool round, if they can defeat Kenya they’ll make the Cup round this tournament. That would be a huge confidence boost going into the relegation tournament next weekend. Thomas Isherwood and Josiah Morra played well for Canada.

In the women’s competition, all eyes were on Sophie de Goede as she played her first 7s series. She scored two tries in two games and as expected was a force at the break down and at the lineout, if Canadian coaches wanted to contest scrums they might find an advantage there as well.

On Day 2 the men play Kenya and the women face New Zealand.


Canada 19 – USA 26

Canada 35 – Poland 7


Canada 12 – NZ 29

Canada 26 – Uruguay 0

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